RUMOR: Apple buys Taiwan fab to stamp its own chips

“Despite all that talk that Apple is striking a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC) to produce the A8 chips and later, there’s now a rumor that the fruity iPhone maker will make its own chips, thus entering the fab industry thanks to a purchase of an unnamed chip fabricator,” Kevin Parrish reports for Tom’s Hardware.

“Hints of TSMC’s involvement with A-Series manufacturing surfaced back in January, indicating that Apple was sampling TSMC as a foundry with a trial production of its A6X SoC,” Parrish reports. “Then in April, The Korea Times said that Samsung will not be a part of the A7 chip either. One of Samsung’s local partners in Korea told the paper that Apple was sharing confidential A7 info with TSMC.”

Parrish reports, “TSMC is expected to produce Apple’s A9 and A9X starting around the end of 3Q14. These will be used in next-gen iPhone and iPad products for 2015 whereas the A8 will be used for an iPhone slated to launch in early 2014. That said, Apple’s foundry purchase makes sense. Not only will the fruity company not need to solely rely on other sources to produce its chips, but offer foundry services to other companies, making a little extra cash on the side.”

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            2. Peter is out for Blood — advocating Zimmerman die. Whatever. To the clueless emotional out there: anyone with a brain expected this verdict.

              Back to Apple, good move.

            3. Move on when a kid can be shot in cold blood in his own neighborhood with no legal repercussions? I feel that’s a bit bigger than Apple and demands more of your attention right now.

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            2. Zimmerman broke off the pursuit to return to his vehicle, whereupon he was accosted by Martin, who now becomes the aggressor. Martin could just as easily have walked on home and he’d be alive today, but instead he attacked Zimmerman, who was retreating at the time. As the victim of Martin’s attack, Zimmerman was justified in using deadly force if he felt his life was in danger. The jury apparently agreed with Zimmerman’s assessment of the situation.

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      2. Most legal experts were saying before the verdict was in the prosecution did NOT prove its case.

        If you read stories from the last couple hours more legal experts have come out in favor of the verdict, like Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and an article in the Miami Herald. Hardly, conservative sources.

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      4. Was it right for Zimmerman to kill out of his personal fears? I strongly believe it was wrong for him to shoot the kid and he should therefore be punished for recklessly ending another human being’s life with decades of jail time. But I respect that there’s differences of opinions, and I could think differently if I was on the jury and heard all the evidence presented.

        1. If the prosecution had gone for manslaughter conviction instead of 2nd degree murder, Zimmerman may have received a different verdict. I think the prosecution overreached due to public pressure. My heart goes out to the family of Trayvon Martin; he shouldn’t be dead. But I think the jury made the right decision based on the charge against Zimmerman the evidence presented in trial.

          1. Precisely! Great to read a rational, thinking post that looks at ALL the evidence and follows the rule of law. The blind and biased emotional overreaction and cherry picking of facts is MORE of a danger to society, day in and day out, than one self-defense verdict.

      5. The take away: it doesn’t pay to be an upityass high-on-pot fool and come to a gun fight with only your fists. I’m hiring The Z-man to cover our neighborhood. fuckyou!

      6. “stand your ground” the best law of the land on the planet. But if you want to be a victim and never defend yourself, hey it’s your choice. when confronted by a tug we all should use guns in self defense.

        1. Totally agree! “Stand your ground” laws should be a national/international law. Police resources cannot be everywhere at all tomes and citizens need the backing of law enforcement to protect themselves and not end up a victim.

        2. A man breaks in to my home with a gun.
          My life, my family, my possessions, my money are threatened.
          However, it is illegal, in my country to use a gun or any weapon in self defence in this situation.

          If I do decide to defend myself and the criminal is hurt and dies – I am charged with man slaughter.

          Crime pays – even more so when they too have rights.
          And, thats when the law goes horribly wrong.

          1. Horribly wrong does not begin to describe the unequal treatment of citizens.

            Is it even possible — criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens?

            That’s just wrong!

        3. I guess my problem with “stand your ground” it the imprecision of exactly whose ground is whose. I’ve been in stores in Florida with pencil-necked, sawed-off little twerps with their almost concealed weapons walking around looking bitchy. This is disaster looking for a place and time to happen. Perhaps if stand your ground carried a mandatory 1 year sentence if you kill anyone, no matter what, I’d feel like proper care was going to be exercised before whipping it out seemed like the next best action to take.

