Facebook to unveil Instagram video-sharing service, source says

“Facebook Inc, operator of the largest social network, plans to unveil video-sharing tools, bringing its Instagram into closer competition with Twitter Inc., a person with knowledge of the matter said,” Brian Womack reports for Bloomberg.

“Facebook is holding a briefing today at 10 a.m. local time at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California,” Womack reports. “The video tool would vie with Twitter’s Vine, an application that lets users share brief video clips and ranks among the most popular applications for Apple Inc.’s iPhone.”

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Womack reports, “Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg is adding products and services in a push to step up sales growth.”

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  1. I rarely go there now. Once a week maybe even two weeks. Same people posting duck face shots so that they orgasm when a comment says your beautiful or hot even though you look like a dork, pics when they were 20 and hot but they are really 50-60-70 years old today and looks like nothing from those shots, narcissistic materialistic pictures of the latest purchase, I love myself, Jesus will save you, Support this and that, Check out my new squeeze, Check out what my squeeze bought me, I hate this person, I hate this group, Democrats are evil, Republicans are evil, Why are you gay there is something wrong with them, Why are you straight there is something wrong with them, If you love your daughter post this, if you love your son post this……on and on and on and on for all the world to see…just STFU please!!!!LOL

  2. If it’s better at avoiding/blocking pornography that is easily accessible and easy to stumble upon throughout the Vine video app from Twitter, then this will be a big advantage for this app by Instagram/Facebook.

  3. It’s funny these days everyone has to hold
    A stupid press conference ala Apple style for every little bit if info they want to share. Who really cares about a new ugly plastic Samsung phone… For some reason they manage to drag the entire journalist community to a venue to present their crap. I find that totally amazing. Apple is one thing, but who cares about a new Samsung phone, a new phone from HTC that will be old in a month. Who cares about some Facebook video thing… Sadly they are all aping after Apple successful concept and the journalist community is eating it up.

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