NPD Group: Apple’s fiscal Q3 U.S. Mac sales down 5% YOY

“The latest data from the NPD Group shows domestic Mac sales down 5 percent year over year in the June quarter, as iPad cannibalization of Apple’s Mac platform continues,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The NPD data, summarized on Monday by analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, represents only a portion of Apple’s global Mac sales,” Hughes reports. “But the Mac is also becoming a less meaningful part of Apple’s business, now representing just 15 percent of the company’s revenues.”

Hughes reports, “NPD found that Mac sales were down 12 percent year over year in the month of June, despite the launch of new MacBook Air models powered by Intel’s Haswell CPUs.”

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    1. And if it is true? Can we punish you? Are analysts only credible when they make you happy? When they say things you agree with? When they say what you want them to say? When they’re on “your side”? When your team loses is it because the opponent cheated? Every fucking time? Do you always have an excuse ready? For everything? I threw a punishing curveball. I loved to see you guys stumble back to the bench talking out loud, making excuses left and right.

      1. Wait and see the results before castigating Raymond so fiercely, GM. Raymond has some reason to doubt this report – there is a history of erroneous negative reports about Apple. In fact, you might note that he said “if”…if NPD is wrong, what are the consequences? That is a valid questions, since these firms and analysts make money for supposedly sound and accuracy forecasting and analysis. In my experience, they are nearly all just followers using hindsight and speculation to explain what happened yesterday or last week or last quarter. If the market went up yesterday, then they look for good news to explain it. If the market went down, they dredge up bad news and build a story around it. Then, when the market changes direction the next day or the next week, they flip-flop and focus on the opposite.

        How many times has beleaguered Apple been “doomed”? Too many times to count. Fortunately, now that Apple is a juggernaut of a consumer electronics and software machine, it does not have to worry quite as much about the quarterly blips. Sure, the stock price will bounce around, but the company will keep on rolling. And, in the long run, the price of AAPL will take care of itself.

  1. I know it’s inevitable, but I will probably still need a desktop computer with a big screen for work purposes for many years to come. Hope they don’t throw those of us that use these machines under the bus anytime soon.

    1. I wanted to purchase a new MacBook Pro this year, but with recent rumors regarding Apple introducing notebooks with IGZO displays I will delay my purchase till 2014.

  2. Ya know, I’ve been watching these quarterly reports for years and no matter how good Apple does, the Preparation H wearing ANALysts never seem to change their tune, they always look for “the dark side”. As usual, I expect my meager number of AAPL shares, and those I gave to my 4 granddaughters, to take it in the shorts. At my age (going on 71) I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t let it bother me, I take a BIG step backwards and yell “F**K it” at the top of my lungs. You can’t imagine how good that makes me feel!!

    1. Gene is one of the better respected analysts cornering Apple out there. Sticking your head in the sand and yelling, F**K it,” doesn’t make it not a possibility. iOS is cannibalizing Windows PC sales, why would it not also cannibalize Mac sales? Steve knew this would happen, and embraced it. Cannibalize yourself or someone else will. That said, I’m not afraid of Apple abandoning the Mac any time soon. Aside from iOS’ dominance, Microsoft and Windows are doing a pretty good job of slowly imploding on their own anyway. Somebody will be there waiting to collect the spoils, and there’s nobody else around besides Apple. Linux? Chrome? Firefox? Puh-lease. Nothing wrong with having a much bigger slice of a slightly smaller pie.

  3. It’s perfectly reasonable to imagine Macs (with the exception of developer systems) continuing to lose share to IOS devices. An iPad really does address the needs of a lot of people out there. But the IOS apps still depend on developer systems, so I can see a place for the Mac Pro for quite some time. And of course, pro video and pro audio will take all the power they can get.

    Besides that, there will always be some small number of people who’ll need to run bookkeeping systems or small offices. I can see a role for some number of less-ambitious Macs. But exactly which ones will stay and which ones will go is an interesting matter for speculation.

  4. Apple has not put meaningful efforts to widen its base of Mac users and aggressively present Mac as an insanely superior OS. Obvious reason being that the Macs wouldn’t pour in tons of profit that iOS products do. From a techie lover company Apple is slowly and sadly becoming commercial centric.

  5. The market share of OSX here in Germany is terrible low, half of the US market share. Why? Because Apple does not really care. No aggressive marketing campaign since ages. No events at all for business customers or schools. No mentioning of the superiority of OSX anywhere besides the Apple website. As much as I love Apple, that’s a real shame.

    Germany is doing well in terms of economy and much more people and companies could afford Apple products (and would save a lot of money in the long run), but Apple has to address them.

    I have no idea, if the Munich headquarter is doing such a poor job or if Cupertino stops them. But Apple should do much much more to sell their OSX products in Germany.

    1. Guten Tag, Deutschland!
      Curious — did you ever get to see the “I’m a Mac; I’m a PC” ads? They are pretty old now. Were those ever shown in Germany? I thought they were very good. Made me laugh, too. Someone ought to translate and dub them in European languages, and show them on the local Apple websites…

      1. Guten Tag Tom, no, those were never shown in Germany. All Apple users have seen them on the web. But the idea was to get conversion from Windows, but Windows user did not see them on TV. That’s what I mean, a real shame. And yes, Germans are able to get that great humor. No idea wha Apple is not taking Germany as serious as the US market. 80 million people, mostly well educated, mostly well paid. Apple could easily get 10 to 20 percent market share or even more instead of just 5 or 7. Rock it, Apple.

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