Apple wins Cannes Grand Prix award for iPad mini print campaign

“Apple’s iPad Mini campaign by TBWA Media Arts Lab won the Grand Prix in press, a category that the tablet once seemed designed to kill but now is offering what jury president Marcello Serpa described as redemption by enabling readership of print products,” Laurel Wentz reports for Advertising Age.

“Each of five print ads features a different magazine’s cover at the left, and the same cover within an iPad Mini at the right, with a small Apple logo and the tiny words iPad Mini at the bottom,” Wentz reports. “The covers, from real issues of Time, Surfer, Wired, the New Yorker and Wallpaper, are stunning.”

Wentz reports, “Marcello Serpa, partner and chief creative officer of Almap BBDO, Sao Paulo, and an art director, presided over a category he loves. ‘Print is a magical medium, inside a frame,’ he said. ‘If an idea is there, it pops up. There’s no case video, no music… [Apple’s campaign] has a kind of guerrilla feeling,’ Mr. Serpa said. ‘It’s a product that goes inside the media and says I’m going to kill you, [then] I’m going to save you. Let’s embrace. It’s redemption.'”

Read more in the full article here.


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