Captain Ballmer working hard on rearranging S.S. Microsoft’s deck chairs yet again

“According to sources close to the situation, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is working on what is likely to turn into a significant restructuring of the massive software company, which could also move several current execs to more prominent roles,” Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD.

“Sources noted that the changes — which center on solidifying Microsoft into the “devices and services company” that Ballmer wrote about in his annual shareholder letter last October — are still being worked out, and could still change substantively,” Swisher reports. “But, noted several people close to the situation, the new configuration could include larger roles for several execs, including Satya Nadella, president of its Servers and Tools division; Tony Bates, president of its Skype communications division; and Don Mattrick, president of its Interactive Entertainment division.”

Swisher reports, “How their new and perhaps expanded roles and those of others in top management will shake out is unclear. What seems likely is an organizational structure that will focus on configuring Microsoft around devices and services, both in the enterprise and the consumer space, and simplifying its management.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Conveniently — this being at least the fifth time Captain Ballmer has rearranged the deck chairs, we already had the graphic ready to go:

Captain Ballmer
Captain Ballmer

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dutch Junge” for the heads up.]

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      1. Seems to me that they’ve sort of been trying to turn. But, the Captain Ballmer wasted time first not turning at all, then one way, then the other. Plus, the ship is big and old and just doesn’t turn very well.

        But, that’s all history, I think. Now the questions are how many compartments are flooded, will the pumps be able to keep to ship afloat, and will they be able to fix the hull before the passengers all evacuate and board other ships.

  1. Why are you guys disrespecting the Titanic? That was the worst disaster to happen in the 20th century! Show some respect! My great-grandfather lost his first wife in that disaster. I like this site, but stuff like this and “Hee Haw demographic” can be offensive to those less fortunate.

      1. Well, you could argue that the World Wars, the Great Depression (in the US and worldwide), and the Holocaust and other genocides throughout the world aren’t “disasters” so much as man-made tragedies. Then again, the Titanic should probably also fall under that category, and doesn’t rank very highly amongst them.

        Not saying that references to events like the Titanic should be thrown around casually, or that people shouldn’t be offended. It is pretty low of MDN to say stuff like that. But please get a little perspective.

    1. Robin, I totally agree. My Great Great Great Great Grandpappy died in the Irish Rebellion of 1641 and it drives me crazy whenever I see the mascot for Notre Dame prance around, or the Lucky Charms leprechaun. How dare them make fun of him after only 5 centuries.

    2. Come on everyone. Show some respect. 100 year-old tragedies are no laughing matter.

      It’s so upsetting to think of all the survivors of the Titanic who might be reading this blog today, and having to re-live that horrendous sinking.

    3. Your all a bunch of irreverent, trash talking, foul mouthed, heartless, Cool-Aid guzzling so and so’s.

      And holy crap you can crack me up. With a handle such as mine the Hee Haw crack kinda fits (although I’m in the burbs of the state shaped like a mitten). No offense taken Robin. Hee Haw, hell THAT’S funny!!

    4. Characterizing the MDN commenters as the “Hee Haw demographic”, is offensive to MDN commenters and to the Hee Haw demographic. Show some respect!

      (much sarcasm)

  2. Until MSFT gets rid of its ‘Divisions’ mentality it is going to be the continued victim of compartmental thinking and division fiefdom rivalries, none of which promotes colloboration and/or innovation.

  3. I think MDN’s photoshop work does Ballmy too much credit – he looks rather fetching in the beard and navy uniform, whereas in reality he scares the crap out of me.

  4. Would someone write something to the tune of Gilligan’s Island Theme?

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale
    of a fateful ship…

  5. I remember when I respected Microsoft for Word and Excel. After my college years, I grew to hate them for a while, not sure why though. I remember laughing at their attempts making the OS more secure. I remember looking forward to the next I’m a Mac commercial just to watch the PC flounder. In 10 years, will I even remember Microsoft?

  6. The Captain is the last to jump the ship. I can almost here him mumble “I like our strategy. I like it a lot!”. It will take the ship to the bottom, though.

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