What Apple needs to fix in OS X 10.9

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown really frustrated with my iMac, MacBook Air and my MacBook Pro,” Roberto Baldwin writes for Wired. “These magical computers I use to make movies, write music, edit my 12-megapixel photographs, document every scrap of my life and create publications that can be read by millions of people — they’re not magical enough.”

I want them to do more,” Baldwin writes. “I want them to work better. I want them to not be broken.”

These are the things that need fixing. Your move, Apple:

• Mail
• iTunes
• iPhoto
• AirDrop
• App Uninstaller
• Save As
• Contacts
• Spaces
• iCloud Storage (Or Just Add Integrated DropBox Support)

Read about each of the bullet points above in the full article here.


  1. ‘Save as’ is the biggest issue as its so obvious.
    Then there is iTunes. Why do I have to always search the whole store for an App?? Why can’t I search within an Apps category?

    1. I hate when I go from my Snow Leopard Mac Pro to my Mountain Lion iMac and work on any picture forgetting when it automatically saves the changes instead of letting me save it as a new file when I want to. I must duplicate it first to an editable version or suffer changes to the original file. How is that functionality in the least bit helpful or useful? HATE it.

      1. SAVE AS —— Click “Save AS” and immediately start typing new name

        DUPLICATE —–Click “Duplicate” and immediately start typing new name.

        How the fuck does it not do the same thing? How the fuck are they not not equivalent?

        1. The point is that if there were a save as, and no auto save, we wouldn’t have to do anything at all. Just open the file and run. And when you’re ready hit save as at the end and boom — two files.

          1. Wrong!

            To save a different filename (to the one you have open) using SAVE AS you need to at least……..

            1. type the new file name.
            2. click at least once.
            3. press return or click one more time.

            To save a different filename (to the one you have open) using DUPLICATE is EXACTLY THE SAME!

    1. Good point Macinfo. I gave a talk about Windows 8.1 beta this past Monday. There’s nothing like raking through Microsoft crapware to make you love a Mac.

      Nonetheless, it is the sacred 😉 duty of ever Mac user to express their personal vision of PERFECTION and to let Apple know it. That’s how real progress and innovation is created. Sit and settle and nothing changes. Nothing improves. Nothing strives to be better.

      1. iCloud database syncing does not work. At all. You can read more here:


        Contacts, Mail, Calendars, and Notes all work fine, but database sync is broken. Thus the personal finance app I purchased on the Mac App Store, and its corresponding iOS app, are useless to me because they can’t stay in sync.

        I contacted Apple about a refund, but “all sales on the App Store are final.” When I persisted, they gave me 4 iTunes credits. So that makes up for the iOS app, but I’m still out $25 for the Mac App.

  2. At first I was going to reply sarcastically that I’m not frustrated with his iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. But then I pulled up Contacts and looked into his complaint that you can’t send an email, initiate a FaceTime call or send a message from within it. I guess he’s never clicked on the atom that surrounds an email address in Contacts — a menu pops up that reads:
    Send Email
    Send Message
    Send My Card
    Search with Spotlight

    The atom that surrounds a phone number has a pop-up menu that lists:
    Show in Large Type
    Send Message

    Now I suppose this could be that 10.8.4 is doing this on my iMac and maybe he’s still running an earlier version, but then that changes the entire nature of his headline and article, doesn’t it?

    1. Please help:
      I am using Contacts in 10.8.4 but I do not see any atoms around any of the contact information or any other way to send emails, FaceTime, etc. directly out of Contacts…

      Is there a preference that I can’t find that I need to turn on?

      1. In the Contacts app in OS X, go the the person you want to contact, left click on, e.g., ‘mobile’ or ‘phone’ that is shown alongside his telephone number and a list of options will appear. What Jim means by ‘atom’ is the radio button associated with the word ‘mobile’ or ‘phone’ in the Contacts app.

        1. Sorry, old habit. The mail team called them atoms. None of the current documentation (Mail or Contacts) gives them a name. But, BLN, those are not at all radio buttons, just to be clear. A radio button derives from the old station selector buttons on radios: Depressing one caused all the others to become unselected. A current (10.8.4) example of a radio button is System Preferences, General, “Show scroll bars: (•)… ( )… ( )… I have always liked the atom term since it differentiated itself from a simple “field” or “label” which is what Apple help files refer to them as, and those don’t have actions associated with them.

          In response to “atoms?” you can open Contacts and use the Help menu to search for “facetime” and learn how to accomplish this task.

