Apple iPads invade the bathroom

“Toilet paper still can’t be digitized, but these days two-ply may be the only printed matter still welcome in the bathroom,” Charles Passy reports for MarketWatch.

“How else to explain the announcement from Hammacher Schlemmer, the 165-year-old catalog dedicated to ‘offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected,’ that it’s now selling an ‘iPad Commode Caddy?'” Passy reports. “The $99.95 chrome-steel stand holds both a roll of toilet paper and an Apple iPad, thereby eliminating ‘the clutter created by magazines and newspapers,’ as Hammacher Schlemmer general manager Fred Berns explains.”

“The caddy, which is manufactured by tech specialist CTA Digital, is part of a wave of iPad bathroom-friendly or bathroom-oriented accessories that have hit the market in recent months, from the Koala wall mount (the ‘perfect solution for storing, charging and viewing your tablet’) to the iPotty (a child’s potty with an included iPad stand),” Passy reports.

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Passy reports, “The idea, says Seton Hall University marketing professor and Apple enthusiast Daniel Ladik, is that the iPad represents ‘ubiquitous computing.’ So why not boldly go where no computer user has gone before and take it, um, to the toilet?”

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  1. Sounds like it’s time for somebody to make a toilet paper app.
    But on a serious note, I said for years that they should make an app for reading Uncle John’s bathroom reader, and now they have it.

  2. Hmm! My first thought was “yeah, but my five-year old is now an e-book reader and has her own children’s e-book app for iPad that she uses/reads ( She loves it and I can just picture her taking the iPad in the bathroom with the insistence that there is an iPad holder in there, so why not? (Children/ipads/potty breaks will NOT mix well.)

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