Apple’s App Store the biggest winner in the smartphone and tablet app economy it launched

“Apple’s App Store celebrated its fifth birthday this week with some impressive milestones: 50bn app downloads and more than £6.6bn paid out to app developers so far,” Stuart Dredge writes for The Guardian. “Apple has built a thriving economy for smartphone and tablet apps since its store launched in 2008.”

“Industry analyst ABI Research estimates that the mobile apps market will be worth £17.8bn globally this year, with iOS generating more than two thirds of those revenues,” Dredge writes. “‘Apple are very even-handed in the way they treat people, in terms of not favouring the biggest companies over smaller ones,’ says Matthew Wiggins, who sold his first mobile games startup to publisher Zynga in 2011, and is now launching another, JiggeryPokery. ‘As a small startup without millions of quid in investment or an established presence, that gives you an extremely level playing field in which to operate.'”

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  1. But coz of this , Apple growth is getting slow due to its size . Other rubbish company like amazon , the market dreams amazon has big to grow despite amazon poor results . ( but we all know how much amazon earns is just a joke )

    1. The powers that be do no care how amazon will fair down the road. It all about optimizing the options exercise of you know who.

      The travesty in this will be the suckers who will be left holding the bag. As usual WS is laughing all the way to the ….

    1. There certainly has been what I have to call a ‘spoiled brat lash back‘ against Apple for not being on the peak of a product release curve forever. Spoiled brats on Wall Street demand perfection on their terms, despite the fact that NOTHING they do inspires innovation. Quite the opposite.

      These dummies are great at cheating the system to make short term cash and worthless at making long term cash. I call this plain old Desperation Behavior. What they’re all DeSpERaTe about is their problem. It’s NOT sustainable behavior and it IS self-destructive. They’re too ignorant of professional business practices to notice the Blaring DUH Factor. 😛

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