For $59, Liquipel can make your iPhone waterproof without a case

“Liquipel claims to make your smartphone water resistant by bonding it inside and out with a ‘nano’ coating which repels water,” Victor Agreda, Jr. reports for TUAW. “While this isn’t for deep sea diving, it appears to be an ideal solution if you are clumsy or happen to be around water quite a bit.”

“The downside (for now) is that you’ll have to send your device off to Liquipel for a few days for them to coat it,” Agreda, Jr. reports. “A rep I spoke to said they are hoping to work directly with manufacturers to integrate their coating before you buy a phone. In that case, you’d buy a water resistant phone automatically, eliminating the need for a LifeProof case or OtterBox if you’re just going to have your phone by the pool… I’m hopeful Apple will license or acquire this tech and implement it as soon as possible.”

Agreda, Jr. reports, “Currently the Liquipel coating costs $59 for a 1-2 day turnaround for coating your phone.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Could turn the toilet drop from dreadful horror to just plain gross. Just wash it off and continue on!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Sarah” and “CognativeDisonance” for the heads up.]


  1. The caveat is in the description; water RESISTANT, not water PROOF. Most divers watches are described as resistant, like my Seiko SPORK, it says Scuba Divers 200m, but nowhere does it say waterproof, because that cannot be guaranteed, and neither could this coating.
    That would be the get-out.

  2. I’d like to see Apple buy this company and use it for at least their mobile products.

    As far as how they deal with the warranty issue…

    Simple, just do they same thing they do with the glass. They don’t advertise that it’s scratch-proof or unbreakable. They don’t even advertise that it’s Gorilla Glass. Instead, the user is responsible for it, despite it being built as robust as possible. Further protection can be obtained through AppleCare+

    Well the same thing with the Liquipel… Apple doesn’t need to advertise that the products are waterproof and customers would still be responsible, but Apple will save money on AppleCare+ warranty claims involving water damage.

  3. Leo Laporte tried this on one of his shows. He had Liquipel treat his iPhone, and then he dropped it into a glass of water. The result: dunking the phone in water ruined it.

  4. A year or so ago, Leo LaPorte from TWIT had one of his iPhones treated this way. When it was returned he soaked it in water and, after the iPhone had been dried, he tried it. The phone promptly died!
    I don’t think he would feel to comfortable trusting it again.

  5. I just wonder how it works whit the heat the device must get rid off. And how do you coat the speakers and the connector jack? And even if the inside is coated and water anters the outer casing, water can still be present in the device even if it doesn’t take damage at once. That is what I wonder about.

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