The Apple phablet rumor just got real

“Going against Apple’s previous touchscreen strategy, the rumormongers insist that Apple is looking to bring bigger screens to both the iPhone and the iPad, essentially following Samsung by peddling an assortment of screen-sizes for its products,” Rebecca Greenfield reports for The Atlantic Wire. “This phablet and giant-tablet rumor first popped up in June, when it sounded as believable as every Apple rumor. (Not very.)”

“When Apple bumped its iPhone up to 4 inches, CEO Tim Cook pretty much put the kibosh on ever going any bigger. “It [the iPhone 5] also provides a larger screen size without sacrificing the one-handed ease of use that our customers love,” he has before said,” Greenfield reports. “But, today, The Wall Street Journal has sources again saying Apple might go bigger. “In recent months, Apple has asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than 4 inches and has also asked for screen designs for a new tablet device measuring slightly less than 13 inches diagonally,” sources told the Journal‘s Lorraine Luk. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple tests a lot of things that never see the light of day.

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  1. Tim Cook didn’t put the kibosh on anything. He gave a rather ambiguous answer filled with loopholes because he knew full well that Jony Ive had a larger iPhone in the design lab at the very same time he was asked that question. He then identified an advantage his current product has over the current competition because works in progress have no bearing on Apple’s bottom line until they’re released. They essentially don’t exist until they’re introduced on a stage. Steve did the same thing all the time.

    1. If there was only one definitive solution or answer for everything – then Apples design would remain as it was initially shown from day one.

      Design is always revising, changing and evolving.
      Rule One, everything can be improved on.

    1. UIView has a scale factor. Today that’s either 1.0 for iOS devices that are not retina displays and 2.0 for those that are. As a developer I specify a line from one point on the screen to another and the display subsystem uses the scale factor to convert points to actual pixels. Apple can introduce screen resolutions of any dimension and density and I still specify my line to extend from one point to another. What about that isn’t “resolution independence?”

      1. I am very interested in this. Thanks for the info.
        Though I am not a programmer or technical engineer, I honestly can not see why a more vector like graphic system wasn’t PLANNED with iOS conception from day one. A independent scalable, flexible graphic engine like a PDF.

        1. Actually, it is exactly like that. I develop a good deal of my graphics in Illustrator, export as scalable vector graphics (SVG), then read that in via a simple conversion program which outputs the Bézier curve commands that iOS uses to draw on screen. Essentially we draw an arc from one point to another, influenced by one or two control points. The windowing subsystem of the hardware running the program figures out which pixels are affected.

  2. What does it take really to make a rumor “real”? AFAIK, all it takes is for someone to publish it in some manner. Repeating it over and over doesn’t make it any more “real”. Idiots.

      1. Yes, indeed. Basically, this rumour is not only announced, but actually manufactured already; all of us can have it right now.

        Do much do you like this rumour?

        What pros and cons do you see?

        Are you satisfied with this rumour, or would rather skip it and wait for better one?

  3. At some point the iPad and MacBook Air are going to smudge together, and at some point ios and OS X are going to be folded back together.

    It would be hard to believe that in apple’s labs somewhere a small unit hasn’t been assigned to maintaining a unified ios/os x from the beginning, just as intel nextstep was never abandoned, but was kept under cover until apple was ready to shift to intel machines.

    Whether apple ever markets an ARM touchscreen MacBook Air, or a large intel ipad, or anything between those two, who knows. But prototypes of such things must exist.

      1. i said it before that Macbook Air is a similar direction of this responsibility in design and engineering – on energy saving – on solid state drives – on mechanical less improvements like no dvd player or burner – by thinking iCloud services, thin light power etc etc… essentially I been saying Air devices will be the Pro level choice over iOS devices – yet – pro level means running real OSX and not a hybrid of the two systems. And in addition Apple would offer OSX capable of running iOS applications as a beautiful incentive and ecosystem savings on initial investments moving you up from the consumer level.

  4. “the rumormongers insist that Apple is looking to bring bigger screens to both the iPhone and the iPad, essentially following Samsung by peddling an assortment of screen-sizes for its products,” Rebecca Greenfield reports for The Atlantic Wire….”

    Following ScamScum? I don’t think so! The new technology knowledge center…The Atlantic Wire.

    1. What are fanboys afraid of? Of course they’re going to make a larger iPhone. Should have had it by now. You don’t think the stock would have been in the toilet since last September, the day the iPhone 5 was released, if it had been a larger screen do you? The stock would have done much better if the larger iPhone had been introduced that day. Either along side the 5 or simply as the new iPhone. It will be the default size eventually eliminating the current form factor. C’mon what’s with the constant fanboy denial? I mean really, do all the fanboys think its some sort of “superior being” attitude to act like a larger iPhone isn’t coming? That’s embarrassing! I remember those who said I was wrong when I said the iPad Mini was coming. One person In particular. I didn’t understand the denial then and don’t understand the denial now. A larger iPhone. Apple is late bringing it out. Thats obvious. But it’s coming. And will sell like hot cakes! Fanboys apparently have small hands but I’m sure they will cope somehow.

