Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 million in 4 weeks; Apple iPhone 5: 5 million in 3 days

“Samsung Electronics co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun told reporters at an industry forum in Seoul that he is confident shipments of the Galaxy S4 will top 10 million next week — four weeks after the device went on sale in 60 countries, including Korea, China, India and the U.S.,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“‘That would make the mobile device the fastest-selling selling smartphone in Samsung’s history,’ the Korea Times reported — a line echoed in the U.S. press,” P.E.D. writes. “That kind of coverage must drive Tim Cook crazy.”

P.E.D. writes, “Because when Apple reported last September that it sold 5 million iPhone 5 units in three days, analysts expressed ‘disappointment.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Double standard.

BTW: Shipments to carriers ≠ sales to end users.

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          1. “he is CONFIDENT SHIPMENTS of the Galaxy S4 will top 10 million next week — four weeks after the device went on sale”

            “That WOULD make the mobile device the fastest-selling smartphone in Samsung’s history”

            haha have to read and re-read this a million times…
            “WOULD” and “CONFIDENT will top”

            could / would / should – but didn’t – big Lol

      1. The individuals who comprise the media will not escape the consequences of their craven and meretricious acts. They dismiss the effects of their rabble-rousing as just part of their job, when they should have realized that their words, broadcast to millions, create ripples in the moral fabric of humanity.

    1. Iphone sold millions in days not weeks, nice try but there will be lines and millions of iphone 5S sold in mere hours. Keep trying Samsung your getting there

    2. You may be right about that. I note that you’re not claiming that Apple assumed an inordinate opportunity cost, only innocently asking how inordinate that might have been. 🙂

    3. I have to agree. The best way to hurt Apple is to make Apple appear as incompetent a company as possible. Make sure that everyone knows that Samsung is basically sucking the life out of iPhone market share. Ten million Galaxy sales implies ten million less iPhone sales. It really doesn’t matter about the period of time as long as investors’ fears are raised that the Galaxy S4 is a serious threat to Apple’s iPhone sales. Samsung’s CEO is using those numbers to indirectly show the Galaxy’s superiority over the iPhone. That the iPhone is not the only smartphone to sell in large numbers. Due to how many times I’ve seen this story, I’d say he’s making his point. Another nail in Apple’s iPhone coffin has been hammered in.

      1. The fundamental question that trips up this entire Samsung cacophony is: What is Samsung going to do with out someone to parasitize? They are literally next-to-nothing as a phone company without Apple and Google. They themselves have invented very little. That’s not a survivable business model, obviously.

        Oh and a big FSCK job is in store for all the bozoids who have been championing the Samsung parasites. Total FAIL folks.

        1. Beautifully said Derek.

          Samsung is nothing without Android.
          Before Android, Samsung relied on Bada OS.

          It was far too easy to copy Apples hardware design and then add the free and closest cloned OS from Google. Apple needs to remain focused and defend any infringements to its IP to essentially destroy the Robot Droid completely.

          Looking back in mobile OS history, Apple still seems to remains a valiant and clear winner by popular demand. And still going strong. Thanks for being the most simplest, non-intimidating, cleanest and friendliest mobile OS out there.

          Is there competition, not really. But lets keep it that way.


          1979–1992 — Mobile phones have embedded systems to control operation.

          1993-1997 — Newton OS, running on PDAs produced by Apple.

          1993 — The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, has a touchscreen, email and PDA features.

          1996 — Palm Pilot 1000 personal digital assistant is introduced with the Palm OS mobile operating system.

          1996 — First Windows CE Handheld PC devices are introduced.

          1999 — Nokia S40 OS is officially introduced with the launch of the Nokia 7110

          2000 — Symbian becomes the first modern mobile OS on a smartphone with the launch of the Ericsson R380.

          2001 — The Kyocera 6035 is the first smartphone with Palm OS.

          2002 — Microsoft’s first Windows CE (Pocket PC) smartphones are introduced.

          2002 — BlackBerry releases its first smartphone.

          2005 — Nokia introduces Maemo OS on the first internet tablet N770.

          2007 — Apple iPhone with iOS is introduced as an iPhone, “mobile phone” and “internet communicator.”[1]

          2007 — Open Handset Alliance (OHA) formed by Google, HTC, Sony, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, LG, etc.[2]

          2008 — OHA releases Android 1.0 with the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) as the first Android phone.

          2009 — Palm introduces webOS with the Palm Pre. By 2012 webOS devices were no longer sold.

          2009 — Samsung announces the Bada OS with the introduction of the Samsung S8500.

          2010 — Windows Phone OS phones are released but are not compatible with the previous Windows Mobile OS.

