CNNMoney: With iOS 7, Apple gets its mojo back

“The new update to the iPhone and iPad operating system is much more than just a fresh veneer. Beyond its flattened user interface that no longer tries to mimic real-life textures, you’ll find that iOS has been rethought as much as its been redesigned,” Adrian Covert reports for CNNMoney.

“Every core app that Apple includes with iOS has been given a facelift. In many cases, those apps have been newly conceived,” Covert reports. “New features like Control Center, which lets you quickly tweak settings, appears ripped straight from Google. A new card metaphor for app switching first appeared on the ill-fated Palm Pre in 2009. In iOS 7, every app will have the ability to run in the background and update itself without user interaction, just like Android. And the daily agenda view in Notification Center very much feels like a response to Google Now.”

Covert reports, “Still, these much-needed, overdue changes address some substantial problems that had been plaguing iOS for years. Just because Apple didn’t think up these ideas doesn’t mean that iOS isn’t better for employing them, and adopting the better parts of its competition only helps to accentuate Apple’s undeniable strengths, such as its app ecosystem. And even if they’re less pronounced, Apple still showed off some new innovations in iOS 7. Apple didn’t just go ‘flat’ with its new user interface — it went one step further than what Android and Windows Phone have been doing. Apple skillfully used layers and translucency to re-introduce a sense of depth to iOS.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple has finally put Jelly Bean on the iPhone? No, they just ripped off some of JB’s features. Still missing widgets and a whole lot of other Jelly Bean goodness. But I guess Apple has to save some things for IOS 8. Besides, by next year Key Lime Pie will be out and offer Apple a lot more stuff to steal.

    1. m42,

      Everything android is stolen from Apple. Without Apple, Google would have been copying BB.

      Jelly bean, ice cream sandwich, lime, sludge or whatever silly android name is always going to be sad mimicry of Apple.

  2. Apple never lost its “MoJo”, Apple quietly moves along and let’s the polyester clad wannabes provide entertainment for them. All the while they are clueless to the entertainment value they provide Apple. It is close to watching an SNL for Apple.

  3. here’s a timeline..

    1) Apple reinvents the phone, a complete paradigm shift, ushering in the touch computing revolution.
    2) Google slavishly copies the paradigm, stabbing Apple in the back, and having the advantage of going second, comes up with a couple of nice tweaks.
    3) Apple, rightfully so, grabs those tweaks, the ones that make sense.
    4) Google fanboys across the nation shout, “APPLE IS TEH COPYCATS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. I’m just getting started with the beta, and already I can say that it is WONDERFUL. Lots of little flourishes here and there that are not immediately noticed, and the new features are great.

    I have of course, already found quite a few bugs, but this thing is already VERY polished – I’m very impressed.

    Also, it seems… snappier. 😉 Seriously, it already seems much faster.

    This is only going to get better folks…

    1. I too am running the beta. One of the most amazing things Apple did with this is create depth to a flat interface. Anyone running the beta do this… Go to wallpaper and select one of your panoramas from the choices. As you move the screen moves in the same direction across the panorama. That is incredible. Shows the graphics prowess of the platform.

  5. As quoted many times by Steve Jobs himself, Pablo Picasso said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” There is nothing wrong with taking ideas from other platforms and making them better. A LOT better.

  6. New fonts do not really equal new mojo except for the casual users. The iPhone hardware is growing stale while Jony fools around with excessively bright colors. Get that man back in the design lab where he belongs. All the updates yesterday feel a little meh to me today as I’ve gotten my hands on the beta.

  7. I have been using wifi on the Mac since it became available. To me, introduction of the ac standard is HUGE, and I checked with my Ottawa Rideau Apple store and they tell me the new Airport Extreme has not arrived, but I intend to get one as soon as it does. The new MacBook Air introduced is 811ac wifi compatible, and this puts in my shortlist. It seems that the media haven’t a clue nor have I yet seen a comment pertaining to this newly updated wifi aspect of the product line. And it seems obvious that the new IOS7 will require the next iPhone and Pad to be ac compatible, and the speed gain will be a big plus. Doubtless Apple had to be careful not to point out the obsolescence factor in all its products that are not as yet ac compatible. Perhaps that is why the hush hush approach to promoting the new Extremes….

  8. I just put in my on line order for the new Airport Extreme, and am considering a new MacBook Air. I see both devices as a major product announcement and as for IOS7, if this had been seen as a bust, well that would have been AAPL negative in the Extreme, but instead it got a well-deserved standing ovation. I had been afraid that Scott Forstall’s departure would have been disastrous, but clearly Not So.And the new capability to turn an iPhone or iPad into a brick for the apple pickers out there, this is also huge. As for an updated iPhone, I would like to see it come with a neckstrap, just like the original ipod Shuffle. Apparently there is nothing available as yet for the iPhone5. For me, it would be hi-tech to have a neck strap so the phone could be worn. With video on, it could provide a useful traffic and accident recorder while out driving with the other lunatics.

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