Apple TV may prove to be Google’s biggest nightmare for years to come

“AppleTV or iTV, whatever it may be called in its forthcoming rebirth, may become Google’s biggest nightmare,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“According to the Jessica Lessin, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, Apple is zeroing in on their broadcast plans, which offers a zero advertising option for viewers,” Reschke writes. “Google currently profits from Apple’s iOS through gaming and web-based advertisements. But with a controlled end-to-end experience from Apple in TV, no such advertising advantages will exist for the search engine giant.”

Reschke writes, “Apple offering a zero ad viewing experience may prove popular for consumers, but internet driven TV offers Google its next largest growth sector for targeted advertising. As the slow but steady tectonic shift of cable controlled network television succumbs to internet TV, Google may find itself in troubled times.”

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  1. all the geeks seem to hate apple TV for its simplicity

    all you need is a computer with itunes to stream any content. no NAS, Plex, XMBC or home server that stays on 24×7 sucking up electricity

    1. Let’s modify that claim to say that all “PC geeks” seem to hate AppleTV. Plenty of geeks (yours truly) wouldn’t dirty themselves by touching Windows PC’s.

    2. Yeah, I know the type. The same type that prefers Android because of all the complex manual options or how they can upload their own version of the OS. These people get off on complexity. Their ability to navigate it successfully is what validates them as individuals.


    3. This geek is unimpressed with Apple TV because of its inferiority, not its simplicity. Apple TV won’t play true surround sound (either DTS or Dolby Digital). It won’t play MKV files–even when encoded with the same H.264 coded Apple uses. This geek doesn’t like the fact that Apple TV is all about selling you stuff from the Apple store instead of playing stuff you already have.

      Simplicity I appreciate. Simple-mindedness I do not.

      1. You would.

        Mikey, all you do is troll this site and bash Apple at every convenience.

        I expect as much from you… You really don’t think that the regular readers of this site do not also see you and your very obvious anti-Apple bash – so much for feeding the Troll.

        1. I love apple but I never use my atv for what it was designed for. It is JB with Xbmc so I can play all my movies no matter the format. Xbmc also fills in all the info for me including Fan art and DVD covers. I also get tons of live streaming channels and stuff I can’t find anywhere else. I get movies a month or more before blu ray or iTunes release.

          Xbmc does not stay on 24 7 either. When I turn off the Apple TV it goes off. I know there is s host of android TV players like atv but Apple TV still runs around them. If Netflix was available on Linux I’d get rid of my Apple TV however it’s not. And I refuse to use android.

          Oh and I own 2 iPhones 5 and 3GS an iMac, MacBook and 2 iPod touches and an 2 iPads so don’t call me an apple hater. I been using apple products since the IIe and IIc days. IIgs and then a Mac performa and original iMac and 4 other generations of iMac since.

        2. Mikey may often troll (I don’t know), but he’s got some valid points about Apple TV. Not supporting file formats and containers like MKV and AVI is annoying. I also have to occasionally restart it to get it to see my iTunes library.

          Still though, I do use it every day. I just wish it were better.

        3. Mikey owns–let’s see here—a Mac Pro, a Mac Mini, a Macbook Pro, an iPad, and iPod. Other members of Mikey’s family can add three iMacs and another couple of iPads and iPods to the count. Mikey likes Apple stuff. Mikey develops and sells software for Mac. How does that make Mikey a troll? Mikey wishes to point out that Apple is a good company that makes good products–but not all of them rise to that level of quality. Mikey does not like groupthink.

  2. There will never be an ad-free service without significant subscription costs. The content providers have to be able to sell their shows to distribution companies (networks), and the networks have to make money broadcasting the shows (ads).

    Any ad-free model would have to replace ad dollars with subscription dollars, and most consumers won’t go for that. They like their free TV, just as they like their free or mostly free mobile phones (although they pay for it with their monthly fees).

    The only way Apple could offer such a service would be to bypass the traditional networks and cable companies. However, that means agreements with production companies, and I doubt the Big 5 networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW) would go for that. They make WAY too much money off of advertising to give it up.

    1. What do you think of a refinement? I mind targeted advertising far less than broadcast advertising: My children are beyond the age of diapers, I’m not in the market for a new car, etc. So shoveling three minutes of those ads for every 10 minutes of content does in fact cause me to pay Apple for TV seasons on iTunes. If the targeting were to be done by a company I trust (more with Apple than with Google) I might opt for free content paid for by advertising. I would think advertisers would be far more interested in advertising through a company like Apple who knows (er, could know) exactly what I watch and additionally exactly what I will pay for (in the sense that if I pay for seasons of TV show you know rather conclusively that I like that TV show, versus the equivalent intelligence gathered from Nielson ratings). I know that every TV episode we’ve purchased at my house has been viewed at least once. I know that every TV episode the DVR captures does not get watched at least once. So if my cable TV provider is actually mining the data my DVR and set top box might record about me, they still know a little bit less than Apple does. Just thinking.

    2. isn’t that exactly what cable and satellite is, subscription. I pay almost 120 for basic and movie channels like hbo, and don’t even watch Cinemax or others but they are bundled together. I would much rather pay $60 a month for the channels I want for the 7-10 shows I want to watch.

      I think if you could buy a monthly channel for $5 a month and pick the channels, no contract to I could try out new stations or watch seasonal shows, the actual channels I want would get the money directly instead of paying full price for a few decent channels bundled with the garbage wasteland that is network cable. I think anyone who has basic and premium channels of cabel would surely go for a la carte subscription channels.

      1. That’s what Xbmc is. However it’s not for everyone and requires high speed Internet. Roku makes money doing something like what it sounds like apple might be. So why not

    1. Well most of them are not really google tv anymore. but Android is all over a bunch of little smart tv boxes and sticks. look up pivos xios (runs linux or android) and MK802 IV is one model of android that looks like a stick.
      They work but they provide google with ZERO money just like the OUYA console runs android but since its free to use Google again gets ZERO money.
      I am glad that all these boxes are out there it really helps the XBMC community. Which APple really got going with the $99 Apple tv 2 once it was jailbreakable.

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