          2011 — MeeGo the first mobile Linux, combined Maemo and Moblin, is introduced with Nokia N9 in effect of cooperation of Nokia, Intel and Linux Foundation
          In September 2011 Samsung, Intel and the Linux Foundation announced that their efforts will shift from Bada, MeeGo to Tizen during 2011 and 2012.
          In October 2011 the Mer project was announced, centered around an ultra-portable Linux + HTML5/QML/JS Core for building products with, derived from the MeeGo codebase.

          2012 — Mozilla announced in July 2012 that the project previously known as “Boot to Gecko” was now Firefox OS and had several handset OEMs on board with the project.

          2012 — Windows 8, Metro UI with live titles. Windows 8.1 is scheduled for later in 2013, and according to Microsoft will change “key aspects” of how Windows 8 is used. The Financial Times called this “one of the most prominent admissions of failure for a new mass-market consumer product since Coca-Cola’s New Coke fiasco nearly 30 years ago.

          2013 — Ubuntu announced Ubuntu Touch, a version of the Linux distribution expressly designed for smartphones. The OS is built on the Android Linux kernel, using Android drivers, but does not use any of the Java-like code of Android.

          * Bound to fail like Windows 8, Metro.

          2013 — BlackBerry releases their new operating system for smartphones and tablets, BlackBerry 10.

          2013 — Apple flattens iOS with OSX – its an all new world – thats what will make Apple out do whatever the competition is playing with. Possibly Apples most important innovation. Web Apps, iOS Apps mixed and running side by side seamlessly in OSX on all devices.

          1. For the pro-Android users who clicked the last link

            Compare iOS to Android – and please express the freedom and customization benefits in Android?

            Mainly, one needs to root the AndyBotOS phone – which basically is much like jailbraking an iPhone.

            Summary, Apple still outshines.

            1. I can change default apps, including the launcher. I can delete or disable any pre installed apps I don’t want. All without rooting. That’s enough openness for me.

            2. Luke,



              you need to freaking “Root your Droid toy”, to be able to uninstall those pre-installed SlamDung cr-apps…
              similar to Jailbreaking an iPhone.

              If changing default apps thrills ya then enjoy it… !!!!
              the option as to what app you wish to use if there are similar apps to handle a particular function – a window pops up to the user to make the choice – its a one click step… lame reason to love Droid.

              Changing the launcher? oh brother.
              The stupid redundant fact that aliases spread out over pages for directories that have been re-arranged from the root app original directory; makes Droid totally tooled. Its rather confusing. Its redundant. It doesnt speeds up things. The home button on the iPhone brings you to the real and only directory of installed apps. A page with short cuts just is a waste of time. If you want fast, Home key/ swipe – right to left / get to Search /type the app you want / touch and there you go… if the app has been launched before/ double click the home key and scroll to the app running.

              There is nothing in Android that iOS doesn’t do. Its mostly people didnt know how… gave up and thought Android was more open. Only freedom and openness is Android is open to malware and viruses.

              A hunk of plastic and lower quality and poor control on components — yet all priced the same as an iPhone?
              Foolish consumers.

            3. Thanks for the lecture buddy.

              I actually have an iPhone 5 and an ipad 4 given to me by my work and an HTC One for my personal phone. All beautifully made, metal bodies, great screens, easy to use and plenty of apps.

              The android is by far the more flexible in terms of OS customisation. Can you please let me know how I can have http links open in Chrome on ios or map links open in google maps? How I can access a weather widget or quick settings toggles on my home screen?

              Fwiw, the HTC let’s me disable bloatware at the system level. It doesn’t appear in the app drawer, doesn’t use any memory, doesn’t ever run. Not sure if the Samsung that you are so wound up about does the same but iirc it’s standard in 4.x

          2. What’s the best mobile OS: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10?


            What’s the best mobile OS: Verdict

            “Apple is still way ahead of the game for sheer app numbers, but the volume can be overwhelming at times. Even with its mostly-useful updates and tweaks, iOS is starting to look tired and Apple is widely expected to announce a big revamp for iOS 7 at the WWDC in June.”

            “Android suffers from quality issues, especially where apps are concerned. Unlike Apple’s tightly controlled world, Android devices have all sorts of screen sizes, resolutions and performance.”

    4. BLN : I think you make a very valid point. By not having a larger iPhone Apple is obviously missing many sales. Sales of a larger iPhone are not the same as sales of a Samsung, HTC, Microsoft or any other manufacturers large phone. It’s a larger iPhone. It’s why the constant reference to data about sales of a larger Samsung phone are irrelevant when a larger iPhone is talked about. Sales of a larger Samsung phone means nothing. Absolutely, positively nothing. They aren’t larger iPhones. Just as a larger Windows phone wouldn’t sell tomorrow. A larger iPhone would sell faster than you could make them tomorrow. And they will soon as Apple can get it ready. iCal that.

