Service outages affect Apple’s App Store, iTunes, and FaceTime for hours

“Lingering issues with Apple’s Internet-based services caused its company’s digital storefronts and FaceTime video chat to be unavailable for some users for hours on Wednesday,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Earlier in the day, Apple’s digital storefronts were down for about two and a half hours. During that period, some users may have been unable to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore,” Oliver reports. “In addition, the storefront outage may have affected users attempting to download previously purchased content, use iTunes Match, or restore apps and music from an iCloud backup.”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Or they are bringing the other server farms on line spreading around the load. There are 5 that Apple has talked about so far and I believe there are others in locations that they did not need to talk about.

      Tim Cook has fallen short with many things. This may not be one of them. Hold tight and see what really happened.

    1. FYI genius, the whole world does not revolve around you. Such rabid drooling idiot fan boys really give Apple a poor name.

      I still call for the firing of Tim Cook, no matter what knuckle dragging, drooling fools like you think.

  1. My experience with the iTunes Store during the ‘outage’ were quite bizarre. I could visit any iTunes world store I wanted and browse. But I had to fight to update my iOS apps. I managed to get all but three out of twenty to update. But those last three refused to budge. I also got a parade of requests to log in again again as well as non sequitur messages about not being able to download podcasts I was NOT attempting to download.

    I hope Apple has sorted this out. Clearly, they’ve laid on the laurels of their web interface for far too long and are getting caught with sub-par code causing problems.

      1. OH NOES!! Some Apple services went down!! Clearly we should fire the CEO of the whole company. I mean, that’s what we did where I work. We had an outage of our customer information system, and the CEO was out on his ass the next day! Of course, we brought the system back up in a few hours, but we needed to fire the CEO, because somehow that will magically prevent our services from going down again.

        TL;DR – You’re a moron. Calling us “drooling” when spittle flies from your lips anytime anything goes wrong at Apple.


  2. good thing I didn’t know anything about this. I may have considered ending it all.

    Apple, you suck. Down for hours for all things holy. HOURS!!!

    Back to reading my book, “who freekin cares”. Non news, move along.

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