  3. Save As; I understand Apple’s thinking with the changes in Mountain Lion. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work in normal workflow. I seriously hope Apple just bites the bullet and does a U-turn because nothing frustrates more in Mountain Lion than this ill-conceived mess. I will add, for the most part Mountain Lion is a great operating system though.

  4. Dear Apple: Fix TextEdit as well please.

    I maintain a 5-year old MacBook Pro for legacy purposes and have to say that the operating system and apps are SO much better.

    Cleaner, leaner, faster – and best of all, ‘save as’ everywhere.

  5. I hate to admit it, but the response to both Lion and Mountain Lion has made me reluctant to upgrade from Snow Leopard, and I still haven’t. It aint broke… hopefully, there will be a reason to do so soon.

      1. Totally agree, the latter OS which I thought was so good now feels so limited and unsophisticated by comparison. A few glitches that need improving in Mountain Lion and yes ‘save as’ returned but my only real criticism is with iMessage which is great when it works but apart from a friend in OZ I just can’t make it work with anyone on mac or iPad except messages to myself. Then I use Skype and though less elegant will connect with almost anyone with a mobile number. Embarrassing considering who owns the latter.

        1. Mountain Lion is 64 bit whereas Snow Leopard is 32 bit. If you have SSD’s installed in your Mac, the speed difference is quite marked.

          As for iMessage, ensure you have done the following:

          – all OS X and iOS devices are on the same iCloud account which should correspond to a registered Apple ID. The Apple ID is the reference iCloud ID, not your me.com or icloud.com account, if they are not already used as your Apple ID.
          – ensure that you have checked all relevant numbers, including your mobile number and Apple ID and iCloud account in the ‘You can be reached at’ box.
          – ensure that ‘Start new conversations from’ box number (whether mobile phone or Apple ID) is consistent across all your devices.

          If all else fails, uncheck Messages and iMessage from iCloud in all your devices and restart your device. Then gradually add each device into your iCloud enabled Message checkbox.

          1. I call BS.

            Snow Leopard runs 64 bit applications. It also runs in 32-bit mode all the applications that weren’t updated promptly when 10.6 was released, which include not only a lot of 3rd party apps but also _embarrassingly_, Apple’s own iTunes, Front Row, Grapher and DVD Player. Except where planned obsolescence has been implemented, Snow Leopard runs ANY local 64 bit Mac application just well as later bloated 10.7 and 10.8 OSes. NOTHING except frivolous crap that should be application-level “features” has been added to OS X since Cook came aboard. He seems to think everyone’s life revolves around iOS, Facebook, and Twitter. Two of the three are time wasters, and the third one has its less-than-impressive moments too.

            But, BLN, do please show us your proof that Mountain Lion is in any way faster than the lighter, less bloated Snow Leopard on identical hardware.

    1. In my opinion Snow Leo is streets ahead of Mountain Lion. I run Mountain Lion on my iMac and Snow Leo on all my other Macs, and so far I haven’t seen anything that makes me want to upgrade. The lack of color in ML might be useful if you want to concentrate on content, but if you want to do real work then color helps you quickly identify your tools.

      I would wish they deal with some annoying shortcomings (like let me rotate movies in iPhoto or in the finder; let me set an “remind me every 8 weeks that I’m on duty” reminder in calendar, etc).

  6. What has confused me more than once is the dialog you get when you open a document in Pages (for example), but that document was created in something else, like TextEdit. OK, I look at it then close the window… and it says “Do you want to keep the new document ‘XYZ’?” My choices are Delete, Cancel and Save. If I save it I have a new Pages document. I don’t want that. If I Cancel, then it doesn’t close the window. Then there’s “Delete”. Huh? It’s not what a sane person thinks it means. It really means “Do nothing, just close the freakin window like I asked”. It doesn’t delete anything, but more than once I’ve had to stop and reconsider what I just did.

  7. Amen on Mail being on that list. In my experience:

    — Rules do not work consistently when you use Move message as an action

    — Forget templates; they’re brain dead. They never work.

    — Disappearing messages. Mail states “n” messages arriving, but <n actually show up in any mailboxes.

    1. And the old font size issue in Mail.

      This problem could be easily fixed if Apple wanted to. Instead, you have to use Universal mailer app and tweak signature files manually!! Arrrgghh!!

  8. And Messages. Still isn’t right. Just now I’m texting with my son. He sent me a picture that showed up on my iPhone but is totally missing in Messages.

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