Apple’s Q313 earnings report: What to watch today

“Apple will provide insight into how its lineup of devices is selling when the company reports fiscal third-quarter earnings after the closing bell,” Ian Sherr reports for The Wall Street Journal. “In April, Apple said profits contracted for the first time in a decade despite strong demand for the iPhone and iPad.”

Here’s what to look for in today’s report.

• iPhone: Analysts on average expect Apple to have sold 26.5 million iPhones.
• China: Any insight on how well the Chinese are responding to Apple’s products is a plus.
• iPad: Analysts on average expect Apple to have sold 18 million iPads.
Margins: Analysts on average expect Apple to report a gross margin of 36.7%, down from 42.8% a year earlier.
• New Products: As pressure builds on Apple to launch a something new, the company could spill a few more beans than they normally do. Still, history suggests that isn’t likely.

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  1. I am no analyst but I predict by tommorrow close down below $400 again. Hopefully not worse than $390.
    What say you BLN? You claim to know everything.

    1. Well my little friend, if you are that confident short it short it big!, you could be independently wealthy by this time tomorrow.

      No? You actually haven’t a clue, it was all just bulls__t?
      That’s what I thought.

      By the way, I do have my money where my mouth is, long on Apple.

  2. Do you think any one of those idiots will ask about what Apple is going to do with all those BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARMS they are building?

    Or the state of the USA manufacturing of those new Mac Pro home entertainment servers that will be used to stream the 4K HDMI media to those new cutting edge TV sets?

  3. FQ3 is in the bag. It is what it is.

    If you want to look for something, pay attention to Revenue and Gross Margin Guidance. That is about tomorrow, and that is what any investor should be thinking.

    I’m looking for Revenue Guidance above $37 Billion, with GM Guidance above 36%.

    1. Precisely! Whatever they report today has likely been baked into the stock price for a while.

      In general, AAPL swings on the reporting day were almost always triggered by guidance.

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