Consumer survey: Apple would make safer cars than Volvo or Google

“Today’s cars have advanced crash prevention breaking, intelligent heads-up displays and pre-crash alters, but customers still think the tech companies Apple and Google can do a better job, according to a survey by,” Daniel Berg reports for LAPTOP.

“The study asked 1,000 new car owners in the UK which brand would be most likely to develop technologies to best improve road safety,” Berg reports. “Apple took the lead, with 21 percent of the vote, with Google ranking a close second at 19.8 percent. Both beat Volvo, a brand widely known for high safety standards, which garnered 19.7 percent of user confidence.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I would be more than happy if they would just make some great, powerful computers with robust operating systems and realize they could corner the market as the only company doing that. Instead, they are making phones, pads, and pods that about 90% of consumers think are the same as everyone else who is making phones, pads, and pods. However, there is hope in this idea. Send Tim Cook to run the automobile manufacturing division and let someone who knows what he is doing take over the role of CEO of the re-energized computer company.

  2. I live in the Detroit area. I’ve been to Silicon Valley. The people don’t think AT ALL like the people there. We work hard, but basically in 19th century terms. Out there they work hard in 21-22nd century terms, visioning and building the future, etc. When Detroit thinks about the future it looks just like now only shinier, more expensive and with more curves. Out there the future looks nothing like now, but is rather a disrupted, revolutionized now…

    So would Silicon Valley make a better car? He’ll, what they make wouldn’t be a car, it’d be better than a car, bearing only a slight resemblance to a car, and in all the best ways.

    In short, yes; yes they would. (Although I can’t imagine they would deign to do the same.)

  3. I wonder if one were to crash in a Google car would the HUD display during the accident choice of doctors, nearby floral shops to send condolence flowers, funeral parlors, Hallmark stores, contacts of next of kin, etc. in real time as the accident is happening? (of course)

  4. Isn’t it interesting that they say Apple and Google beat Volvo, where the difference in votes between Google and Volvo is 0.1%, but they didn’t say (in the headline) that Apple beat Google, where the difference is 1.2% ?

  5. Sure! Apple will make my Volvo still safer with iCar Safety accessory 🙂 …at the same time putting my iPleasure factor through the roof (of my Volvo of course), closer to iHeaven.
    Oh guys, what pleasure awaits us all, enjoy; iHeaven to us all.
    Tim, are you listening?

  6. You could as well wonder wheather a wrong question can come up with the (b)right answere. Like adding one stupidity to another and think you get the bright answere or solution out of it.
    Try the math, multiply zero with any number of our choosing and all we get is zero.

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