Apple’s iPhone sales are surging

“Apple (AAPL) has been languishing for almost a year now on doubts of growth and shrinking margins,” Malcolm Manness writes for The Motley Fool. “In particular, their most important product, the iPhone, has faced increased competition and this has fed the fear of investors. But new information from one of its partners counters these claims, and indicates that these fears are likely unfounded.”

In Verizon’s “conference call, Fran Shammo (EVP and CFO) stated: ‘Smartphone activations totaled 7.5 million and 72% of them were 4G LTE. The smartphone mix was fairly balanced; roughly 51% of the activations were iPhones,'” Manness reports. “This totals over 3.8 million iPhones. CNN Money notes that this is a 44% increase over a year ago, 32% increase over last quarter.”

Manness writes, “This bodes well for Apple as the electronics maker received about 53% of revenue from the iPhone last quarter, and there has been speculation that sales would be flat this time around. The news from Verizon suggests that the pessimism of the last few months may have been unwarranted. A spike in iPhone sales, and renewed growth if coupled with a stabilized gross margin, would likely kick start a revival in share price.”

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  1. It’s really not important what anyone says. The only thing that matters to me is whether the stock rises or falls. If it rises, all well and good but if it falls I’d like to crucify Timid Cook. I know there are plenty of Cook apologists out there, but he really doesn’t seem to be doing anything to effectively boost Apple’s share price when most profitable tech companies are doing rather well.

    Google doesn’t seem to have a problem with it’s value even if it misses its earnings numbers it quickly recovers. In comparison, Apple is stuck in eternal quicksand. I feel if Google can manage then so should Apple. No reason at all investors should go ga-ga over Google Glass rumors. It’s highly unlikely consumers are going to be strolling around wearing that device on their heads in the near future. Sorry, but I’m disheartened by Apple’s performance and I can’t help it. The company should be able to do a whole lot better with as much idle cash as it has on hand.

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