      1. They already have full size iPads and minis with cellular. So what goes in between a properly sized phone and a mini? A NanoPad? It’d be too big for your pocket, and too small for a great web surfing experience. That’s why Apple hasn’t made it already.

      2. funny GM, but you can not rush perfection

        iPad mini is super slim it out does Samsungs Galaxy tab 7 inch
        one could argue that Apple coped out, gave in, went against Steves’ wishes. But Apple produced a beautiful mini. I don’t pretend to know the engineering yet a 10 hour battery life was kept. It proves Apple can produce any size it desires. And it proves they do a damn good job when needed.

        Now, Apple please make it with Retina and Telephone capabilities – make it a phone.

        Apple, please make iPad available in 9.7, 7.9 and 4.0 inches.

        Oh gee.. wait Apple already does actually. The iPod touch is just named wrongly for this category. Though Apple does not offer iTouch with a cellular data sim option, they should or maybe they shouldn’t if one can see my insanity.

        simplify the product line to 2 products:

        simple naming
        simple options

        iPhone and iPad…


        iPhone – large 9.7 / medium 7.9 / small 4.0
        32/64/128 gb
        (could offer lower costing non retina versions also)
        — Apple already produces the iPhone small
        (its the iPhone 5)

        iPad – large 9.7 / medium 7.9 / small 4.0
        32/64/128 gb
        (could offer lower costing non retina versions also)
        — Apple already makes all these size devices, yet the naming of iPod touch is seen wrong and it is wifi only no cellular sim slot and thats perfect for this category


        iPads will only be wifi and no telephone capability at all
        facetime – skype – yahoo and viber all can still function well under wifi so that sort of communication still function perfectly

        iPhone are different then iPads, they use cellular networks and wifi, so there is no longer a option for iPads with cellular data packages as it would confuse and seem redundant to state. The difference is obvious, a phone is a phone… and a large 9.7 inch phone can be equipped with a bluetooth head ear pod to have phone conversations. Where one does not hold a 9.7 screen up to ones head and look ridiculous.

        And I do believe those wanting a phone bigger than 4 inches would be more than happy with a 7.9 inch phone over a 5 inch phone… or a 6 inch phone and well a 7 inch phone… it just gets crazy— base it on three sizes and Apple already is doing that.

          1. I am one person who wants a iPad mini that has phone capabilities. I have asked several people here and they all seems you are extremely incorrect.

            but you are entitled to your opinion

            1. Sure. And you your opinion. I guess we’ll know in the next 6-9 months if you or I are correct. Either they’ll release my larger iPhone between 4.7″ – 5.2″ or they’ll release your iPad phone. My money is on me.

  5. As I recall, Tim Cook state that Apple would only increase screen size once they were able to equal the quality of the current screens and not by making the screen larger with a reduction in quality to the consumer. He never stated it would never get bigger.

    1. Exactly. How was Tim even aware of such a problem if Apple wasn’t working on it? I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d already tackled those issues and were moving forward with development when he said that, the sneaky bastard.

  6. I would love the 13″ ipad. I use sketchbook pro for ipad every single day for art and i’d take full advantage of the bigger screen.

    however i don’t ever expect to actually see a 13″ ipad, to me this sounds like a controlled fake leak to nab some perpetrators

    1. Would you settle for a 7.9 inch one handed iPad mini…

      that is, if it could call out like a phone?

      that is, if you used a ear plug and microphone connected to your device?

      that is, if perhaps a bluetooth Apple ear phone suited you better so you needed no wires?

      Screen size matters. Apple knows this.

      I propose a simplification of the iOS line.

      Large Medium and Small — iPhone or iPad.


      faithful Apple users who wanted a bigger iPhone still feel 4.0 is not yet the answer they hoped

      creative people who love iPad find 9.7 nice but rarely travel with it

      iPad mini seems to be the every day everywhere device

      Some Apple folk laugh at Samsung users of the Note and the S3 as being too big solution is how to use or solve this fashion statement – a blue tooth enabled head set could do wonderfully for a iPAD MINI made by APPLE with telephone capabilities

      Marketing tells us iPad mini is the every inch an iPad in one hand… Marketing tells us Tim chose to keep 4.0 on iPhone so it could be used in one hand.

      Apple loves to think different. Steve says we are holding the phone wrong… lol I say we don’t need to hold the phone at all… use a head set – use a beautiful new Bluetooth ear plug to MAKE calls on your NEW iPAD mini PHONE.

      Yes the Phonlet is coming.
      And Apple can capitalize far more if they SIMPLIFY the line to:

      iPhone — Large 9.7 / Medium 7.9 / Small 4.0
      32Gb/ 64Gb /128Gb

      iPad — Large 9.7 / Medium 7.9 / Small 4.0
      32Gb/ 64Gb /128Gb

      One is wifi the other is network enabled cellular
      and also do away with the array of iPods entirely.

      1. You’re missing the point completely. People enjoy the larger screen phones. No one wants a 7.9″ phone but they do want something larger than 4″. I don’t know what is perfect but something around 5″ seems to be good. Maybe Apple will make a smaller phone ( 3.5″) for guys with small hands. Funny, I remember all the angst and bitching before Apple bumped up to the iPhone 5 size from the 4S? “The sky is falling!”

