Apple’s Siri says: Keep your eyes on the road! (with video)

“The Connected Car Conference — or C3, if you wish to get your geek on — was a big hit at CE Week in New York City,” Rex Moore reports for The Motley Fool.

“Our roving reporter Rex Moore talked with General Motors’ chief technology officer Tim Nixon at the conference. His Chevrolet MyLink system offers Pandora and Sirius XM for entertainment, a BringGo navigation system that runs from your smartphone so your maps are never out-of-date, and Apple’s Siri Eyes Free, which allows you to interact with Siri without having to view the screen,” Moore reports. ” In fact, the screen won’t even light up while your car is in motion.”

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  1. This is an excellent Siri enhancement! Loooking at a smartphone screen while driving makes you a danger to yourself and others, even if you are using a “hands-free” feature like Siri.

  2. Chevy “Spark” with Siri. Sounds like something I should like, but I’m pretty sure GM will use cheap components, like non-noise-canceling microphones, that will make the system perform poorly. Apple will get the blame.

    1. Actually, this and the Volt are some of best Chevys in a long time.

      And, now that all the newer Chevys have screens we can expect this screen takeover tech to expand in usefulness.

      Now all I need is an aftermarket kit for my old Buick (Still my favorite long-distance car).

  3. Are you listening Ford? Dump that piece of junk “Microsoft Sync” crap you have in your cars now! 5 different company cars I’ve had over 5 years and everyone continues to have bugs and problems. You can always count on Microsoft to do one thing and that’s NEVER get it right… even after 5 tries!

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