Apple, Amazon fail to settle ‘Appstore’ dispute ahead of August trial

“Discussions between Apple and Amazon have so far failed to resolve the two companies’ dispute over Amazon’s use of the term ‘Appstore,’ and the tech giants appear more likely than ever to face each other in court come August,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“Lawyers for the two firms have been in discussions to resolve the dispute since a judge ordered them to do so in January,” Bostic reports. “Those discussions include a 45-minute phone call on June 14 and an all-day meeting on May 1.”

Bostic reports, “At issue is Amazon’s use of the term Appstore, which Apple says is too close its own App Store. Apple filed suit in 2011, asserting that Amazon’s term violated Apple’s trademark. ”

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  1. Amazon did the Samsung BS MO. Copy Apple just enough so that it looks similar, sounds similar but spelled differently or slightly shaped differently. So Amazon can brag that they didn’t copy Apple at all. Too bad there are too many idiots on the planet to actually believe Amazon and side with them.

  2. It is amazing how many companies continue the trends of Microsoft from 20 years ago. Steal, copy, and put your name on it. SO – all my fellow Apple shareholders, quit bitching about what Apple is doing with all their cash. They are building stores, data centers, offices, factories and PROTECTING themselves from the Samesongs and Amaclones of the world.

    1. Companies don’t steal, people do and those in positions to make decisions. Management always knows and doesn’t give a shit.

      I’m going to open an online store called Amazons. Think Amazon and their management will care? Haha

  3. Amazon should just give it up really. They gain nothing by this but it destroys for Apple. All other App markets have different names. I don’t see why they are fighting this. Is it some principle thing? Common. Don’t be such a trouble maker…

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