        1. I dont think i am missing the point at all.

          I read people want a bigger phone.
          I read people laughing at these Samsung bigger phones.
          I read people seem to like a phonlet idea.

          iPad mini is extremely capable and portable YET has no true telephone capabilities. And a Bluetooth headset can change the fashion worries some have over big phones up against their heads.

          iPad mini fits in one hand. Its extremely portable for both doing some work on – creating content and using Apples beautiful applications like Numbers, Pages, iMovie and Keynotes which benefit from a larger screen.

          iPad mini with retina screen and telephone capabilities then marks the industries largest phone over Samsung and also, out does the Phonlets they plan to make. The larger 9.7 inch iPhone crushes anything Samsung could offer.

          I think you are misunderstanding my point totally.

          There is no reason why a 9.7 inch iPhone would be bad.
          Leave it on, keep it in a pouch or bag, the bluetooth headset can call and answer phone calls. Or a 7.9 inch iPhone could be better suitable for others to have. IF you prefer the 4 inch version then cool.

          At the same time I am considering Apples products for the iPad… why call it this… simply iPad becomes the device that is WIFI only. iPhone the device that can make calls.

          1. GM Samsung believes people want 6″ phonlet, are you aware of this, Apple has a chance to leap frog the expected here. You are missing the point. Apple leads not fallows. Five inches will not be big enough for those who love to create content on portable devices… i fear you are very wrong.

            I am saying quickly cover a broader range and bigger offering than the competitors.

            There is no end of the story sir… you can not please all the people all of the time. Nothing is final. Technology advances, changes need to be faced and provided. There is no one solution. And changes evolve. One simple improvement to overcome is to show how a tablet could be a phone without the need to hold it up to your ear.

            I am sure a 11inch MacbookAir if capable for phone calls would be loved to travel with, so long one could keep it on for incoming and out going calls where capable. Would this be from a iWatch or a ear phone?

            Be prepared to be amazed – is all I am going to disclose here… and stop limiting your imagination to a number or size screen. You fail in solutions. End your story.

            1. Apple doesn’t give a fuck what Samsung thinks. Samsung is not selling iPhones. Apple is not selling Samsung phones. Yes, people want phones larger than the iPhone 5. And Apple already makes the iPad available with cellular service. The iPad is not an iPhone. It’s too fucking big to carry around as an every day phone. And the iPhone 5 is not quite big enough. Apple failed to offer a larger iPhone within the last year. Clearly that was a mistake. And the stock and shareholders (not smart enough to sell in September) are in the dump. Apple will, though late, correct this costly error as fast as they can. And it was costly.

    2. If you saw the movie RECALL; touch a plane of glass and it becomes your video screen… then screen sizes become virtually any size needed. Guess Apple needs to get on this now because everyone seems to want a bigger screen but can not agree on what size is right.

      You want 4.7″ inches other want 5″ – I say iPad Mini 7.9 is right… just add telephone capabilities and a bluetooth head set and I will be more than happy. And also no one can laugh – because I will not hold the device up to my ear and talk.

  7. The idea that Apple is following Samsung in offering a phone with larger screen sizes is backwards. It is more likely Samsung somehow learned that Apple was planning a range of phone screen sizes and decided to copy them.

  8. I’m not going to be a know-it-all @sshole who says NO! NEVER!!, but…

    It is extremely unlikely that we’ll every see an iPhone larger than iPhone 5. If Apple were to release one, it would surprise me very much. There is a fundamental philosophy at Apple that guides everything they do. This philosophy underlies decisions such as lack of USB on iPads, lack of VGA (or even standard DVI) on MacBook Airs or Pros, removal of optical drives, removals of ExpressCards from MBPs, removal of Front Row from Mac OS X (and elimination of free remote with Macs with a built-in display), etc.

    Apple carefully studies the usage of their hardware, as well as the popularity of others’ products in various market segments. They NEVER include a feature (or a product line) which would be used by fewer than 5% of users. About the only exception to this is the Mac Pro, which is a product line completely propped up by other Macs, generating less than 5% of Macintosh computer revenue and existing only for the prestige reasons.

    “Phablet” phones are made by Samsung, with a few by LG and HTC. Inside the Android market segment, they represent a fairly small percentage of the market. Samsung, the main maker, seems to be discounting them much faster than other, smaller models, which indicates somewhat underwhelming sales rates. Between the two indicators (small market share, slow sales), it is clear that the phablets only look appealing in advertising (because the screen is big and beautiful), but are incredibly impractical, clunky, dorky and just plain too big in real life.

    It is highly unlikely that Apple would make a device that appeals to a tiny segment of population.

    1. Most Android smartphones range between 4.5-5.0 inches. A phablet ranges between 5.1-6.9 inches. Phablets are aimed at big screen lovers who are the minority. If you take into consideration the popularity of Android phones then you realize that 4.7 inch widee-screen iPhone will find a ready market.

  9. I don’t get why people say phablet, it’s a phonelet. Not a phablet… Since its a gigant phone and not a small tablet, more if the word should be made up of the phone part of the name.

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