    5. Not everyone on the planet wants an IPhone. It is not only about screen size or battery life or about how many apps there are. It is about choice, availability, color and personal preference.

      Do you really think if there is a bigger screen IPhone Samsung is going to ship zero phones?

      Why must “Samsang” or Microsoft or Google fail for Apple to be successful? Yes, I don’t like Samsung, so I don’t buy their products! It is a personal choice. You get it?

        1. Yes, we’re familiar. The IRS was directed under bush to attack liberal groups relentlessly. You guys suddenly don’t like it when liberals fight back? Typical pussies.

          Bush used every government method he could to defund and prosecute his political enemies.

          Amazing that the conservatives who loved their guy shredding the constitution and taking limitless power whine like hell now. Remember Cheney having a personal army? Remember bush getting caught setting up a secret replacement government for any major disastor made up of people he chose?

          You guys loved tht facist when he created his Gestapo homeland security. You couldn’t find enough excuses for why bush was given the power to investigate anyone and order the people they interviewed to never speak to anyone about it. Remember them profiling Americans by the library books they read?

          1. “you guys?” …you idiot, you think what is happening is some kind of partisan witchhunt? You stupid jackass, you better start thinking as an American and quit your CNN regurgitation. There is no difference in the policies of Obama Messiah, Dubya, Billy Boy or CIA George. Wake up.

            1. Bullshit. Obama fired the guy immediately over him doing his job by investigating groups that proclaim hatred of taxes trying to claim tax exempt status while supporting all kinds of activities forbidden to NGOs.

              Bush and conservatives targeted precisely liberal groups and put them through relentless audits. Bush rewarded his cronies and appointees for prosecuting his political enemies.
              Not even close to the same thing.

        1. It’s all part of the manipulation. In this age of marketing as a dominant approach to everything, why would one expect fairness and truth to prevail?

          I think a lot of naive people need some perspective on what’s really going on. Lie your way to fame and fortune while stepping over the bodies in your wake. Hmm. Kind of reminds me of an old movie. IOW: It’s nothing new. There’s just more of it as people get desperate in their efforts to wring money out of a ruined world economy.

          1. Which old movie, pray tell? Enquiring minds want to know. 🙂 People flock to websites when favourite movies are the topic. Politics, religion, &etc. become tiresome 24/7.

            I have an idea. It would be child’s play to keep trolls at bay by confining our posts to movie commentaries, references, and analogies. Speaking via metaphor, as it were. I’ll begin: Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

      1. here’s some more for ya, emess:

        During a House Ways and Means Committee hearing today, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., grilled outgoing IRS commissioner Steven Miller about the IRS targeting a pro-life group in Iowa.

        “Their question, specifically asked from the IRS to the Coalition for Life of Iowa: ‘Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers,’” Schock declared.

        “Would that be an inappropriate question to a 501 c3 applicant?” asked Schock. “The content of one’s prayers?”

        “It pains me to say I can’t speak to that one either,” Miller replied.

        1. The guy was appointed under George bush, for god’s sake.

          They tried to revoke a church’s tax exempt status under bush when they gave an anti war sermon in 2004. You didn’t object then.

          Under bush, the irs was specfically caught targeting green peace in 2006. They were caught targeting the NAACP for daring to point out bush was the only sitting president to never address them in 2004.

          There’s. ton more examples. It was conservative groups that started this bullshit tactic. They were the ones filing requests to audit every liberal NGO.

          Now they cry like little bitches about Obama firing someone for allowing audits of crooked front organizations under self identified “partriot” labels publicly proclaiming they just hate taxation.


            1. Oh, yeah, you closet right wingers always play this “independent” card.

              Bill o’reilly is “independent”, but only attacks liberals.

              Limbaugh is “libertarian” while only slamming democrats relentlessly.

              I realized the old “both sided do it” line was bullshit when I left my teens and started actually fact checking.

              Bush senior launched his prosecution and whitewater investigation against Clinton when he was still just a primary candidate. Did Clinton do that to any GOP? No.

              When bush and Cheney were exposed for multiple crimes, they just walked away Scott free. Hell, scooter libbey got pardoned by bush.

              Obama fires anyone even remotely accused of criminal actions.

