Jony Ive is the new Steve Jobs: Positively mind-blowing iOS 7 stirs Apple-envy yet again

“Responses to Apple’s newly reupholstered iOS 7 software have been mixed — personally, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet — but one thing seems certain: iOS 7 made Apple exciting again,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“Among those who were thoroughly impressed by Apple’s work was Bob Lefsetz, an acclaimed music industry critic and consultant who, from time to time, offers commentary on the technology industry as well,” Epstein writes. “Following Apple’s iSO 7 unveiling on Monday, Lefsetz issued a very enthusiastic note to subscribers of his newsletter, going as far as to call iOS 7 a “positively mind-blowing” effort that will make Apple cool again.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s been cool ever since Steve retook the reins as iCEO.

Epstein writes, “Lefsetz wrote in Tuesday morning’s edition of The Lefsetz Letter, ‘With Steve gone… With Scott gone… Jony Ive can take control. Jony Ive is the new Steve Jobs. And rather than being cautious, resting on his laurels, Jony Ive has completely redesigned iOS7 to make it so cool, once it’s launched Apple-envy will be prevalent once again, with every iPhone owner showing off how cool it is.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: You don’t have to have a CEO title to lead the company. Steve Jobs led Apple at the beginning and he was never CEO until he returned over a decade later for his second try.

Since Jobs returned to lead Apple, every Apple shareholder, employee, and avid company watcher has asked themselves this question at some point, “whither Steve Jobs?”

Pixar has John Lasseter and a crop of young, talented directors to carry on post-Steve. But, who will lead Apple? Is Steve grooming someone, yet? Is it too early to worry about it? And what about that bus, God forbid?

I mean, come on, we all lived through the Scully, Spindler, and Amelio years; Apple barely did. On the face of it, the closest Apple has to a successor-in-grooming is Phil Schiller. No offense, Phil, but the RDF hasn’t rubbed off. Leading Apple is a very tricky proposition. Only one man so far has pulled it off successfully. Twice. The key ingredients seem to be a quest for perfection, a passion for the technology and the company, and the ability to relate Apple’s ideas to the world with style. Jobs is truly the charismatic force that propels Apple forward in the face of tremendous odds.

Right now, it looks like Apple’s best hope, and a very good one at that, is Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Vice President of Industrial Design, the London Design Museum’s “2003 Designer of the Year,” and chief designer of the original and current iMacs, iPods, iBooks, PowerBooks, Power Mac G5, and more. He seems to work well with the engineers responsible for the hardware. He is obviously a meticulous genius. And he has “that certain something” which, importantly, comes across on camera and in person… Could we be watching Steve Jobs’ successor?SteveJack, “What happens when Steve Jobs dies?” – August 20, 2003


  1. “Jony Ive is the new Steve Jobs: Positively mind-blowing iOS 7 stirs Apple-envy yet again”

    What a stupid tabloidish title — as expected from BGR. Ive was Ive even before Jobs. But he did not yet express the abilities — nor desire — for the scope Jobs was engaged in. No one, for now, can replace Jobs, and it may not be a tragedy at all if Timothy Cook will manage the talents well.

      1. Even Steve Jobs admitted it was a team effort atApple and he couldn’t have done it without them. Ives just happens to have had a lot of the same design taste as Steve Jobs (and Tim Cook is not a designer) and possible BETTER taste than Jobs since Jobs didn’t rein in Forstall’s skeumorphic stuff enough. On the other hand it was an evolution from trying something and then moving to something else which I think Jobs would have approved had he lived.

        1. And Steve Jobs was not a designer. He could not articulate what he wanted but he knew it when he saw it. It was Ive’s designs that Jobs liked. Apple’s products, IMO, has been Ive’s creations. Steve was just the CEO that said no, no, no, no and then yes. And Steve was the showman on stage that loved technology and had a vision.

          Tim Cook needs to keep the seats on deck straight, keep the ship afloat, and let others do what they do best. We saw a new Apple yesterday and Apple is far from sunk.

          Regardless what old timers think of iOS7, what counts is what the next generation thinks of iOS7.

          And the new MacPro is pure genius. Nothing but PCB’s and a heatsink. Talk about margins. Yikes!

      2. Federighi was clearly excited about what he was doing and the results of Mavericks and iOS 7. I think he’ll take both to much higher levels in the next couple of years too.

        1. I’m very excited that Craig is running Mac OS as well as iOS. Can’t wait to see how much more the two OSes are integrated with losing the distinct advantages of the two form factors.

    1. Fair enough. I agree that Ive could not replace the broad range of contributions Jobs.

      However, I think iOS7’s approach as a whole is clearly in line with how Jobs thought. Focusing the design on simplicity, aesthetic beauty, functionality, ease of use. Their tastes may be different, but that is where Ive had to not ask what Jobs would do and only express his taste. I think he has done that wonderfully and in a manner worthy of comparison to Jobs.

      1. While I agree that Jobs felt this way, I think it’s even more about Jony Ive’s design vision and his very strong belief in simplicity is better and more beautiful. Which is why Apple is in such good hands, especially when combined with Federighi and Cook running the operations side.

  2. We shall see when iOS 7 is actually available.

    The control center is worth the price of admission. Better maps is a necessity of course. Better Siri operation looks promising (but I wish she could “read my last email to me”).

    The “flat” look and redesigned icons? meh. That seems to be change for the sake of change. We’ll see if it affects productivity one way or the other. OTOH, if the press doesn’t see any visual changes, they argue that “Apple has lots its innovative edge” so I suspect the visual changes where needed so we could read articles like this one.

