Does Apple need a 14-inch MacBook?

“Apple may need to consider a 14-inch MacBook,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report. “Why? Because of the explosion of computer sales in China.”

“PC shipments in 2012 to China amounted to 69 million units, exceeding the 66 million total reached by the United States,” Sellers reports. “Only a year earlier in 2011, the United States was the leading global destination for PCs.”

Sellers reports that, in China, “The preferred notebook display size [is] 14 inches, which accounts for more than 70% of notebook PC shipments in the country. For the rest of the world, the 14-inch makes up less than 30%.”

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      1. Me too!!! Not sure why they got rid of it, I was hoping it was because they couldn’t’ get the retina display that big or was to flexible or something just delaying the release. After using the 17″ I have a hard time using a 15″ or lower. Yea its bulky, but love the screen size. I have an early 2009 model and put an SSD in it to extend its life a little till they hopefully come out with a new model!

      1. Just in case someone plans on getting snarky, I know that there is not a 15″ Air – I meant that collectively there are a sufficient variet of display sizes bracketing 14″.

        Some people want a return of the 17″ MBP, and I would support such a move by Apple.

      2. Surely, if Amelio were at the helm now, there would be Apple laptops with 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 and 17 inches screen diagonal. They would come in several flavors, e.g., underperformaBook, performaBook, powerBook, and powerBook pros. To complicate things for the consumer, they would come with totally incomparable configurations and prices. Unexplicably, some sizes would be missing in some ‘book lines.
        The underperformas would only take 2GB ram and they would have an 8 bit bus, and delivery times for the low end models would be prohibitive.

    1. The number 4 as in 4, 14, 24, 34, 40-49, etc are considered bad luck. You will never see these numbers in an elevator. A 50 story building is actually 36 stories…

      4 has the same phonetic sound as the word death.

      So this suggestion that Apple make a 14″ laptop is bad advice.

      Likewise, the number 13 as bad luck has also been adopted from Western culture, but has no language connection to bad luck.

      Lucky numbers: 2(good things come in pairs), 3(birth), 5(elements), 6(wealth), 7(togetherness), 8(prosper), 9(emperor or endurance)

      Unlucky numbers: 4(death), 5(not), 6(drop) The ambiguity is based on differences in Mandarin, Cantonese and various other dialects.

      The context of the numbers may change there perspective… Example 54 is good, as it means (not death), 666 is (wealth wealth wealth) So 266 would be double double wealth.

      So tell me, given superstition, what size screen should they make?

      1. A lot of idiotic things are said in this forum about China, and this is NOT one of them. As somebody who regularly travels to China on business (and can attest to the odd elevator numbering), I find it refreshing to see a post from somebody who actually knows something about Chinese culture.

  1. Dumbass, Apple Leads. It does not follow. The Chinese will suck up the next generation MacBook Pros and Airs as soon as China Mobil sells iPhones, the gateway drug.

  2. Yes! Any time the price point can be lowered, more folks will go with a MacBook. The smaller size would be great for students and those of us who need to carry our MacBooks.

  3. Like they need another rumor for investment specialists to glom onto and continually ask ‘why they haven’t gotten a 14-inch notebook yet.’

    I know you need a story to glom onto but their stock price doesn’t.

    1. Yeah! Fuck China! It’s the largest market in, like, the whole world. But fuck them! It’s not as if Apple needs to make profits in the largest world market. Fuck them! Apple does not need to sell to them.

      It is not as if a huge proportion of Apple’s profits now come from China. That’s why Apple can fuck them!

      1. When sfgh wrote “Fuck China”, his fingers just slipped. What he meant to write was, “I’d like to suggest that Apple need not be controlled by what currently happens in China”.

        1. Yes indeed. avi has no data to back up his implied claim that MacBooks are a huge profit generator and growth product for Apple in China.

          The fuck China is indeed about that country being a corrupt piece of shit that shouldn’t have control over Apple or others.

          1. It’s hard to misinterpret “Fuck China”. I really appreciate how clear and to the point sfgh is in expressing his or her total obliviousness.

      2. Shut up.

        How much of Apple’s profit comes from MacBooks in China? How many MacBooks are being sold there and what’s the growth rate?

        Go read their quarterly report, if you can in fact read, and then respectively shut your fucking mouth.

        1. “shut your fucking mouth.”
          What he meant to say was, “I disagree. I think….” Oh what the heck – I’m not sure what potty mouth was trying to say. Nothing of any value, anyway.

