Wall Street analysts expect Apple to report fairly miserable Q313 results

“Wall Street analysts expect Apple will report on Tuesday that it had a fairly miserable past quarter,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“Apple didn’t unveil any major products over the last three months. High-end smartphone sales are plateauing, and Apple has no real low-cost solution for prepaid customers and developing global markets. Apple customers are increasingly opting for iPad minis and older iPhone models, which carry lower profit margins than newer and bigger devices,” Goldman reports. “All of those factors will contribute to flat sales and a 22% drop in profit in Apple’s fiscal third quarter, analysts predict.”

Goldman reports, “Just because it’s not growing doesn’t mean Apple is unsuccessful. The company is still expected to post $35 billion in sales and $6.9 billion in profit. Apple is currently the sixth largest U.S. company measured by revenue, and its sales are expected to grow by 9% in 2013. Verizon last week reported that iPhone sales grew 44% last quarter…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It takes special kind of writer to scribble “just because it’s not growing,” then report just two sentences later that “sales are expected to grow by 9% in 2013.”

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  1. The truth has no value in the news, because people aren’t interested in the truth. They are interested in headlines that tell them they were right all along, and there’s more people that hate Apple, and are still in denial of it’s success, than fans. Just more politics as usual.

  2. It takes special kind of writer to scribble “just because it’s not growing,” then report just two sentences later that “sales are expected to grow by 9% in 2013.”

    Yes, one who is interested in peddling his stories as opposed to reporting fact and comparing him/herself to Shakespeare. You have to admit they both use the same letters.

  3. Not sure when truth became “unmarketable” to the vast majority of journalists, but that’s where we are today. All one has to do is to review the Trayvon Martin coverage to see ample evidence of this claim or to look at the coverage Apple has consistently received over the years.

    1. The truth became “unmarketable” to the vast majority of of consumers — that’s the real problem. Editors and boards are responding to the market. A pity…

  4. To be fair WS’ average prediction of $35 billion revenue is not miserable, it is close to Apple’s higher end prognosis ($35.5 billion).

    But it is a rather stagnate result, of course. Apple needs to turn into twice year major update cycle model, or their calendar Q2 and Q3 will be always relatively flat.

  5. The thing is it’s not growth that these analysts care about, they want to see the rate of growth to increase. Apple could grow by 20% every year and they would be deemed a failure even though that actual amount of sales would be increasing, but because the % doesn’t increase they view it as standing still. Obviously growth is important, but Analysts seem to look at percentages first and hardly ever consider context if it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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