‘iPhone 5S’ release date nears as Apple begins mass production of Liquidmetal case, report claims

“The iPhone 5S on release date will sport a virtually indestructible housing made of LiquidMetal [sic], which is but part of the many components involved in the already underway volume production of the Apple 2013 flagship smartphone,” Erik Pineda reports for International Business Times.

“There is reason to believe that the tech giant’s production facilities in China are currently humming away to complete the iPhone 5S in time, BGR News said in a report,” Pineda reports. “There is reason to believe that the tech giant’s production facilities in China are currently humming away to complete the iPhone 5S in time, BGR News said in a report”

Pineda reports, “LiquidMetal, according to BGR, is ‘a unique material that is two to three times harder than normal metals … (it) can be injection moulded into custom parts and shapes.’ The result would be a 5S body-build that ‘is very scratch resistant, and yet extremely light.’ … Supporting the assertion that iPhone 5S materials are now rolling, ready for assembly, on production lines is the report that Apple pushed up its integrated circuit chip orders by 70 per cent for the second half of 2013, jumping from the level seen beginning in late 2012 or shortly after the iPhone 5 launch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This Liquidmetal stuff remains firmly in rumor land. Take these reports with a dump truck full of salt.


  1. As much as I would love for these LiquidMetal rumors to be true, I’m not seeing it for at least another year. And here’s hoping the share price skyrockets when Apple finally does start incorporating LiquidMetal into their products on a massive scale.

    An exciting future awaits.

    1. Maybe? Probably just another bullshit rumor like most here. Besides, if anyone expects Liquidmetal to move the stock price they’re living in a fantasy world of hopes and dreams. Not reality. A larger iPhone will move the stock price up. As will some sort of living room/Apple iTV. But as nice as Liquidmetal will be, its not going to be earthshaking.

  2. The iPhone 4S looked like the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS looked like the iPhone 3G. I strongly doubt that the (rumored) iPhone 5S, with a (rumored) Liquidmetal case will look at all like the iPhone 5, which comes in two flavors of anodized aluminum.

    I think the Liquidmetal cases are bound for the new, locost iPhone. Cheap to make, indestructible, so low warranty expenses. That’s surely what’s happening.

    1. I’ve been wondering if all those images of brightly colored plastic iPhones are actually colored LiquidMetal?? Now that would be very “Apple like” – to deliver colored chassis that look like cheapo plastic, but are actually indestructible LiquidMetal!

      1. There are two issues:

        1) LM is actually pricey, so, alas, it can not come to low cost iPhone as Quiviran says;

        2) this metal alloy is not aluminium so it can not really be coloured. Aluminium is only one tenth of this alloy, and it is obviously not enough to make an aluminum oxide, which can generate colours. Of course, this alloy could have a layer of paint, but it is horrible in scratch resistance and it would just fall off in some time.

          1. Apple will use Liquidmetal in exactly the way they use aluminium and stainless steel, in their previous phones: as the main chassis frame, and for the unibody of iPads and laptops.
            It’s incredibly strong, very hard, and very rigid and light, the perfect structural material. It certainly wouldn’t be used for a cheap, bottom-end phone, and I can’t see it being used for an upgrade iteration of the iP5; it’ll be used for a full-scale redesign of the phone, exactly as Apple have done with every previous version. 3rd-party accessory makers would be REALLY pissed if Apple did a full re-design after a year, they like to have time to recoupe investment on tooling for moulds, etc.
            I can see Liquidmetal production being available in large enough quantities for a phone by Q3, 2014, but not before.

  3. GM,

    Do you really think a larger iPhone is that important? From an ergonomic standpoint, even the iP5 seems too big. Maybe I’m used to my iP4. I hope Apple stays with the same width phone as the 4 and 5. Otherwise, it’ll be too big for easy one-handed thumb typing. I wear my phone on my belt. For me and maybe others of us that do the same, having a “phablet” on our belts would not be optimal. For me it’d be a deal-breaker. Perhaps the best scenario would be to have multiple-sized offerings. I don’t know from a production or business standpoint how feasible that would be, however.

    1. Well yes I do think its that important or I wouldn’t have said so. I still use my 4S as the 5 isn’t enough of an improvement to upgrade. I think they will keep the 5 size after they introduce the larger iPhone. They want people to have a choice. But the 5 will be the mid price iPhone. As for wearing an iPhone on a belt? Can’t help you there. I don’t know anyone (at least for the last 10 years) who uses a belt case for a phone. Check out the Budweiser “Real Men of Genius” commercial on U-Tube about cell phones on your belt. Hilarious! As the commercial says “cell phones have been small enough for your pocket for years”! And this parody was done maybe 7 or 8 years ago! As for having small hands? Dunno ? I guess try using two hands. I see a lot of women using larger phones with one or two hands. They don’t seem to find it difficult. I have tried using some of the larger Samsung and HTC phones with one hand with no problems. Yes, the longer you can produce a product without changing equipment the better. Thus the 4,4S and now the 5,5S. But Apple clearly Apple missed the boat by delaying the larger iPhone. Hey, nobody’s perfect. But boy, has it been costly! Ask all those shareholders who didn’t sell last September!

      1. Apple is slowly working out all the kinks with LM, since 2009-2010, something Wall street doesn’t understand, LQMT sold at 22-23 dollars a share 10-11 years ago, the company and product wasn’t ready to go public at that time, but the inventors/owners made a mistake and did anyway, if any company can make it viable for the mass market who is better that Apple? You can’t say you didn’t know before hand, can you?

  4. If the new iPhone looks like the iPhone 5 people will whine and complain about it. If it looks different people will claim it proves the iPhone 5 design was flawed (hence wh Apple updated it).

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