Rush Limbaugh: ‘High-tech lynching: Senate attempts to crucify Apple’

Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh today discussed Apple’s appearance before U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations regarding corporate taxes on his radio program that, since its inception on August 1, 1988, is the highest-rated talk radio show in the United States.

The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network. A November 2008 poll by Zogby International found that Rush Limbaugh was the most trusted news personality in the nation.

From the live transcript:

As we speak, ladies and gentlemen, the Senate — some stupid, idiotic committee — is attempting to blame Apple Inc. for the deficit, for the national debt, unemployment, and tax fraud. (Ah, I should be careful!) The interesting thing is that nobody — and, by the way, the Senate committee chairman here of whatever this committee is, is Carl Levin. He’s a liberal Democrat from Michigan, but he has an echo. He has a Republican echoing everything he says.

That would be Senator McCain.

Senator John McCain is joining in this senatorial effort to crucify Apple Inc. over taxes. You want the truth? And, by the way, I could probably spend a half hour telling you everything Apple is doing tax-wise. I have spent a lot of time last night learning how Apple is using tax law. They’re not breaking it. Nobody, nobody — not Carl Levin, nor any of his witnesses, nobody — is accusing Apple of violating tax law. Yet they’re being persecuted today…

The only person on the committee defending Apple, and defending the concept of low taxes and limited government, is Senator Rand Paul. Apple Inc. pays more taxes than any US corporation. GE ought to be up there explaining how they don’t pay any tax on their multiple billion dollars of earnings. Instead, it’s Apple. Apple paid $6 billion last year to the US Treasury. To put that in perspective, that’s $16 million a day Apple paid in taxes. Apple pays 2.5% of all income tax collected by the US Treasury…

Apple is to the United States government what Clarence Thomas was to the civil rights coalition. How dare you get this big sidestepping us…

I’m just assuming that most of the people out at Apple are politically liberal, and so the question I’m getting is, “Rush, how do you feel? These guys are in their inquisition, and the president they supported and the Democrats they vote for are giving ’em hell today and attacking them and trying to destroy their company, destroy their image. Don’t you just have a little schadenfreude, Rush? Aren’t you just a little pleased to see this?”

I said, “No. I am totally frustrated.” This kind of thing totally frustrates me, that otherwise intelligent people can be this kind of wrong, and I’m wondering how these Apple execs feel. There’s one guy in that Senate committee that’s defending them — and to the left, this guy is a racist, extremist, Looney Toon, wacko, Tea Party kook by the name of Rand Paul. He’s the only senator in this committee defending Apple, the only senator on this committee defending low taxes…

You know, imagine this, folks: You have this bunch of senators who’ve demonstrated they’re totally inept at balancing a budget; they’re totally inept at administering the country in a reasonable fiscal sense. They can’t manage the nation. It’s horrible what these senators have done — and members of the House, too — and here they are preaching to the CEO and the CFO of perhaps the country’s most profitable corporation, the country’s most successful corporation.

They ought to be asking these guys at Apple for help. They ought to be asking these guys at Apple for their advice. But I know it’s all a game because most of these people at Apple support the very people that are ripping ’em today. Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, just did an interview in the New York Times. She talked about how she’s gonna start doing more for climate change, gun control, and immigration. I guess it didn’t help. The Senate still went after her husband’s company.

Much more in the full transcript here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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    1. Most commentators out there say things now and then that make sense to everyone. There are some liberal commentators that I find myself agreeing with now and then, though not normally on a regular basis. But those that can defend their ideas – there are many on both sides, and Limbaugh is among them – get my respect, if not always my agreement.

      1. Agree even for commentators and political candidates. I am not for the extremes of either side. I’m of the logical middle and though registered Republican, I don’t just vote down party lines. I will vote for the Senator that I think reflects the most common sense for the issues of the day. (Problem is they PROMISE common sense then after they get in office they show their true colors.)

      1. Fraud? The biggest frauds were the Senators who wrote the tax code from hell, the very same ones, who had the audacity to haul Tim Cook up before them, and demand from him some sort of explanation on why he was using the law THEY wrote to avoid paying their outrageous taxes! What a total farce.

    1. billyjackblack and Lux, you are correct. Fraud was not an appropriate term to use when discussing Rush. He does stick to his guns on most issues. I just don’t agree with him on most of those issues.

      Now, I really need to save the word fraud for the guy occupying the White House. He gives the word a whole new meaning.