            1. There’s a certain kind of person on this forum — sfgh being one of the bottom examples. I really have NO clue why they even come here and why they post anything at all…
              – use name-calling incessantly
              – use swearing incessantly
              – rarely give any actual THOUGHTS supported by actual LOGIC
              – NEVER use any language that acknowledges there may be other valid opinions such as, “In my opinion-” or “I think that-“.
              – Language is always absolutist. They apparently think they are some kind of fountain of absolute infallible truth.

              I theorize these people are like emotional cesspools of negativity, rage and poison that swirl around, driven by raging currents and boil-overs of hormones. The poison is always looking for something to latch on to… some excuse to vomit out.

              They mistake their emotion-driven prejudices for thought. They mistake their knotted-up drivel for some kind of “opinion”.

              I really can’t help wondering:
              – how old these people are
              – what terrible lives they have had to turn into such petulant, small-minded rage addicts.

              sfgh — you REALLY need to get some therapy so that all that rage doesn’t you a heart attack, before you reach the age of 15.

            2. The implied violence and aggression in sfgh’s posts are one of the reasons that most people want more stingent background checks when purchasing guns…

  4. 14 inches … that reminds me … my first computer was an AT 286, 16 MHz with 1 MB of RAM and 20 MB HD and it had a 14″ black and white monitor with a Hercules graphic card. Oh, so glad those days are gone.

  5. Hey guys, let’s look at the changing landscape here in the states, alone, forget China.

    I have a 2010 MBPro w/15″ w/1680 pixels across.

    If I were to get a 14″ w/retina display and some 2400 pixels or so, I would have data on screen in a more readable format that probably drops half a pound from the MBPro size.

    I would go for it.

  6. Instead of the 13″ US MBP? That isn’t “following” so much as “adapting”. Gain 5% in weight, a bit more battery life, a little space to shuffle stuff around in … an easy sell. You could even do it with the MBA form.
    Still … wouldn’t that add to Apple’s pile of ex-patriot cash?

  7. 17 inch again. I know we crazy video pros don’t count anymore. So I too am holding off buying a current mbp on the off chance that the 17 will return. Let’s amp up the pro part of the name. Aim for the middle you get the middle. 14 ” conversation is rediculous.

  8. Recently, my kid needed a laptop for school. 15″ is the most common and least expensive here. However, a 15″ laptop, with her books and stuff would not fit her nap sack and allow her to carry her stuff to school easily. We already have a 13″ macbook air and the screen size was just a bit too small to display the data she needs when doing her research. So we ended up getting a 14″ Win8 laptop where she spent 3 weeks configuring it to do what she needed. I’m pretty sure a 14″ Macbook pro with Windows virtualized would have been her preferred choice. So I believe it would be good of Apple to at the very least consider it. Whether or not they decide it would fit their business model is not for me to decide. I would probably buy one.

    1. The question is how many customers decided to buy a windows machine and not a mac because of the 14 inch screen. Beken just contributed more to this discussion than anybody else. Maybe Apple should have a 15″ iNap[sack].

  9. Good grief. Make a 14″ for one market and a 12″ for another and a 16″ over there. Call them all “Performa” models and slap arcane numbers like 465 and 464 on them. And for the coup de grace, let them boot up in black and white with the system clock set for 1992.

    1. … as big as China’s asking for a specific model, one you can easily create, why NOT? For myself, the 13″ models are well-sized. The 11″ models are too small, but the 13″ models are big enough. I can easily understand why some businessmen would prefer the somewhat larger 15″ screen but … a skinch smaller – or larger – at 14″? Beken made the case … for a few. Maybe the question is WHY the Chinese want a form-factor between the available 13″ and 15″ models! There may well be an answer that doesn’t involve screen size!

  10. I too have a 17″ MBP (2010). I’m thinking of the 15″ MBP. It will be a little easier to manage in the road. At home I’ll hook it up to thunderbolt disay.

    1. I thought I’d miss my 17 when I switched to the 15 retina. I don’t at all. I fit the same windows in the smaller space, the lighter weight is fantastic for traveling, as is the smaller size. I can use all of my usual apps with no problems whatsoever (fcp, c4d, ae, etc…). I don’t bother hooking it to a separate display, but its good to have the option. Just my experience, but I’m not so certain a 17 is needed anymore… Hopefully the 15 just keeps getting lighter and more powerful.

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