Is your Mac ready for OS X Mavericks?

“Mac Match, as you well know, is a handy service that mainly lets you know if your computer can handle certain games,” Kirk Hiner reports for AppleTell. “They now have a Mavericks page in place, so those with the Mac Match service can simply turn it on and find out if they’re system is Mavericks ready.”

Hiner reports, “Of course, there’s a caveat: ‘The system requirements and other info on the Mavericks page is entirely speculative at this point and is in no way a final representation of the OS’s system requirements. We will continue to update the page regularly as additional info becomes available. Also, please note that Mavericks will require Macs with a 64-bit architecture, meaning that if you’re still using a Mac from as far back as 2006 with a 32-bit architecture, you’re out of luck even if Mac Match says you meet all the other requirements.'”

“But it’s all good. Log in, check it out, and at least get a general idea if you’ll be okay,” Hiner reports. “And as we get closer to the launch of OS X Mavericks, Mac Match will get more precise.”

More info and links in the full article here.


  1. Got to admit, the name *might* be starting to grow on me. When I first heard it (ok read it) on the keynote live notes, it struck me as weird and a bit terrible. But, just maybe, it starting to sound a cool in a dorky way. Regardless, looking forward to more less-gaudiness.

  2. Running Mavericks on iMac late 2009…sweet, except for the iCloud syncing. Safari keychain works now, as well as Exchange mail sync after latest beta update.

    Still miss my activity window in Safari…greatest gift to downloading videos, but I guess Hollywood found out.

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