Enderle: Tim Cook is toast as Apple CEO

“It was hard to listen to the second quarter financial report from Apple and not imagine Steve Jobs spinning like a top in his grave,” Rob Enderle writes for CIO.

“When Jobs took over Apple, the company was awash with debt, mere months from going bankrupt and selling way too many products to manage,” Enderle writes. “Cook’s stated plan is to eliminate Apple’s cash reserves, increase debt and build a lot more variety into Apple product lines. It reads like he’s planning to return Apple to how it was when Jobs took over—hopefully short of the ‘nearly bankrupt’ part.”

MacDailyNews Take: Cook’s stated plan most certainly is not to eliminate Apple’s cash reserves.

“Assuming someone at Cook’s level is an idiot isn’t in itself wise; rising to that level requires a certain amount of intelligence and, as COO, if nothing else Cook should understand numbers,” Enderle writes. “Here’s what I think could be going on.”

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle think? Since when?

Enderle writes, “At the outset, Cook had to know that the only reason Jobs wanted him for CEO was because Jobs thought until the very end that he could come back. Given the choice, Jobs believed Apple’s board would pick him. In other words, Cook was selected specifically because Jobs knew he couldn’t do the job and would be an excellent placeholder because he was so badly matched. Cook likely knows his days are numbered… ”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Behold, the new low water mark for Enderlean fuckery.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Foster” for the heads up.]

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  1. I guess this pretty much seals Cook’s permanence at Apple, since Enderle has never, ever been even close to right about anything. Enderle is the guy who puts the ‘anal’ in analyst.

    1. Hilarious!

      As Gruber noted ten years ago (2003):
      >Speaking of jackasses, how about technology industry “analyst” Rob Enderle? Enderle is both:
      * Frequently quoted in major mainstream media
      * Nearly always completely wrong…
      One would hope these two facts would be mutually exclusive — that a self-professed industry expert whose pronouncements about Apple were nearly always wrong would eventually stop being asked for his opinion about the company and its products. But alas, no.
      >Enderle for years has been banging the drum that Apple is doomed unless it switches gears and starts making Wintel-compatible PCs and competing with Dell on “style”.

  2. Hey Enderle, are you reading all of this?

    Get a clue, dork!

    I think most of these lame analysts are looking for Captain Cook to be more like Steve Jobs and aren’t giving the guy an honest break.

    Apple’s strength is following their own path. Not a useless analyst, Wall Street or Donald Trump.

  3. Perhaps, (just go with me here people) perhaps Ol’ Rob Enderle is correct. Maybe like that clock(is broke) he got the correct hypothesis:

    Tim Cook is performing a ritual, a raindance, exactly the opposite way of the way that Steve Jobs said he could not do.
    Return Apple to its darkest hour, at the brink, and then pray like a shaman for the resurrection of Lord Jobs. Only then can apple win

    1. What’s missing from your scenario is that Jobs anointed Cook as heir apparent. To denounce Cook now would be to question Jobs’ judgment, wisdom, and prescience, and throw the whole construct into a tailspin. It would be tantamount to saying that only the mystery of Steve Jobs can explain Apple’s ascendance, but now his divinity is in question.

      The actual marketplace, however, is showing that it wasn’t just charisma, marketing hype, or a reality distortion field that was capturing so many hearts, minds, and dollars—it was making Goddamn good products. Cook made them. He has more in the pipeline, and will make a great deal more money for the next few years. This will not arrest the parade of fools who would choose to loudly disagree. But Results trump Insults, every time.

    2. …then pray like a shaman for the resurrection of Lord Jobs

      And here are instructions about how to do the deed! 😈

      Herbert West — Reanimator

      …a corpse fully equipped with organs may with suitable measures be set going again in the peculiar fashion known as life. – Has someone got a spare pancreas they can donate to the cause?

      [I am of course advocating making fun of the dolt named Enderle, not desecrating the grave of dear Steve jobs].

  4. Anybody remember how constantly critical Enderle was of Jobs? Enderle hated him. As far as the debt, right now money is so cheap Apple would be be crazy not to borrow. Use the money to buy back stock and make serious double digit gains on that.

  5. Dear Apple Fans:

    Stop burying your heads in the sand. I love Apple too, but Tim Cook is our Steve Ballmer. This guy is destroying Apple from the inside out, but loyal Apple fans refuse to believe what’s happening right before their eyes.

    It reminds me of the atmosphere that must have existed in Nazi Germany. The writing was clearly on the wall, only some chose not to see it. Actually, I think it’s too late. This panzy has already dismantled the company he took over from Jobs!

  6. The Enderle Group, which includes his wife and his dog, operates out of his home and has one client, Microsoft, well, Ballmer, actually, which pays him to badmouth Apple.

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