      1. Actually, I’d b willing to bet they’ve sold quite a few of those “shipped” units. I have more friends than I’d care to admit who’ve jumped ship from apple to Samsung. Hate to say it, but Samsung marketing appears to be working, in my circle of friends at least.. (college educated, gay, 30 something’s)

          1. No need to down rate it, it’s the truth.

            9 of my close friends and family have switched from iPhone to Android or windows in the last 2 years and so far two have gone back to iPhone. Either way it’s a definite shift I’m seeing in attitudes. People at increasingly happy to shop around and look for alternatives

            1. Commerce is not just about consumer choice. It’s a kind of war.

              Apple Inc. is like Napoleon Bonaparte. Both were dismissed as upstarts, both swept aside the opposition in startling fashion. Both defined a new era with new rules of engagement. Both invigorated moribund social systems with innovation. Both dazzled opposing generals, and were copied in their art, to great advantage. Both had their Waterloo—Napoleon against the Duke of Wellington, Apple against the armies of Wall Street. Napoleon escaped exile in Elba to raise a new army and strike again, though he ultimately failed.

              Although Apple’s final chapter has yet to be written, does anyone seriously believe that Samsung, albeit a powerful, resourceful, ruthless oligarchy, had any chance at winning so many consumer hearts, minds, and dollars without Apple’s contribution? Samsung = Judas. Make no mistake, there is a moral dimension to this, and we will witness it.

            2. But the Duke had help. A lot of hired help. Apple could use some mercenaries about now too. Perhaps a large, at least large by Apple standards, acquisition by Apple could fill that role? Twitter would’ve been nice. But it may be too late for that now? Apple could use some help.

  1. Apple make phones for old people samsung make phones for ALL people. How long can u keep flogging an old horse before people start placing bets elsewhere. Apple was built and succedded on samsung technology. Iphone was a super reliable product because of samsung. Apple will go down as “THAT” once long ago.

    1. Do what? The iPhone is reliable because of Samsung technology? Really? Next you will state that Android is insecure only because Apple build it’s wall so high that all malware stays in the “open”.

    1. Yes- 1000

      Now sit back and witness Shamscum’s outlay/support of its “Experience” stores in BestBuys slowly drain the $$ out of the “innovator” Shitdumb’s coffers. Exactly according to Apple’s (and Tim’s) long-term strategy. 🙂

  2. “Because when Apple reported last September that it sold 5 million iPhone 5 units in three days, analysts expressed ‘disappointment.”

    Who are the retards then?

    Shouldn’t there be a minimum requirement for credibility?

  3. Big information missing here MDN!

    First everyone knows that Macheads buy Apple product on the first weekend of release – you should know this! My mother does! That being said, the sales after the first weekend die down also immediately… so Apple probably hit 10 million units in about 2 to 3 weeks! Now that’s more real and that’s the truth! Stop reporting half baked news reports! Shame on YOU!

    1. “so Apple probably hit 10 million units in about 2 to 3 weeks! Now that’s more real and that’s the truth! Stop reporting half baked news reports! Shame on YOU!”

      “PROBABLY”?????? And that’s from the mind of a moron that bases his opinion on what his mother knows…

      A prime example of how dumbed down we are making ourselves with perpetuation of arrogant ignorance.

  4. “so Apple probably hit 10 million units in about 2 to 3 weeks! Now that’s more real and that’s the truth! Stop reporting half baked news reports! Shame on YOU!”

    “PROBABLY”?????? And that’s from the mind of a moron that bases his opinion on what his mother knows…

    A prime example of how dumbed down we are making ourselves with perpetuation of arrogant ignorance.

    1. It really meant to undermine Apple’s credibility in the mobile industry as Android piles on more numbers related to increased market share. They have to make it seem that Apple is drowning in an Android smartphone flood.

  5. If expectations are far higher for Apple’s iPhone, it really doesn’t matter that Apple sold far more iPhones in a shorter time than Samsung. It’s all about perception. There aren’t any analysts giving absurd Galaxy S4 sales target numbers for Samsung, so practically any high number exceeded is just fine.

    In Apple’s case, analysts were giving really high sales numbers for iPhone sales and Apple fell way short of those numbers. Apple is always expected to over-deliver even if those numbers are nearly astronomical. Apple will always be considered to be a failure as a company if it doesn’t do the impossible. It’s relatively easy for Wall Street to set up Apple for a “disappointment” to investors. I doubt there’s any number of iPhones Apple could sell in a short period of time that wouldn’t be a disappointment to someone who was expecting far more. Blame people like Gene Munster and Brian White for Apple’s absurd sales expectations.

  6. first of all you have to cut the galaxy sales in half because of the buy one get one free effect. and you have to realize the markets frustration with apple is they sell one device every 10 seconds when the market wants one every 5 seconds. we will have a foxcom flyer every 5 minutes at that rate. investors can pour money into groupon if they want to fund dumb ideas. I’m collecting the dividends and buying more

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