iOS 7 web visits spike ahead of WWDC

“Website visits from devices running the unannounced iOS 7 have seen a significant increase in recent weeks, as Apple gears up for the mobile operating system’s official unveiling at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June,” AppleInsider reports.

“Traffic from devices running iOS 7 tracked by AppleInsider has spiked over the last week, server logs show,” AppleInsider reports. “While the number of iOS 7 devices was relatively flat through April 29, appearances of the operating system grew significantly on April 30, and have persisted ever since.”

AppleInsider reports, “A similar increase has also been seen by tablet optimization company Onswipe, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday. iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 seen online have IP addresses that can be traced to Cupertino, Calif., and San Francisco.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we are seeing it on our server logs, too, with hits from “iOS 7” starting on May 1:

iOS 7 visits to began on May 1, 2013
iOS 7 visits to


    1. Your statement that a “spike” is “an unusually high and and sharply definied maximum” which is one of the definitions given by Merriam-Webster would explain your childish conclusion. However, you would be wrong in assuming that there are not other viable definitions of “spike”. Merriam-Webster also defines “spike” as “an abrupt sharp increase”. Therefore, you may be picky, but you are not correct.

      Furthermore, depending on which method of statistical analysis you choose, you may also be wrong that there is not a “local maximum” in the existing data. One method of graphing the data would be to assume all points are zero unless proven otherwise. When I look at the data I have been tracking, I see a value of ‘0’ for 5/9/13 and all dates past it. My graph of the data so far for May definitely shows a spike by either of the above listed definitions.

  1. Here’s why all the hype around the upcoming release of the new operating system for Apple’s gadgets won’t move Wall Street nor will it make the company look like it is on the right track to recovery: gadgets are fickle passing pop culture. Until the company gets serious about the serious business of building real computers again with full featured, robust operating systems to run them, nothing is going to change. And, why aren’t they already doing this, you ask? The answer is that Tim Cook is incapable of knowing what to do.

      1. Sure, exactly, all will be right in the world as soon as Tim Cook has been driven from Apple because he is the root of all evil. Except that’s just nonsense. Apple is lucky to have the steady hand of TIm Cook on the rudder through the rough waters. Wall Street will NEVER be satisfied, and when they are, they will do their best to churn the rumor mill until stock moves one way or the other. Apple does not need to recover from anything. They simply need to continue to do what they do best, ignore all the noise and produce remarkable products. Tim has already said in public that they are working on some new “real computers”. Either you are impatient (and hey I understand that, you want your new stuff!), or you are a Samedung troll getting paid to demonize Tim. If you are the former, then try to remember that most Apple products are worth the wait, because Jony is every bit the perfectionist that Steve was. If you are the latter, carry on . . . it will not work.

    1. Yes, the iPhone has been a passing fad since 2007. I think after WWDC everyone will storm AT&T and Verizon stores demanding their flip phones back.

      I’m sure Steve Jobs knew that you are exactly correct, which is why Jobs introduced the iPod, iPhone and iPad, not to mention those fickle, pop culture iMacs in various colors (like flower power!) and orange and lime iBooks.

  2. Quick question: What the heck is a “tablet optimization company”?!?

    And when Apple owns the market for tablets, wouldn’t you be an iPad optimization company?

  3. MDN, just a suggestion, but you’d see a lot higher spike from iOS 7 mobile devices if you made your site responsive. Also, ads really really slow mobile devices down. A quality experience with sponsored posts should be more than possible and bring in a considerable amount of revenue.

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