WWDC: How Apple won back our hearts; Cupertio can still generate irrational lust out of thin air

“‘For a company that was never gone, Apple sure is back.’ So tweeted technology entrepreneur Aaron Levie. Spoiler alert: on Monday at WWDC, Apple won back the majority of our hearts at The App Business,” Daniel Joseph writes for The Guardian.

“Apple has been heftily criticised for its failure to take wild moon shots like Google’s self-driving cars. But Apple’s message was clear – its gift to the world isn’t going to be a stream of wild experiments,” Joseph writes. “Apple’s gift to the world is a platform that lets you – the developer community – take the moonshots yourselves, at low cost, and with the chance of incredible reward. That’s why the first demo on Monday wasn’t by Apple. It was by a relatively small studio which had developed its own self-driving cars which run on iOS.”

Joseph writes, “Forget the icon design hoo-ha. The breakthrough here is how Ive is constructing an experience in which the software and hardware work in perfect harmony. A device on which the customer doesn’t separate the hardware and software experience. How’s he doing this? Ive and his refreshed user interface (UI) now consider the phone as a singular object, with a universal law of physics governing its hardware and software. The phone now consists of panes of content, stacked vertically, that can come to the top and into view. He’s added translucency to the panes not for design flourish, but to give you a sense of location. And he’s added parallax effects so that the UI moves as you move the hardware, in perfect harmony. Even the apps now run to the screen edges to erode that division between hardware and software.”

“Ive is clearly working towards a vision of a device that is simply a singular pane of glass that really is just all content,” Joseph writes. “This is an awesome vision for app developers on a mission to create delightful, engaging experiences.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. “Forget the icon design hoo-ha.”

    Nice try. Steve Jobs artistic vision debuted with Mac OSX. I’ve killed it. Thin, girly, pastel clip art icons are a step backward.

    Classic option upgrade button, Apple.

    1. @GoeB
      Presuming you even have a business at all, please post your url so we can have a look at your no doubt wonderful sense of design.

      P.S. It’s interesting that one of the few “criticisms” of the design is the simple, name calling word… girly.

      1. Just using an emotive, name-calling word is not a “criticism”.

      2. What kind of attitude presumes “manly” equals proper, right and good and “girly” equals bad?

      1. So your saying anyone who is constructively critical of Apple is an instant troll.

        And forget I have been using Apple computers consistently since the 1980s.

        Asswipe? My, my I’m so impressed with your maturity and decorum.

        Sent from my iPhone.

        1. @GoeB

          Interesting how quick you attempt to reposition yourself as a solid, intelligent, mature, objective critic even falling on boasting your time as an Apple user hoping to bolster (AKA your failed attempt to convince the readers here) your house of cards foundation.

          Just because you have Apple products (for a day or decades) doesn’t mean you’re not a sexist limited thinking progress-phobe

  2. I personally think people are too preoccupied with icon colors and such and should look at the whole picture. I really don’t care what colors are used. I’m more concerned with usability and performance. I can’t wait to install ios 7 on my phone. I think it’s a very ambitious and step forward, great job Apple!!!!!

    1. Agreed. The functional changes to iOS are getting glossed over because everyone is just seeing new icons and a “white out” OS.

      Once again, people need to reserve judgment for when they actually use and experience iOS 7, unlike most of these hacks writing today.

      1. Your right, I am not eloquent.

        Not a troll and still have the Mac Lisa in the original packing.

        My comments are constructive criticism.

        Get real blind lemming.

          1. Must not have been much of a friend if you’re here spreading your stupidity during the funeral service. How did he die, choke to death on your bullshit?

        1. Dude… You need to get a life and a sustainable sense of self. Having material “things” which by definition are external to one’s true self, be it beloved Apple products or other wise, doesn’t instill you into the “Visionary’s Book of Life.”

          Great! So you have a Lisa (surprising for a girly-phobe)! If that is what defines you, gives you relevance, sense of importance that is truly sad.

          Last I heard… morals, character, benevolence, altruism, education, NON-MATERIALISM, spiritualism, non-sexism, flexibility, out-of-the-box thinking, humility (among others) where what upstanding credible women and men where made of and how to be judged.

          You’ve shot yourself in the foot enough times now that your up to your knee. While I don’t like to resort to name calling as a quick shot to characterize, but sometimes a troll is a troll is a troll, especially when one’s self imposed recto cranial inversion leaves no other choice.

