Samsung looks to eliminate the Google middleman with its own San Francisco developers’ conference

“Samsung plans to hold its first developers’ conference this October in San Francisco, the company announced Monday morning,” Casey Johnston reports for ArsTechnica.

“A teaser site offering e-mail signup betrays little about what the conference will cover, but a Samsung representative clarified that the Samsung Developer Conference will be a ‘cross-product, cross-platform’ even,” Johnston reports. “Samsung currently has two major operating systems that it centers products on: Android with the TouchWiz UI overlay the company uses for mobile phones and Chrome OS for its Chromebooks.”

Johnston reports, “The company is also collaborating on an alternative mobile OS, Tizen, that could make an appearance at the conference.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more in-fighting, turmoil, and confusion generated by and among the slavish copiers, the better.


  1. Android looks dull every update.. (4.1 4.2 4.3 are just the same..) besides of new wallpaper.

    I bet.. Samsung Tizen will 90% looks like iOS 7. Flat.. glassy transparent.. parallax effect.. etc.

    1. They ARE minor updates that help improve the user experience. They all fall under ‘Jellybean’. This updates happen in a space of a few months. The next big Android update is Key Lime Pie and we could possibly see it on October. I don’t sewer why you are complaining when iOS has been practically the same for the last 6 yrs.

      1. Green, it’s kind of hard to top yourself when your first at-bat is a first-inning Grand Slam Homerun. You have to invent a whole new category of excellence for yourself, and that is not easy to do. Especially when you deal with vocal ADD technophiles that have access to modern social communications conduits, that need everything in their lives to completely change every fifteen minutes or they will just die of boredom.

      2. All apple accomplished since the first iPhone came out was to competely and radically alter the way that mobile apps are distributed which is now badly copied by everyone else, create the one device used by more people I the entire world to listen to music, take pictures and to access the Internet on the go than any other device in existence.

        You are right that they didn’t do much. Go back to sleep.

  2. For immediate release:

    After its recent Developer Conference in San Francisco, Samsung has announced a change of its name to “Appel, Inc.” and that it has hired Mr. Tom Cuck as its new CEO. Mr. Cuck has also announced the move of Appel’s headquarters to Sunnyvale, CA, where the company will be building its new campus, rumored to be in the form of a space ship.

  3. In either case… they can argue and further split up the market share… the future consists of:
    iOS, Android, Win8, FireFoxOS, Tizen, Blackberry (cough, not sure bout that one)…

    It has gotten to the point where people are basically picking Apple or non-Apple… Samsung wants it to ‘continue’ to be Apple or Samsung… at the expense of Google and their partners.

  4. But most its a monument to their huge self importance.
    They have copied every card every page out of the Apple book since a few years now. One if them was to stick to one name, galaxy, and create buzz around that brand. Naturally when you ad a higher number to an already existing product it will generate more buzz and be perceived as better just because of the added number. Now they think they are so important they can hold their own developer conference… Maybe they should have developed their own OS or gone with WP. Android, there is no real differentiation, is all the same. Good for users perhaps in some aspects but its bad for manufacturers. Android was destined to become a commodity from the get go since there is really no one owning or controlling the platform. It really doesn’t add an value for HTC to use Android compared with Goosung so they have to differentiate as much as they can and now they are trapped.

  5. A teaser site offering e-mail signup betrays little about what the conference will cover

    I know: Tap Dancing 101

    Seriously, Samsung’s mask slips a little farther every day. What’s underneath ain’t pretty. But it sure can dance! 😆

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