Adobe to bring Lightroom-style photo editing to iPad

“Adobe Systems plans to release high-end photo-editing software for tablets,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET. “The new app would be a close relative to Adobe’s Lightroom software for PCs and serve as a cloud-connected companion to the program.”

“Tom Hogarty, Adobe’s group product manager for Lightroom, demonstrated an early prototype version of the app Wednesday on the Grid, an online show from Photoshop guru Scott Kelby,” Shankland reports. “He wouldn’t promise when the app would ship or what exactly it would do, but he did demonstrate some features of the prototype software running on an iPad 2.”

Shankland reports, “The full list of editing controls on the prototype software were exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, vibrance, clarity, temperature, tint, sharpen, luminance noise reduction, color noise reduction, whites, blacks, auto tone, and auto white balance. Buttons across the top of the app included options for flipping and cropping photos… Lightroom for tablets has been a much-requested program for years. Some alternatives exist, including Photosmith, which synchronizes with Lightroom but doesn’t offer editing, and Apple’s iPhoto, which doesn’t synchronize with Lightroom.”

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