    1. Excellent comments, GoeB – and I like that you don’t let ’em get away with the sophomoric, throw away, “troll” label. The lemmings in these parts have no other response to anyone who isn’t a lemming.

      1. You do realize that lemmings don’t run around in herds and jump over cliffs, en mass, into the sea?

        You may just be stupid enough to believe it’s true.

      2. I find it funny that whenever someone bad mouths Apple, people rise up to challenge the bad-mouther, whereupon they are called fanbois, and the the troll drags out some ridiculous snippet of info that is meant to prove that they are true Apple users, just not blind ones etc etc. In the case GoeB/unregistered coward, he would have us believe he is such a long time Apple user hat he has a Mac Lisa (sic) still in its box. I will need to put on my hip waders to walk thru his ‘comments’

        1. When I put my ‘Lisa’ up for sale on eBay, I’ll let you know.

          You know nothing about me and same to you.

          Yes, you truly are a macaholic. Blind in your devotion, eyes wide shut when almighty Apple blunders. iOS 7 redesign is a gay, girly look paper thin, washed out in pastels. Uninspiring, linear clip art look going back over 100 years. You just don’t see it and your habitual addiction duly noted.

          You resort to calling me childish names and questioning my devotion to Apple. Whatever, you have no idea.

          1. @GoeB
            Ah, so now you have added “gay” to your supposed “criticism”, i.e. “girly”. Sure nailed it there!

            In addition to learning what an APPLE Lisa is, you also need to learn what “constructive criticism” means. A useful model is:
            – Name the specific behavior you’d like to change.
            – Ask for a specific and concrete change.
            – Explain why you are asking for that change, in terms of how that will be better.

            Name-calling and “because I say so” don’t qualify.

            1. The new look is unappealing, at least to yours truly, and I don’t think it is visually superior or more advanced than Steve’s lush illustrative vision now tossed in the dustbin of history,

              I have no problem with leather stitching, felt, linen and wood representational designs that are universally understood by all ages and add richness.

              I do have a problem with new designs that require a learning curve and in some cases are unrecognizable.

              Thin fonts do not advance reading comprehension and seniors will have a problem.

              Design is fickle, goes around and comes around and the new look is just the flavor of the moment heavily borrowed from the graphic design past.

              We’re really talking taste here. Whether you prefer modern art or realistic art like the old masters.

              Suggest Apple offers customization of icons and fonts at upgrade time. Modern look or classic look. Thin fonts or thick fonts.

              Everyone is happy and has CHOICE. From grizzled old tavern farts like me to teenage girls.

              What’s wrong with that?

            2. @GoeB
              re “What’s wrong with that?

              There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Your opinion, concretely, straightforwardly and clearly stated. No inflammatory name-calling. No overt or implied insults. Very different from some of what you wrote above. Great!

            3. You seem like an earnest sort, and I’m willing to admit I may have overlooked the importance of the colour palette issue. So, because you responded in detail, I’ve decided to take a closer look at it, rather than neglecting such UI factors in favour of my own concerns which emphasised usability. I understand now that usability spans a broader spectrum than I had considered in my singular focus.

      3. Refreshing response @Jay Morrison and thanks for seeing it as it really is.

        Childish, knee-jerk responses and vulgar name calling posts do not concern me. Apple losing its mind concerns me!

  3. “”Does it deserve to exist?” Wow. That’s a pretty brutal question, a brutal filter for what gets signed off at Apple. And it’s a pretty sweet question to ensure you focus on the stuff that matters. Ask it the next time you review, curate and cull ideas.”

  4. Stupid article. AAPL down a lot every day since Tim’s WWDC show. Very mixed reviews of iOS7 estrogen version. Sir Jony just trying to please Tim so he made it look like him. Sad.

    1. Jay, you’re a moron. AAPL goes down after every WWDC, every big announcement, etc. etc. If you can’t take it, sell and get out so we can stop seeing your whiny posts.

  5. What a crock. The iPhone still has a crippled file system that treats the user like an idiot.

    No you can only transfer 1 file at a time we don’t trust you with more than that.

    Let’s force all the computer users to keep all their computer files with the apps and watch the complete collapse of computing.

    Apple has their head up their ass.

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