Apple’s developer website partially back online after 8 day outage

After being offline for eight days, Apple’s developer center has been partially brought back online.

Late Friday, developers were able to access the center’s website with Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, software downloads, and other developer services now available.

According to Apple’s system status page, many important parts of the center are back up, but as of 4:10 PM PDT, items such as Member Center, Xcode Automatic Configuration, Pre-Release Documentation, Videos, App Store Resource Center, Program Enrollment and Renewals, Apple Developer Forums, and Technical Support remained offline.

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  1. Can’t get the developer site fully back online after a eight days and counting, but the Phillip Phillips employee Beer Bash went off without a hitch. Of course.

    You are failing Apple, the memory of Steve Jobs, Apple customers and Apple shareholders, Tim.

        1. Hey, Jay Morrison or clone! Your doomsaying adds absolutely nothing to this forum. If you believe what you post and actually own AAPL, the you are incredibly dense. The contradictions are laughable.

          But we all know that you are a sad little boy with a stunted sense of humor. This is the type of thing that MDN refuses to address to the detriment of the forum.

    1. You know 95% or more of their workforce can’t help at all with them getting hacked, right?

      I’m guessing they hit some development milestone this week that is cause for celebration or a needed morale boost.

      Turn down the drama and think before you post once in a while, mmmkk?

      1. You can blame MDN for the stupid drama this time, thanks to their earlier take.

        Of all the things to criticize Apple over, that was the absolute least consequential. It was planned at least days in advance, before anyone there knew Strategy Analytics would release their report or what the exact numbers would contain.

        I suppose MDN and AAPL Shareholder would’ve preferred if Apple had CANCELLED this planned event the moment the news came out. Then the headlines would read “Apple panicking!” and MDN would bitch about *that*.

    2. I know you’re enjoying your little tantrum of indignation, but just how many of Apple’s 30,000 or so employees in the Bay Area do you believe should be working on the developer site?

      Get over yourself.


  2. I’ve been hosed for an hour so I tried to start from scratch again by regenerating profiles and certificates. However, the site must still be down or completely overloaded, because I keep getting endless time out messages. Bummer.

  3. I renewed my company’s iOS dev membership the day before the outage started, and it still says it is about to expire. I think this outage caused more issues they’re willing to admit

  4. Why only 8 days? Why not make it 80 days? In that time, Tim Cook could have gone around the world in a hydrogen balloon. And I’d be the first to light a match under it.

    Do you think Steve Jobs would have countenanced even a day’s downtime? Asses would have been chewed out and kicked from here to Afghanistan. But Cook, he keeps on trucking until the wheels fall off.

    1. So BLN you now know what SJ would have done, great. I guess we should launch a campaign to enthrone you at the head of the table.

      What I recall of Jobs is a leader that held back launches until he was confident. Not saying he didn’t error occasionally. He even killed late stage projects. If Jobs hadn’t believed in it there is not a chance the developers site would have gone live to please you. They obviously are addressing real issues in a comprehensive manner or the site would be up.

      By your response to this it is even harder to fathom you as a true developer. Oh maybe you put out crapware without consideration of users.

      I for one am real glad Apple is run by talented and skilled managers with the balls to get things right. None of the typical crap of worrying more about the press and Wall Street than their customers.

  5. Who’s responsible for Apple Inc. blowing a five year head start in smartphones?

    Tim Cook (and Steve Jobs, but he was preoccupied with dying). Who kept and continues to keep buying billions of components from Samsung, the very firm that displaced his by shamelessly copying everything they did, and then properly expanding the number of devices and sizes of screens to serve as many disparate customers as possible instead of only targeting out-of-touch, aging California hipsters.

    Who’s responsible for Apple shares going from $700 to below $400?
    (Ooh, we’re back up to $440 – let’s have a Beer Bash with Phillip Phillips!)

    Tim Cook, that’s who. The John Sculley of the 2010s.

    1. Hey jackass, if idiots like you are so dead set against Tim Cook as CEO, then how about naming a suitable replacement. You know, the person you think is going to be the reincarnated Steve Jobs who will sail through life without any friggin’ problems. C’mon hot shot, pump out some names, because I’m sure someone as brilliant and all knowing as you has a list of candidates. We await a demonstration of your omniscience.

  6. With regards to the security of my personal or corporate identities and memberships, I think I would prefer that Apple fix this slow and properly, not quickly and in a slap-dash manner. Smarten up.

    1. While in general I agree with you, it makes me very nervous that my membership was up to date BEFORE the hack and now it thinks my membership has expired. Either bring back all the way or none at all. Now I have to HOPE that I don’t have to stand in line while Apple figures out whether my membership is up to date to not.

        1. I shouldn’t HAVE to do that. That’s crap I expect from Microsoft. This is my point. You either take care of your customers or they walk. I like Apple and I like their products, but if I as a customer have to start worrying about this type of stuff, well the market will start to take care of itself won’t it.

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