iPhone 5 accounts for half of Apple’s smartphone sales, iPhone 4S takes 30%

“With the iPhone 5 taking 52 percent and the iPhone 4S earning 30 percent of sales, the remaining 18 percent were iPhone 4 sales, according to data released on Monday by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners to AppleInsider,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The data shows how the average selling price of the iPhone has steadily declined, as customers have increasingly turned to the legacy iPhone 4S and iPhone 4,” Hughes reports. “When the iPhone 5 first launched, early adopters helped push it to 68 percent of all iPhone sales in October 2012, but its share quickly eased to 50 percent by December.”

Hughes reports, “‘iPhone 5 appears to have settled in at about half of all iPhone sales, nine months after its initial launch,’ CIRP said. ‘In contrast, the earlier flagship model, iPhone 4S, accounted for almost three-quarters of iPhone sales almost a year after its launch. Furthermore, iPhone 4S had 90 percent of all iPhone sales in the period immediately after launch, compared to about 70 percent for iPhone 5.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is somewhat surprising as iPhone 5 is simply the best smartphone we’ve ever used, by a wide margin. For the weight reduction alone, not to mention display size, thinness, speed, audio clarity, etc., you’d think more than one out of every two iPhone buyers would recognize the value iPhone 5 offers over legacy iPhone models.


  1. 26 percent jumped from Google’s Android platform, and 7 percent came from BlackBerry

    take this in conjunction with Verizon selling record iPhones at the same time as losing iPhone handset share to Sprint and T-mobile (meaning the total iPhone handset share is going to show more than expected iPhone sales in USA).

  2. “you’d think more than one out of every two iPhone buyers would recognize the value iPhone 5 offers over legacy iPhone models.”

    Not if a great many of initial iPhone 4S buyers were EARLY up graders from iPhone. iPhone 4S was a significant upgrade, causing many to shed iPhone 3s, iPhone 3S and recently purchased iPhone 4s.
    As nice an up grade the iPhone 5 was, it wasn’t incrementally better, in the same degree that the iPhone 4S was.
    It is that incremental improvement degree that is going to drive iOS7 powered devices. Yes, iOS7 will run on older hardware, but the majority of those legacy handsets will be traded in/sold, in favor of getting the latest greatest.

    1. Besides, steel and glass are classy choice. This heaviness does not feel cheap in the hand.

      For myself, I do not replace smartphone every year, so I kept iPhone 4S that I bought over 1.5 years ago.

      I totally understand that iPhone 5 is much lighter and for this quality alone it is much more ergonomic choice. However, I decided to wait for iPhone 5S as it will have better camera (iPhone 5S’ camera is not really better because Apple barely managed to put a camera that is not worse than iPhone 4S in such thin device — what itself was a marvel).

      Also, fingerprint recognition — if it will happen — will be breakthrough to me as I always use password.

      Thus things I want from iPhone 5S versus iPhone 4S:
      1) fingerprint recognition instead of password (optional);
      2) better camera (no doubt);
      3) much lighter (no doubt).

      Of course, iPhone 5S is also going to be much faster (as iPhone 5 is already much faster than iPhone 4S), but iPhone 4S is fast enough so I am not caring enough to list it among the most important features. Better scratch resistance is also an option, but comparing to iPhone 4S, it will be, of course, still more scratch prone due to nature of aluminum. Hard aluminum oxide is too thin to make it as strong as hardened glass.

    2. Let me fix that, as it sounds totally confusing:

      “iPhone 4S was a significant upgrade, causing many to shed their iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and recently purchased iPhone 4. (there was no iPhone 3s, nor 3S, nor 4s).

      My own anecdotal evidence indicates that iPhone 5 is simply too big for many women, and they are preferring smaller 4S over taller 5.

      I’m not sure what will happen when large iPhone5-sized screen remains the only option (unless the rumours about the cheapo iPhone is true, and such iPhone ends up with a 3.5” screen of the 4 / 4S kind).

      1. Yes, I prefer the physical dimensions of the 4S, operating it easily with just the left hand, and tucking it away tidily. The dimensions of the visible display are not as important to some of us as are certain personal factors like tactile precision, typographic clarity, and yes, chic.

    1. If those people were never going to purchase the device during its premiere cycle, then I suppose you could say there’s “nothing wrong.” These people may have been waiting in the wings during the first few iPhone models, because there weren’t past-model discounts like there are now (such as getting an iPhone 4 for free with contract).

      But if the sales are indeed delayed, that is, people who would buy are instead opting to wait until there’s a discount, then Apple would lose out on some revenue as the initial batches of devices would undoubtedly cost more to produce, but are being sold for much less (eventual discount + inflation). Not to mention poorer press and lower than expected earnings calls.

  3. Could some of this also be the result of “massmarket contract renewal?” The primary reason I’m still using my 4S instead of a 5 is because I was in the middle of my AT&T contract. I recently obtained a corporate discount to T-mobile plans and likely will be moving to them for the next iPhone, paying full cost for the device up front. And believe me, I’m ready: the 4S is as heavy as a brick compared to the likes of the iPhone 5 and even giants like the Galaxy 4.

  4. I upgraded to 4S from 3 simply because I did – and still don’t – like the height of the iPhone 5…4S has the perfect height/width ratio and that sealed the deal for me.

  5. It’s not surprising, because specification wise many people of middling to low knowledge of iPhones may believe that the iPhone 5 is not worth another 100$ more than the iPhone 4S. I would bet anything though that Apple Stores sell more 5’s; remember what Jony Ive said, how people need to hold the 5 in their hands to appreciate how light and well made it is. As the iPhone gets more popular, many people, including my parents, just want an iPhone, because they know that any iPhone will be better than any other phone.

  6. Can’t forget that Verizon and much of the world that have iPhones available now (with a “free” iPhone option) did not have a free 3GS available a year ago. This is the first year a lot of buyers have a “free” version. I’m no statistician, but factor that in, and I bet any remaining difference would be within a margin of error.

  7. For the bulk of people, or a large part at least, price is all that matter and price is all they look at. Unfortunately this is the truth and is the reason Crapdroid has seen so much success. People want “a smartphone” nothing else, so they look for the cheapest “smart phone” they can get. And those are mostly Crapdroid phones. Most people are either too stupid or too ignorant to appreciate anything but price or they just don’t care. This is true for all products. Unfortunately. How ever, in my experience, you usually get what you pay for and there is a reason some things cost less than others. But, most people might just not care enough. Sad but true.

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