    1. Siri may well be able to read e-mail too, we will just ahve to see. I think you underestimate the design changes. And anyway with all of the fussbudgetty naysayers around no changes to anything Apple or Android will get universal approval these days. Too many disingenuous or agenda driven individuals thinking they know best are running around.

      1. i agree with C++
        the choice of direction; the style and sensitivity only reflects Apple was influenced by its competitors

        white text on light cyan is almost as bad as black on black

  3. Hate it, and I hate to say that. Seeing it and using it are very different experiences. I really dislike the wireframe icons and there is no contrast between UI chrome and content causing it to blend together too much. I think they have taken this idea too far. Google’s flat design UI is superior imho.

      1. That’s nice to hear. I’ll hold off my evaluation until I get a chance to try it out first hand. You are one of the very few who actually knows what it looks like at this point. Funny how everyone else here has made up their mind that it’s beautiful or ugly. And they haven’t you seen it firsthand! As I’ve said before, objective viewpoints are difficult to find on this site. People make up their minds that everything is perfect or nothing is right regarding Apple in advance. Fanboys and Apple haters. Simply different ends of the spectrum. They never think for themselves. Nice to hear that you like it, I can’t wait to try it out

    1. Once again this just means that it will be super successful as in everytime they come out with a product everyone says they don’t like once they get it in their hands they fall in love and realize how much better it is than they thought..

    2. MacMental, I have a feeling that this will look much better in person that it did on the webcast or in photos. Those don’t allow for the depth that I believe iOS 7 will provide.

  4. Let’s face it – Apple is dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. If they did not refresh iOS, the media would complain about that. Now that they have refreshed iOS, some are complaining that it looks too much like Windows 8 and Android.

  5. Apple is a beautiful daughter-in-law was being jealous by harsh-ugly-old-mother-in-law who is always complains her daughter in-law never being good enough for my son. Smile :).

  6. Lefsetz tries so hard to stay up-to-the-minute it’s a little embarrassing that he gets so many things wrong. Nobody was floored by any of the announcements Apple made yesterday. What I saw was a giant corporation acting cowardly by continuing to draw in the margins. Nothing they announced yesterday is a truly new way of thinking about iOS or OSX. It all feels like just enough, rather than extraordinary. Apple is in a lull right now but hopefully in a few years they’ll come back and be dazzling again. Does anybody care about the tiny spec bumps to the Air? Jony Ive may have been working on the iOS but Apple is misapplying his talents. The iPhone, iPad and Macbooks and Air are all growing stale while he’s playing around with fonts. Jesus, the iPhone hasn’t had anything exciting happen to it in 3 years. New colors and fonts on the screen is like putting a new dress on the same old lady.

    1. So you think Apple should be able to completely revolutionize iOS every 2-3 years? That’s just stupid. Where would that leave developers and iOS users? Stuck buying new devices, learning a new OS, and lacking backward compatibility?

      As for the iPhone hardware, what do you want? A slim film screen that wraps around your forearm? Apple shoes with dual screens on the tops? How about the iBrain, a direct plug in to your cranium? Get real.

      1. It’s ‘distraction addiction’ – for some people, it’s like a video game, or sudoku: once they figure out how it works, they’re over it & go buy something else. If this individual even has an iOS device, s/he likely collects phones and will switch from one to the other anytime anyone updates something.

        At which point, they’ll bitch about how easy it was to figure out, and distract themselves w/ the search for the Next Big Distraction….

    2. I must have missed Steve Jobs completely changing OS X every couple of years. I was under the impression it had been gradually revised since inception.

    3. It may be that “nobody” was floored, but I noticed a spontaneous standing ovation for something or other at the keynote…I’ll need to go back and view the video the next time I’m bored. Which is now.

  7. I think Tim Cook is getting his talent in place to do what they do best, and with Jony Ive that is letting him run the vision part of Apple. Cook’s strengths are in the supply chain and manufacturing, and organization, but he is obviously smart enough to let his people run with their areas. Craig was very obviously excited to reveal Mavericks and iOS 7, and it was clear that he is as eager to lose green felt as anyone.

    After yesterday’s keynote, and considering that the iOS overhaul really only took about 8 months for that complete revamp, I’m very excited that Apple will have some fantastic and revolutionary products coming out in the next 6 mo. to 2 years.

    1. I thought Craig was particularly good yesterday. Enthusiastic about the product, knew what he was going to say and do, and confident enough to play off the audience reaction. He’s really stepped up to offer something of what Steve did during these events. Jony is a great designer, but he’s by no means the Steve Jobs in this regard and wouldn’t want to be.

  8. My initials, not trying to be cute.

    I think Tim Cook said it best during the keynote, user’s will feel like they have a new phone. That is how i felt when IOS6 was released. At no cost to me, new features and capability, especially Maps, and other things. That is how i look forward to IOS7 when available.

    I watched the keynote live and thought that both IOS7 and IOSX both had been enhanced with many new and useful features. Apple lost it’s mojo, not a chance. A little patience and all will be rewarded.

    The Mac pro looks outstanding. I hope it the pros will appreciate what Apple has done. No confinement with an enclosure which can be maxed out, but endless configurability externally.

  9. There are many functional improvements in iOS 7 which of course are welcomed, but the appearance with flat icons, thin fonts and overall windows 8 style interface is plain ugly. It causes eye strain if you look at your phone for more than 30 seconds. I hate the graphics and uninstalled it as soon as I figured out how.

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