  1. Parrish reports, “TSMC is expected to produce Apple’s A9 and A9X starting around the end of 3Q14. These will be used in next-gen iPhone and iPad products for 2015 whereas the A8 will be used for an iPhone slated to launch in early 2014.

    What the heck – “whereas the A8 will be used for an iPhone slated to launch in early 2014.”?! iPhone slated to launch in EARLY 2014???? What is going on?!

    1. The issue here is that they mixed up things. Apple contracted TSMC, but only under conditions that Apple will own the equipment and it will be exclusive customer of manufactured products.

      Under this condition, there is no need for Apple to directly own whole plant.

      1. DeRS,
        Now that sounds like an Apple type move. Own your IP and critical hardware. Stuff that is expensive and you can move if you change your mind.

        Apple did this for the milling machines it bought for aluminum cases for computers and phones. Bought out the world supply of them. When other companies tried to acquire the milling machines they had to wait over a year.

        Good move Apple.

        1. the pharmaceutical companies have even better protection over processes, patents and research. in Europe new medications take 12 years to get approval and therefore also are awarded 12 years protection from copied generics.
          In America the process is 7 years, however a 5 year protection plan.

          Why is technology and innovation a mere 1 year or less, and copies and competition occur immediately.

          This needs to change.

    1. As someone who had read a lot, you must realize that variety in terms or names makes reading more enjoyable and repetition is often used for emphasis. Saying Apple in every sentence becomes monotonous. Does that answer your question?

  2. Yeah but in a way it would be cool if Apple not only made their own chips taking away a huge income source for Samsung but stole away more from Samsung’s other customers making them take an even bigger hit than just Apple’s considerable business. I like the way that might roll out.

    1. Apple does not need to buy Intel but could buy up one of the under utilized plants and hire the laid off workers from Intel. Both companies come out ahead and Apple could produce both the A series of IOS chips and the Intel chips under license for Macs.

      1. No, I’m saying they could put intel chips in apple hands and take them out of the windows world.

        Leaving windows suffers as AMD only. That would force them to become mac users.

        Would be good for my share values

          1. Microsoft has been abusing their monopoly for decades and they got away with it.

            I care about my share value and apple user experience

            Nothing else

        1. That kind of forced change would be unethical and therefore un-Apple like. An abuse of a monopoly like that would bring the wrath of the people on Apple (and all appropriate government offices).

  3. I’m happy to hear the rumor that Apple might be building its own chips in the future, but is this something that will turn a profit or is it just something to protect Apple from short supply. However, with the death of the iPhone being widely tossed about in the news media it appears they won’t have to worry about things like a shortfall of processors anymore since far fewer iPhones will be sold in the future. Who would Apple be supplying? I suppose they’re talking about companies needing ARM-class mobile processors, so is Apple going to be supplying processors for Android hardware? That seems rather frightening.

    1. This is a new low, even for you. When have iPhone quarterly sales numbers on a YoY basis EVER declined? HINT: NEVER! Even last quarter they were up over the same quarter a year ago. Just because the Galaxy S4 is a flop, along with the Nokia and Blackberry offerings the word on Wall Street now is that smart phone sales are declining. It couldn’t possibly be that Wall Street was WRONG about Apple’s competitors’ products killing the iPhone, could it? Heavens no! Wall Street is never wrong, and when it looks like they are they spin the facts to save face.

      The truth is that iPhone sales have been growing more rapidly than Samsung’s for some time now. It’s also true that Nokia and Blackberry are dead in the water, offering irrelevant hardware and software. The future looks bright for Apple.

  4. I think the Global Foundries rumor makes the most. They have a modern facility in New York that needs clientele. And Apple would be wise to use someone who speak their own language and isn’t so far away. Especially with all the “made in the US” stuff going around.

  5. Who can blame Apple of wanting to wash their hands of Samsung? It the best solution to keep their IP from be copied and ripped off. Tim Cook is no idiot. It’s the only solution to keep their IP safe.

    1. Agreed, in order to keep the IP safe… why in Asian?
      “Apple buys Taiwan fab to stamp its own chips.”

      Just buy out Intel and AMD and keep the IP in the homeland.

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