Apple website mistake reveals alternative iOS 7 icons, with tweaks to Weather, Passbook, and more

“Apple has quietly changed some of the icons on its official iOS 7 website, making notable changes to the Weather, Passbook, and Reminders apps,” Michael Steeber reports for 9to5Mac. “iOS 7′s icons, which have been subject to much scrutiny and disapproval from various designers, have been one of the largest complaints about iOS 7 so far.”

“The icons, which can currently only be viewed on Apple’s site using a mobile device, most notably show a completely redesigned weather app icon, ditching the clouds and sun found in the current iOS 7 beta, in favor of the live temperature, something users have been waiting for for years,” Steeber reports. “Aside from Weather, Passbook has received the largest change, losing it’s orange card in favor of a more muted green color scheme, with additional subtle details on the card edges.”

Read more, and see the changes, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I’m sure you hated those candy-ass, fruit-flavoured iMacs that Apple replaced ugly beige boxes with too. I like the simplicity of the new icons, and clear colours to make them stand out. What’s the matter, afraid that having people see your phone with them on will somehow threaten your masculinity? A real man wouldn’t give a shit…

  1. I do t think these are alternative icons nor improvements. If anything I would say these were prior versions that were refined. It doesn’t make sense to have two greens in the pass ok icon so the changed one to orange. The age old weather icon has always shown 72 or 73 degrees so that was more likely the new version which got junked in favor of the clouds, but there is no evidence the number deals with live weather info, beyond one’a own wants for it. And the fact that those “new” or “alternate” icons have grid marks/guides in them further support that they are just early drafts of what they could be before they were solidified as the ones we all seen in the keynote.

  2. What a total design disaster ! The newly revealed iOS 7 is amateurish and juvenile. The pastel colour scheme looks like a Hallmark card for adolescents. Or a bag of chocolate Easter eggs. It is embarrassingly ugly – so much so that unless they have an option to customize the colour scheme, I will bypass this atrocity as I do not wish to pollute my visual field with this childish dribble.

  3. I’m going to wade in here & risk being voted down for not towing the Party Line 😉

    The icons are a silly change. The originals looked like works of 3d-ish art that only got better with retina technology. These new ones … well, they look dumbed down & pointless, especially vis a vis the capabiities of the retina display.

    The new system-wide font also doesn’t do it for me – it’s too thin & can be hard to see vs. the original font in some instances. Again, it seems like change for the sake of it, not for the need of it, and that actually loses some functionality & attractiveness vs. what came before.

    I do like the lack of skeumorphism in the apps. Forstall was wrong. And I also like that some of the usability advancements I’ve seen. That needed to happen if for no other reason than to keep up with the competition. I also love the 3d effect of the background/icon foreground – it’s a nice piece of eye-candy that Jobs would have gone gaga over.

    However, I have to say it; the overall look of this iOS7 pre-release shows me that Jonny Ives by himself is no savior for Apple. In fact, what this pre-release seems to prove is that Ives needs Jobs as much as Jobs needed Ives – they clearly moderated or altered each others’ worst tendencies. Specifically, Ives does the whole ‘Thin, Light, Simple’ thing to excess here, and I believe Jobs wouldn’t have allowed it to go as far as it did, particularly with the icons, with a better end result.

    Listen, when iPhone debuted, and even (perhaps especially) when it had Android competition, every lay-person I ever showed it to immediately noted how the thing just exuded quality. The retina displays only intensified this reaction. And we all know it’s the icons & typeface that were/are the obvious first things people see when handling the device.

    So, before everyone gets too crazy & defensive in manning the barricades for Apple reflexively (‘Poor, sweet, brilliant Jonny MUST be protected!’), no one should dismiss how integral the look & feel cultivated by Apple – under Jobs – was/is to evoking the feel good reactions most get from handling an iOS device. That reaction comes from a potential consumer’s very first impressions of the device. All other usability issues aside, right now the effect is much less ‘impactful’ than before because of the changes to the icons & the font. Like it or not, the iPhone with iOS7 is VERY ‘me too’ vis a vis the competition, and that can’t be good.

    So, I could be wrong, but I think these seemingly superficial changes are going to have outsized effects on iOS’s place in the market.

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