Piper: New Moto X won’t draw consumers from Apple’s iPhone

“In a report discussing the possible effects Motorola’s Moto X handset, which was unveiled at a special event on Thursday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said the new handset isn’t ‘significantly different than [the Galaxy S4 and HTC One] to change the current market dynamics between Android and iPhone,’ Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“The Moto X is the Google-owned manufacturer’s latest attempt at clawing back some market share in a mobile phone segment that has largely left it behind.,” Bostic reports. “Motorola has continually tried to keep pace since consumers began moving to smartphones, but it has been outstripped by both Apple and Samsung, which combine to take all of the profits in the industry.”

Bostic reports, “Munster believes the new handset will not be enough to pull users away from the iPhone, which is the top-selling device in the U.S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course it won’t. It’s an iPhone wannabe, not a real iPhone.

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  1. “It’s not a real iPhone” nor is it trying to be one, MDN. It is a very unique phone.

    Frankly I’m more interested in how many Samsung users it can attract, diversify the Android market a bit. It’s performance should be exemplary for it to suceed.

  2. Going by the of the comments section of a heap of websites it’s not going to draw in too many phandroid customers either. High end price on a mid range phone not the best strategy.

  3. Time will tell. My bet is that it will be an average phone about to be overtaken by the next iPhone. They will forever be playing catchup to Apple.

  4. And so it begins….

    Android is so fragmented, but Google does not want Samsung (nor HTC) to be its only major reseller. It’s just like Microsoft trying to compete alongside its OEMs with Surface in a desperate attempt to give consumers a mildly less shitty experience that doesn’t involve boat loads of crapware preinstalled. In the end Google will fail; just as Microsoft has. It’s too late Google, you’ve already lost control of your platform. What’s even more hilarious is you have to pay royalties to Microsoft for every Android device. Trying to shovel your own hardware in the same desperate attempt to regain control of Android or (as with Microsoft and Windows Phone) trying to make up for lost market share will change nothing.

    1. Haven’t you heard? Android isn’t fragmented, it just provides more choice which is good for consumers. Even though no apps work the same on different devices it’s awesome.

      1. i believe all major android manufacturers except Moto pays royalties to MSFT. Suit pending. I’m sure there must be some Apple IP in the phone also. If MX catches on, Apple will sue. Apple sued SS and HTC because they were the biggest threat at the time.

    1. For Sure, We wouldn’t want it to hear the “Frap Frap Frap” sound that emanates from every Apple Lemmings Bed Room. As that person sits ALONE, Polishing their “Apple”

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