  1. Well said, Rush. Now, in the same two individuals stand out in defending Apple – Rush Limbaugh and Rand Paul. I did not hear from Michael Moore or Sean Penn or Matt Damon or and Democrat defending Apple. I wonder why not. Could it be be they are with Carl Levin and Barack Obama in believing all good companies should pay maximum taxes, except for GE, and GM and labor unions and Hollywood stars and studios. The “non-connected companies should pay everything to the government. Only Rush and Rand Paul stand up and defend Tim Cook and Apple. Now, the MDN left can begin attacking Rush and Rand for defending their favorite company – something their political heroes were not interested in doing.

          1. I said exactly what I meant including the hostility. Jay Jay added nothing to the conversation and his rude attack trolling post got no love from me. Deal with it.

    1. Absolutely ill-informed. First, Damon, Penn, and Moore are not elected officials and certainly were not on the panel, so why disparage them for non-comment. Hollywood pays a ton in taxes. California, a blue state, and New York, also a blue State, pay the lion share of taxes in this country. Wanna know where the lion share of those taxes are spent? They’re spent on social welfare programs in RED states, primarily SOUTHERN RED STATES — next time you want to be an ignorant ideologue, remember to thank your hated BLUE states for your unemployment check

      1. I am from the “Southern Red States” and believe you me – the MAJORITY of people in these states would LOVE to see the social welfare programs diminished in scope! We do not want to prevent those in need from getting help; we would like to see the “entitlement” mindset stopped.

        1. I understand you are an idiot but we actually know for a fact that Rush is a drug addict who circumvented the law to buy drugs. Interesting how well you know the term bathhouses though.

          1. I know Obama went to bed at 5PM when the Libyan embassy was under attack and did nothing to help the four Americans including his own ambassador, who were then killed. And you are beyond an idiot – you are a pathetic defender of evil. And by the way, Obama did frequent the Chicago bathhouses. Its his release after a long day of lying, golfing and letting friends die.

          2. Rush admitted he had an addiction problem which takes courage and he got help for it. I know you are perfect and Jane never had to face an addiction problem and are blissfully unaware how addictive prescription pain medicine can be if you need to take some for an injury.

            Given how unforgiving and narrow mined you re I hope that neither you nor anyone close to you ever has to face an addiction problem. Got forbid that you ever have children who face such problems as I’m sure they will never be able to turn to you for help or compassion.

            1. Rush also said the following things BEFORE he got CAUGHT:

              “if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up”


              he said that he didn’t “buy into the disease part of it”. He said people are “making a personal choice” to do drugs and they should be held responsible for it.


              Lets not forget that in order to get his drugs, this EXTREMELY rich man sent his housekeeper to prescription shop for him and then LIED about that too.

              In short, a Fat, Lying, Hypocrite. To think you riech-wingers hold this man on a pedestal.

              How’s that for adding to the conversation?

              To borrow your own words for a moment: Go away and go fuck yourself on the way out.

          3. IS? you mean “was” past tense. I understand he got help for the problem. Which is more than many do. And there is no help for Levin, maybe he needs some drugs.

      1. And so are many great,not so great and just average people thru out history.Medical professionals say its is a disease. But you and a lot of others use it as a cowardly slur. OH.. I think also Rush is a jackass for some of the crap he says… just like you..

      2. He had a drug problem and got help for it. Clearly you have never had any problems and are perfect which is why you can judge him and lecture the rest of us. Must be nice to be so perfect.

  2. To the committee: before preaching to Apple on taxes and making problems for a company that most Analyst already get wrong at so many levels- how about fixing your own damn problems that you created!

    The US government’s house looks like a pigs pen and they have the time to focus on a company that is actually run like a company should be……damn their ignorance, arrogance, and more of the tax payers money down the drain. 😡

  3. As carefully as Tim Cook tried to explain the situation, it appears that Levin was incapable of understanding, and also that he had little knowledge of how or why multinational companies or other nations deal with foreign taxes. And McCain didn’t even understand App upgrades, let alone taxation. Pathetic!

    1. Damn nice! He said it so well. I couldn’t catch the hearings live but after seeing this I don’t need to see anymore. I doubt that anyone could have said it better. From what I have read Apple wasn’t attacked as viciously as I thought it would be. I loved when he said (basically) that it was nothing but a chance for politicians to showboat and grandstand. He may get the first larger iPhone when it comes out!

  4. There was a lot of common sense and absolute non-sense in the hearing today. I lean left but I really liked what I heard from the far right and not so much from the left.

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