Microsoft partners say Windows 8 caused ‘millions of customers’ to switch to Apple

“With PC sales crashing and burning, it’s not surprising that several PC OEMs are still fuming about Windows 8, the operating system that has so far failed to reignite the PC industry,” Brad Reed reports for BGR.

“And now two unnamed OEM sources have told ZDNet that Microsoft and Windows 8 are primarily to blame for the accelerated decline in PC sales,” Reed reports, “with one source claiming that Windows 8 is ‘destroying’ the PC industry and another claiming that the new operating system has ‘handed over millions of customers to Apple.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: ‘Tis iPhone, and its knockoffs, and iPad that are killing the Windows PC industry, not so much Microsoft’s latest ill-conceived debacle (although it certainly doesn’t hurt the cause).

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    1. Windows 8 was such a dumb move. By making touch-based interaction an integral part of the user interface, Microsoft forces all PC makers (other than Apple) to produce more expensive PCs.

      From back in the Windows 95 days, lower upfront cost has been the key selling point in the “Mac versus PC” competition. Before Steve Jobs brought Apple back with iMac, it got so bad that Macs only mattered to people who were already Apple fans. Most customers did not even consider a Mac as a viable choice for their next computer. And cost was a key factor.

      Microsoft has taken away the lower cost advantage from PC makers. And it’s not just Mac versus PC now, it’s also iPad versus PC, which gives Apple the cost advantage. The tables have turned, and Microsoft should have avoided it. Microsoft should have continued to improve and optimize Windows 7, to allow PC makers to compete based on price (as they have for years), and developed a separate OS for tablets, based on further work on Windows Phone. In other words, copy what Apple did…

    1. Tim’s “real facts” haven’t satisfied wall street speculators in the past, why would they now?

      Cook has to realize that the world isn’t content to sit and wait for data. Apple should have more frequent product introductions and/or significant press releases.

  1. I’ll believe the negative Windows 8 bashing and destroying the PC market when I see it.

    Everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions. Microsoft has been here before with Vista and that was supposed to have killed them.

    Yet, Microsoft keeps posting record quarters so the analysts and media are full of it.

    I’m a fanboy, and I hate when the media bashes Apple. I respect people in the software industry including Microsoft, even though I don’t like their crap. But we need competition and Microsoft is good competition for Apple.

  2. Forget all that. I want to see something about how many Dells is Apple worth now. How come MDN isn’t charting the drop of Apple vs Dell? We saw the rise, now let’s see the fall. It should be rather interesting.

  3. So of course, sell off your AAPL. I’m looking at $392. You can’t stop stupid.

    Wall Street wants DIRE revenge for Apple being the best company on the planet.

    Pay no attention Apple. Continue on with what got you here.

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