Apple is the hedge fund king once again

“For the first quarter of 2013, 148 top-tier hedge funds held shares of the Cupertino-based Apple in their equity portfolios, the same number that were long at the end of 2012. While the hedge fund industry is over 8,000 funds large in its entirety, we at Insider Monkey track the best of the best: 500 funds in total,” Meena Krishnamsetty and Jake Mann report for MarketWatch.

“This aggregate vote of confidence (see the 10 most popular stocks among hedge funds) comes one day after many members of the media—and investors—reacted prematurely to individual hedge fund managers’ 13F filings, which indicate large investors’ stock picks on a quarterly basis,” Krishnamsetty and Mann report. “Shares of Apple fell by 3.4% yesterday, as reports trickled in that the likes of David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management, Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management, and George Soros’ Soros Fund Management, among others, had either sold off their entire positions, or made significant cuts.”

Krishnamsetty and Mann report, “Never mind that this group of money managers is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to the industry’s entire interest in Apple. Never mind that many prominent funds, like David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital and Ken Fisher’s Fisher Asset Management, to name a couple, were bullish on the stock last quarter… After Mr. Tepper’s captivating CNBC interview earlier this week, in which he cited a lack of ‘revolutionary’ behavior as a reason for his decision to cut 372,661 shares of Apple, it appears that the markets have improperly placed their focus on the most highly televised move. That is a mistake.”

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    1. It is actually nothing wrong with These funds. The name might sound complicated and these funds are talked about allot but the name says it all. These funds are trying to hedge against dropps in the market I.e. you losing money. Of course being hedged also caps some of your upside. These funds can short compared to long only funds so they might go long Apple and short Dell, or the reverse in the last months. So at least I, and I’m
      No expert by any means, think that you should ignore these funds when they aren’t a fan of Apple. It doesn’t mean anything. If course, going short Apple is nothing any of us like.

  1. That is good I believe.
    I actually don’t know, as in think, that Apple might come out with anything like the iPhone again anytime soon, or ever. But who knows. I still think Apple will be a highly successful company company grabbing a big share if PC and mobile market. These revolutionary leaps that Apple has taken seems only to be expected and demanded of Apple. I guess we should be greatful that the world think so highly of Apple but it is also unfair and the bar only gets higher and higher. When Apple releasees a product is has be to a smashing success, not just a success, or it is a failure for Apple in eyes if the media and the Street. That is a really high bar. And now when Apple has committed so much capital to buying themselves. I would have wanted to see 60 billion for R&D and allot of small tuck in aqcusitions for technology and IP.

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