Apple’s new, blazingly fast OS X Mavericks’ Maps app extends tools for reporting , correcting errors

“Apple has brought its iOS Maps to OS X Mavericks, adding enhanced error reporting tools to leverage crowdsourcing in order to improve its mapping service, search results, location information and directions,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“The upcoming release of OS X Mavericks brings Apple’s Maps to the Mac desktop in the form of a native app, giving it an enormous advantage over the web-only mapping services offered by Google, Nokia and others,” Dilger reports. “As a native Cocoa app, OS X Maverick Maps is blazing fast, supports familiar multitouch gestures like pinch to zoom, directly integrates with Contacts, syncs location Bookmarks with iCloud and can share locations and directions using standard Share Sheets via email, iMessage, nearby users with AirDrop or to Twitter and Facebook.”

Dilger reports, “ASnother clear intent of putting Maps on the Mac involves leveraging lots of eyeballs to identify and report errors, something Apple has made easier to discover and do on the Mac when compared to smaller-screened mobile devices. ”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. My own experience mirrors this- I’ve now sent in the _same_ error report (about the name of a school here in Cambridge) three (3) times! The first time was on Maps’ first day. I waited four months for the fix. Didn’t happen. Sent in another report. Waited three months. Didn’t happen. Send in another report. I just looked today, and, didn’t happen. I give up.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean, “get off Wall Street”? They’re a listed company on the stock exchange. They sell shares to raise money. They’re a business. They decided long, long ago to go public. If they were still a private company, as in the beginning, they would be tiny or a distant memory. It’s the way companies grow. They don’t operate out of the garage anymore. Should all companies leave the stock market? Or just Apple? Did you post this same comment last September when Apple was at $705? Was Apple being taken advantage of then? I don’t remember seeing any comments from anyone, not one, last summer about Wall Street manipulating Apple. Post after post after post on this site bragged about how AAPL would soon reach $1000. Never ever a comment about Apple being over valued. Never! Where were they? All I saw was a stock that was owned by everyone and their brother and they couldn’t wait to buy more because analysts predicted higher and higher prices. Was it valued fairly then but manipulated now? No, I don’t think so. The stock was over sold. Over owned. Investors eventually realize this and took their profits (the day the iPhone 5 was introduced) accordingly in September. Some did not. There in lies the source of the negativity. You can’t have it both ways when you invest. If you pile into a stock, any stock, as it’s going straight up you should understand that you’re playing with fire. Most investors understood this. Some did not. There in lies the source of the negativity. Being responsible for your own actions is part of becoming an adult. Most investors understand this. Some do not.

          1. Happy? Undervalued? Hopefully you are only thinking about getting into AAPL now and don’t own any. Otherwise you are happy about currently losing money in an investment. Just like the prospectus says, past results are no guarantee of future performance. Keep one thing in mind, no matter what stock you invest in, don’t be greedy. Don’t make the mistake of so many others who invest, do learn to take your profit when you are ahead. You are investing to make your money grow. Buy and hold forever is not a plan it’s just an excuse for not managing your own money. Buying a stock and sticking it under the mattress is irresponsible. And you can get good dividends in many other stocks less volatile. So dividends are no reason to buy and hold forever. Again, that’s just an excuse by those who won’t or don’t know how to manage their own money. Or lately, those who are way, way under water in AAPL. Learn to diversify. Don’t put too much of your investment money in any one stock or sector of the market. Remember you invest for a reason, learn to take your profit. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be foolish . Good luck.

          1. Actually Google has stayed above $500 for a long long time. Since somewhere in 2009. So it has certainly sustained a high value for a long time. That matters. Still, the same rules apply to GOOG as with all other types of investing. Have rules to follow. Be a disciplined investor. Learn to take your profit. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be foolish.

        1. How about with 60 billions dollars buyback, do you think it would help APPL regain its momentum or in the Fall when Apple will release new products or products category in 2014?.

