Apple debuts new 16GB iPod touch model for $229

Apple today debuted a new, stripped-down iPod touch model, officially called “iPod touch 16GB Black & Silver,” on their online store and in Apple Retail Stores.

The model, which looks the same as the existing models, offers 16GB of storage, an ultraslim design, 4-inch Retina display, dual-core A5 chip, and Apple EarPods for US$229 and comes only in Black & Silver.

Beyond the one-color offering, differences between this new, stripped-down iPod touch and the previous members of the line include the lack of a 5MP iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording capability and no iPod touch loop in the box. The new iPod touch 16GB Black & Silver does, like all other iPod touches, offer a front-facing FaceTime HD camera with 720p video recording capability.

More info via Apple Store Online here.


  1. Wow, a stripped down iPod. That’s superior innovation Apple! Who says Apple has lost its edge? I can’t wait for Apple to delete more features from existing products.

          1. The trend should be a 32Gb for the price of this 16Gb and then even higher capacity at the top for the same price there. We seem to be stuck now for a long time in these low capacity chips. When is that going to change?

            1. I think its great. Not everyone who gets an ipod touch needs all the extras. You still get the bigger screen and retina display but you lose the camera but you know i know lots of people who have never used the rear camera on the ipod touch. They dont want their ipod as a camera they want it to be a music player and game player. This is something my daughter would go for she doesnt care about the camera. You still get the front camera for facetime and skype if you want.
              I think its great. Its not stripped down though. When i think stripped down i think cheap parts and slower processor less memory. And in the end if you really need the loop you can get them for $9 or you can find aftermarket ones even cheaper.

        1. You’re a moron. Apple did NOT replace ALL iPod touch models with this model. This IS the replacement for the previous low-end gen iPod touch (4th gen model) that Apple continued to sell, after the current 5th gen model was released.

          Now, customers who want the A5 and bigger screen, but don’t care about taking photos and videos, can get this model. I’d rather have this iPod touch than the old A4 model with smaller screen.

    1. It’s $70 cheaper than the 32 gig model and opens up the 4-inch version to a much wider market (such as for my kids, the last of which got stuck with an “older” 3.5 incher because I wasn’t going to drop $300 on something one of my kids plays with).

      I think they’ll move a ton of these, and it’s obviously possible to sell it at this price point because they’ve now mass produced enough of the displays.

      Why does EVERYTHING Apple does have to be an innovation? I can understand that if they actually called in the press to announce this thing that it would be underwhelming, but it’s a quiet update!

    2. I actually like this option. I have three cars with iPod connections. I can fill up a device such as this and keep it in the car (hidden) with a ton of music for road trips. Not a huge expense, and lots of content. I don’t think Apple claims innovation here, simply another option. I happen to like it.

    1. Why is it worrying that Apple released a scaled-down version of an existing product at a lower pricepoint to catch the in-between of a Nano and the current 32GB Touch? I don’t understand what the big deal is. They’re not touting it as innovation. It’s a quiet update. That’s all.

        1. I’m sorry, but since when is every Apple release innovative? Was the 128GB iPad innovative? Are minor specs bombs to Apple TV innovative? Just be patient and don’t freak out because Apple plugged a gap in its lineup with a MINOR release.

          WWDC is right around the corner, kiddo. Don’t flip out over something minor.

  2. This may not make sense to some (like the first poster), but I can see how a lot of people could appreciate. Lots of folks buy iPods for their kids, even very young ones. They don’t all need to be armed with a camera since they might lack the appropriate discretion in what not to photograph around the house while they’re playing games and listening to music; not to mention the was storage and time spent deleting those photos after a sync. As for the color, who cares–most people use a case or skin anyway.

    1. This doesn’t make sense to the majority of commenters. Since you have access to the oracle of Apple, please explain the purpose of this newly marketed iPod. Perhaps you can shed some light or perhaps you are just a clueless fanboi who believes every decision dictated from Apple’s hierarchy is divinely inspired.

      1. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense to the majority of commenters? What are you, a merchandising expert? You’ve done all the market research? You’ve seen the sales numbers on how the different models of iPod touch break done?

        You’re the one being so critical smart guy – perhaps you can shed some light on why it’s such a bad idea, or perhaps you’re just a know-it-all that thinks you know better than everybody else.

      2. Your a known Apple Hater and a TROLL macfreak, you troll this site to push your Apple hate.

        In any case you need to be ignored by the other posters since you strive for hits by your Anti-Apple Bias.

        You do need help for that severe mental disorder that’s afflicting your every thought, it’s consumed you to the point that your just a Poor Failed Comedy Routine.

  3. So the standard model touchsells for $299, it has a better front and rear camera and twice the memory (32GB vs 16GB) of the stripped down model for only $70.00 more. BAD Apple.

  4. Even the fanboy in my doesn’t understand this release. Who is this for? I would have thought the rear-facing camera is far more important to most iPod touch users than the front-facing FaceTime camera. Same size, same weight (2 grams lighter)… $70 savings for half the storage and no front facing camera? I don’t get it.

    1. I suspect that the intended market for this device will be more obvious once Apple has spilled the beans about what it’s going to do for TV watching.

      This iPod looks like it’s designed to be a universal remote control with FaceTime abilities ( or for sensing gestures ).

  5. A brilliant move. Experiment with feature reduction and price points to see how the market reacts. Don’t make a fuss about it. Learn from it and apply what you learnt by creating a cost reduced iPhone. Getting the price/ feature combination right can reach a new target market

      1. The target market is kids and their parents, dipshit. I can see it clear as day. Preteens use iPod touches to play games, not take 5MP pictures and shoot 1080p video. Games, email, Messages, and Facetime.

        Maybe you could stop trolling stupid know-it-all comments long enough to actually read what some people are telling you.

    1. Competitive with what? I didn’t know anyone else made PMPs that mattered still. It’s pretty much iPod or nothing, except for the few people who will seek out an Archos simply because they refuse to buy an Apple device. And that is a very niche market.

      I see this as a lower cost option for people who thought that $299 was too much, while likely providing Apple with better margins than the $299 iPod touch.

  6. To help those who only see the new iPod as a product reduction. National retailers are buying iPods in large quantities for point of sale. The POS solutions add a sled to the back so no need for color or camera and need less memory since they typiclly only run a few apps. The new iPod lowers the cost for POS. You’ve likely seen these solutions that all started in the Apple retail stores.

    1. Lot’s of babies on MDN today. I wonder what innovative things they are hatching to show-up Apple then.

      I think that BLT has a great point and actually thought about a response instead of crying about a product that Apple introduced with no fanfare at all but from some of the responses on here you’d think this was supposed to be a big deal. I personally think this could be for education purposes. They’ll sell them in bulk like the eMac.

      Wait for a real product refresh/introduction before coming unhinged people.

    1. Yeah, those new Samsung phones that are coming out that have smaller screens about the size of the iPhone 5? Now THAT is innovation!

      Ah “edward”, we’ve missed you.

  7. Jesus, MacFreek, relax. Take a deep breath, and don’t buy one. There. Problem solved. When you try to use this product as a bellwether for future Apple innovation, it makes you sound like a troll.

  8. When Apple tweeks a product line this close to WWDC, I’ll reserve judgement until after the keynote. These “stripped down iPods” may very well be “premium game controllers”.

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