In attempt to catch Apple iPhone, Samsung to pay developers for Galaxy phone apps

“As part of its efforts to strengthen its software capabilities Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday it will be hosting a global competition to lure developers to create apps for its Galaxy smartphones,” Min-Jeong Lee reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Just how much is Samsung willing to pay? The contest will see 10 winners, who will receive a combined $800,000 in prize money. This isn’t the first time Samsung has hosted a global contest for android developers.”

“The company is particularly looking for apps that can be coordinated with Samsung’s ‘Group Play’ service,” Lee reports. “‘Group Play’ is a function highlighted on Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 smartphone that allows users to share certain content such as photos, games and music at the same time and interact with one another.”

Lee reports, “Analysts estimate Samsung to be lagging behind Apple in the high-end market which is where the profit is. Despite the many new functions of the Galaxy S 4 phone, the smartphone hasn’t received great reviews in terms of software, something that has been routinely cited as a weakness for the company when compared with Apple.”

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  1. Ok, our product has the market share and we lead in innovation, per Samsung. Yet they have to buy people to make apps?!

    Well now, maybe those cheap bastard you sell to and all the money to bride people with is starting to payoff. The developers know they can wait and have some of that dirty money funneled to their wallets.

    I believe Capone would be proud…ok, I know Ballmer and Gates are of Samsung.

  2. Samsung is doing this as a momentum play. Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. It’s a quick way to pile on developers while GS4 sales are hot. They may get lucky with a few apps to help bolster their brand. I think it’s a smart move. That’s what reserve cash is for. It plays for the media and helps developers get some cash in their pockets on a platform where apps don’t make very much money. Unscrupulous is fine if it can help you win.

    Samsung is serious about beating Apple, so it’s understandable they’ll do whatever is necessary. The smartphone market is turning out to be an industry where nice guys and fair players don’t necessarily win anything. I would think that recent Apple shareholders should realize that much. Samsung is playing by the same rules that Wall Street does and it’s paying off, at least in the short term.

    In the smartphone industry there are no referees to call low blows or punches after the bell. There’s only winners and losers. As shareholders, you should decide which you’d like Apple to be. The big investors have already decided Apple is the loser.

  3. The problem with this approach is that the developers will stick around only so long as they get paid. There are simply too many versions of Android out there (even on Samsung phones) that won’t allow apps to work well across the various flavors of OS. And that’s a developer’s nightmare. Even if they just develop for the latest version of Android, who’s to say the next version won’t horribly break their app?

  4. “Group Play” sounds like an escort service.

    And paying people to make Apps will not solve a bad software problem. Or te author of this article confuses the OS with Apps or does not really know what he is talking about.

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