Apple preparing to unleash a blizzard of new products, says source

“Apple is preparing to unleash a blizzard of new products,” a source who has been correct about Apple products and services in the past tells MacDailyNews.

“Think of this period in Apple’s history as the calm before the storm,” the source says. “What looks like a long pause from the outside is really a beehive of frenzied activity inside Apple; the big windup.”

Not only will existing product lines get next-gen models, but entirely new product categories – plural – are being explored at Apple. “It sounds trite, but, really, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” says the source. “WWDC is likely to deliver some clues.”

As this is a single source, sans independent confirmations, this report is categorized as a rumor. That said, twice last evening, during Apple’s Q213 conference call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook seemed in accordance, saying, “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware and services we can’t wait introduce this fall and throughout 2014,” and also reiterating, “I don’t want to be more specific, but I’m just saying we’ve got some really great stuff coming in the fall and all across 2014.”

MacDailyNews Note: This is the same source who told us in early 2010 that Apple would rename iPhone OS to “iOS” in order to “better reflect the diversity of devices that will run the operating system: iPhone, iPod touch, and future devices to be announced” over 4 months before Apple did exactly that.

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    1. It is definitely safe to say that Apple has some great stuff coming. Do the analysts think that Apple is spending billions of dollars in R&D, just to put a better camera in an iPhone?
      After the long wait for the new Mac Pro and the message that Tim sent last year, I think we can expect a powerhouse running Intel Xeon E5 chip(s) with some heavy-duty graphics options.
      If I wasn’t as invested in the stock market as I could afford (heavily in AAPL), I’d buy more AAPL shares at this time. I think that Analysts are doing themselves a disservice by lowering their 12 month prognostications.

  1. I believe this. Apple has the most ingenious people in the world working with endless resources and legendary passion. They will wow.

    That said, the stock will not surprise me if it tumbles until said WWDC clues.

    Vapor doesn’t sell for much, though with Apple where there’s smoke there’s nearly always an inferno.

  2. Same pattern we’ve seen before – Apple only seems to be dormant, but it’s really ramping up new products.

    And let’s be honest, Tim and Co. need to knock their first post-SJ product out of the park, so expect longer lead times as they will over-scrutinize to prevent another maps disaster.

      1. No one in the media will see it that way. They look at Apple’s product line as Steve Jobs returned, everything from the iMac to iPad came out thanks to Steve; Steve dies; Tim Cook takes over and everything that is released is completely his baby.

        Notice Tim Cook doesn’t get credit for running Apple during Steve’s illness either. All of those products were Steve’s doing, and Cook had nothing to do with them either.

    1. You’ve caused a frenzy…

      now teams of Samsung managers and engineers are frantically trying to figure out what an oompa Loompa is…

  3. I preferred it when products were released throughout the year. It gave Apple the perception that new products were being launched frequently. The problem with releasing everything in August / Sept is that the effect is diluted and issues with ramping everything up at the same time can happen (ala the iMac).

  4. I hope this is right, because that could mean that Apple is once again about to create some entirely new things which we never knew we needed but after which cannot live without.

  5. i really hope it is true but i am afraid he talks about updates to the iphone, ipad, ios and osx. he used that wording before. for tim a slightly improved iphone “is a an amazing new product”…

    1. Too obvious. Cook moves too slowly to allow anyone with any iOS device to use it as the input trackpad/magic mouse for their Mac.

      That was an idea I sent to Apple immediately after getting the first iPod Touch.

  6. “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware and services we can’t wait introduce”

    Apple says that all the time. It could be updates to Apple TV or the MacBook Air. Which would be great and amazing products but analysts always think that Apple will change the world every time they say they are working on something and set the bar too high for Apple.

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