Apple iPad reduces single biggest source of pilot injuries, saves fuel at American Airlines

“An American Airlines executive kicked off the Tablet Strategy conference by detailing the airline’s rapid adoption of tablets and aggressive strategy going forward,” David Needle reports for TabTimes. “American’s well-publicized replacement of bulky kit bags that include flight manuals for pilots using iPads will become available to all of the airline’s 8,600 pilots by the end of May.”

“The iPad replaces 40 pound kit bags with over 3,000 pages that include terminal charts and flight manuals that can now be updated digitally. It’s little surprise then that the change is being welcomed on all sides,” Needle reports. “‘We’ve reduced the single biggest source of pilot injuries, carrying those packs,’ said Patrick O’Keeffe, VP of Airline Operations Technology at American during his Tablet Strategy keynote. ‘And we are now able to save $1 million in fuel costs and stop printing all the page revisions.'”

Needle reports, “American got on the iPad bandwagon early and has since, in partnership with Apple, lobbied the FAA for broader use in flight. ‘American is the only carrier in the world with permission to use iPads at all phases of a flight, including letting our pilots use them below 10,000 feet,’ said O’Keeffe.”

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    1. He probably meant they won’t be using iPads. Undoubtedly, the BlackBerry PlayBook version 6 will be selling like crazy. What is that idiot thinking. As long as consumers and businesses want to use iPads, they’ll continue to be used. It would be rather amazing if they fell out of favor that quickly. Of course, Google claims everyone will be throwing away smartphones and tablets to use their Google Glass.

    2. Yep.

      Blackberry’s CEO prediction on tablets has inspired us to launch a puzzle in our iOS crossword game, Crickler.

      The “Worst Tech Predictions EVER” puzzle features Blackberry’s CEO’s Thorsten Heins’ claim that “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore” and other infamous tech predictions from the past. Notable examples include Michael Dell’s 1997 suggestion that Apple Computer shut down and return their money to shareholders, Sir. Alan Sugar’s claim that the iPod would be dead by 2005.


    1. On international flights with JetStar, the budget version of Qantas,you can hire them, because they don’t have a built-into-the-seatbacks entertainment system. But they want photo ID, and credit card for payment – no cash – unless you prepaid. BYO is a lot better.

    1. I returned home on an American Airlines flight yesterday and saw one of the stewards using the galaxy note (with a credit card adapter) during drink service. Seated on the other side of the aisle from me, I saw a pilot using a tablet other than the iPad, but figured it was perhaps his personal tablet since it was reported months ago that AA was going to use iPad for flight/pilot needs.

  1. “‘American is the only carrier in the world with permission to use iPads at all phases of a flight, including letting our pilots use them below 10,000 feet,’ said O’Keeffe.”

    …and travelers are still banned to use iPads below 10,000 feet. Why is that again?..

  2. ‘American is the only carrier in the world with permission to use iPads at all phases of a flight, including letting our pilots use them below 10,000 feet,’ said O’Keeffe.”

    Complete and utter bullshit. I should know, my job depends on other airlines ability to use them as a cat 3 EFB.

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