          1. Yes. It has to help. But Apple is a huge corporation. It’s stock will be difficult to move without fresh products for the consumer. Not refreshed but new. Like it or not that’s just the way it is. Amazon doesn’t depend on hardware sales. Google doesn’t depend on hardware sales. So for the people here who constantly go on and on and on about these companies and their stock prices, they need to stop and think for a minute. AAPL, like it or not, is perceived as a hardware company by the consumer and investors. Those of us who have used Apple stuff and owned AAPL forever understand that it’s not just a hardware company. But that doesn’t matter. That does NOT matter! Something that people here just don’t want to acknowledge. Perception. Perception is what sells things. The new iPhone 5 S coming in September is expected. That’s not going to move the needle. And it will probably be a wonderful new iPhone. But it is expected. The new cheaper iPhone which is expected in September may help? But it has been predicted for a long time. Getting into China Mobile should help but the China economy is hurting so not as big a deal this year as it would have been last year. But it should still help. A refreshed iPad Mini and full-size iPad? Nice but not that big of a deal for the market. If Apple were to announce a larger iPhone anytime soon the stock would respond positively. That would move the needle. iTV or some sort of announcement with the studios to enhance the AppleTV? Yup. That’s a game changer too. But on a day when stocks are up and some up a lot, AAPL is down. Even more. I would be cautious investing in AAPL at this point. Just because a stock is down doesn’t mean that eventually it’s going to run up again. I know that’s difficult for some here to comprehend but it’s true. History has taught us that. Apple is not the first great company to come along. History is full of failed investors who did not use common sense. It’s one thing to buy everything that Apple makes and love them all. It’s another thing to put your hard earned money into something that is dropping this long. No one is forcing people to put money (or kept them from getting out) into AAPL yet all I see here is people complaining. There are alternatives. There are other options for investing. There are other stocks out there. Hundreds and hundreds of stocks. Quality stocks. You would think that after 9+ months that the bitching and moaning would subside as these investors eventually pull their money out and put it to work someplace that would be profitable? Practically everything went up from January through May. To not have participated in that is inexcusable. And stupid.

            1. “History is full of failed investors who did not use common sense”. Yep, in other words, people who didn’t analyse the businesses they were about to buy shares in. It makes me laugh here at the frenzy of ANALyst comments, when these people they refer to are actually journalists. The real analysts I know don’t write articles for the media, but work for banks, brokers and large investors. Anyone with AAPL shares is hopefully an analyst. Depending how good they are as analysts, they’ll be happy with where the share price is, or not.

  1. Apple will get slammed with this “tool” – actually, the Maps debacle was the first clear view that Wall Street had into the weakness of Tim Cook. It’s just gotten worse since then and AAPL investors are left with incalculable losses. Surely an uprising is in the works – as in barbarians at the gate to Cupertino.

    1. What’s that irritating whining, buzzing noise? A mosquito, Canadian Black Fly, Tsetse Fly?
      No, it’s that even more pervasive pest Jay Morrison.
      Please Jay, for the sake of everyone on here’s sanity, piss off!

  2. I gave up submitting corrections in Maps. They’d screw up the corrections so I’d re-submit and they’d screw it up again or revert to the original errors. It’s just shameful how bad the database is because otherwise, I really like the UI.

    1. Many police and traffic cameras are either temporary, or in vans designed to move from one ‘black-spot’ to another, from one day to another, so that would be utterly pointless.

  3. I would love for apple to write in code to where you can make a movie out of the 3-d city maps. zoom in, rotate, zoom back out…..quicktime movie. the news organizations would have a field day with this!

  4. I like the iOS maps App, however the quality of the information on the maps if you leave the US and European countries is sometimes 30 years old!
    That Apple paid for 30 years old maps information leaves me baffled. No wonder Forstall was axed…

    For instance if you go to Beira (a city in the coast of Mozambique, in Africa) you will find that the street names are from 1974 when it was still a portuguese colony. There realy is no excuse for Apple to be using 39 years old map data. Even the openstreetmap maps data is better that Apple in that part of the world, and I’m sure that there are not that many openstreetmap users in mozambique.

    If you dont belive me I can upload a screen capture…

    Please Apple, if you need help with maps out of the US, call me, i’m an unemployed geographer, if you dont know my number ask the NSA as I’m not from the US and so it’s ok to spy on me 😉

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