Apple’s iPad expands lead in tablet usage at the expense of Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft Surface

“The release of the iPad three years ago has had a brutal impact on conventional PC sales, but new data on tablet use shows that Apple is not just fending off tablet competitors, it’s advancing on them,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple’s iPads now account for 81.9 percent of U.S. and Canadian tablet web traffic, according to a report by online advertiser Chitika,” Dilger reports. “Last month, Chitika reported a slight monthly decline of half of one percentage point, from 81 percent to 80.5, in the iPad’s web traffic share.”

Dilger reports, “Tablet use by Amazon, Samsung, Google and Microsoft are all essentially flat or slightly lower. Apple increased its iPad lead by more than the Surface, Xoom, Nexus, Kindle Fire and all of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets combined. Microsoft’s beleaguered Surface is being used at the same rate as Motorola’s failed Xoom. Together, the two share less than one percentage point.”

Full article, with some rather amusing charts, here.

MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.


  1. I loved my iPad one. I loved my iPad two. I love my iPad three. I have no doubt that some of the competing tablets are good. Maybe as good? But it’s the ecosystem that makes the iPad work. Competitors can’t match that. And that is the difference. And has anyone ever seen as bizarre a commercial as the TV spot for the Surface Pro? Unbelievable! They don’t show anything but a bunch of knuckleheads clicking their tablets. And some goofball sliding on top of the large round conference table! And speaking of commercials, hey Tim, spend some of that damn money on some new TV spots! Jeez! Run the old Apple versus Microsoft commercials. Do something positive Tim. I gave you a pass for a long, long time but my patience is wearing thin. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way!

        1. I hardly need or require your acceptance. I’m neither a troll or a fanboy. I love all my Apple stuff but I’m intelligent enough to realize that it’s only a company, not my best friend. I don’t say anything to please you or anyone else. Everyone here should speak their mind openly and honestly regardless of what others think. You on the other hand are an exception. Everyone here has seen your anti-American posts. Time after time after time. So don’t try to wiggle your way out of what you’ve said many times in the past. I for one take exception to those posts. I would imagine that many others do also. So speaking for me and I assume many other good Americans, I can only say fuck you you anti-American prick.

          1. GM is the epitome of big belly no pot to piss in nothings. Borrows and plays options short selling Apple just like the herd that has spread the FUD to sit the bet.

            He finally show his true no-grit on a post re the Jason Schwartz article post yesterday entitled “Apple’s chaos calendar trade of 2013”.

            Worse than a troll he is FUD, the herd and a nasty conceited specimen of a slime ball, who will never learn.

            He showed up here on MDN recently to brag, rub everyone’s nose in his measly self promoted timing of an option sell. Oh what a big investor and a little weeny you are GM.

            You deserve all the fanfare (not) that you get here.

            Go find yourself some friends, they wrote Elanor Rigby for people like you.

            1. I have not changed my ‘colours’ but you might want to learn reading skills to stop misreading my posts. I have never said anything anti-American. Read carefully and avoid knee jerk reactions to what you think you read.

      1. Everybody is something. Even you Tim. Con troll? hmmmmmmmmm, if that’s someone who speaks their mind then that’s me. I call em like I see em Tim. Glad to see that it bothers you.

        1. Especially you GM, you are a nothing with a big head, big mouth, big ego and a teeny weenie.

          A gambler, FUDster, and a conceited brat, who borrows and gambles with Apple invested shares of others, that he comes here to educate. Buzz of you ugly shit. How many people have to tell you that regularly, before you get the message that you are not welcome at MDN?

            1. Options trader? No. I still buy shares of stocks in Companies. Just not AAPL. AAPL is too expensive. FUD? Not me. I simply don’t buy anything and hold it forever. Buy and forget it. Put it under the bed and forget it. That’s not a strategy. That’s not a plan. That’s just praying. So don’t try to lump me in with daytraders or market timers just to justify your accusations. I bought shares of Apple up until two years ago. Then they became too expensive. I bought shares and eventually when I made enough profit I sold shares. That’s what normal intelligent investors do. Sorry you don’t understand that Jim. Perhaps you should read a book on investing. But don’t blame me because AAPL is down over $300 per share and you are pissed! It’s not my fault.

  2. This is why I like web usage stats. I think it speaks more about the truth than sales stats. Sales stats can be falsified. However since web usage stats are by third party, in generally, they can’t be faked.

    Theres a real Android/Samsung fakery going on around the world, and so I think, at some point in the future, someone is going to go to jail, and it won’t be anyone at Apple.

    Does anyone remember Media Vision? Does anyone remember all the warehoused products they kept and then their faked sales numbers to bolster their stock position?

    Too many dishonest people in the business world. Rest assured, Android or Samsung, will go down.

    1. The other thing about sales stats is that many companies, like Samsung and Motorola, do not report actual sales, but “shipped” units. Shipping a unit which sits in a warehouse or on a store shelf for months gathering dust, or which is sold and returned, does not count as a product people use.

      1. Exactly, when Bezo reports sales for AMZN, the terms are …really good, robust kindle sales (with no actual numbers) and the analysts are goo goo ga ga and Bezo is rewarded with a PE of 3000 last quarter, now losing .09 per share.

  3. Well, MicroShaft just reported earnings were up. I know they must be cooking the books. I just can’t believe with the cratering of PC sales that their profits are up, and by 20%. I wonder if its because they charge the OEMs for Windslows before they actually sell the box? If so MicroShaft is in for a very painful Q413.

  4. But, but but . . . all those shipments of Android tablets and, and, and . . . the analysts keep saying that Android is killing iOS. Web usage statistics aren’t a real metric for OWNERSHIP. Android devices are keeping dust of of store shelves and being kept in drawers in homes where they are saving them for a ‘good’ use like propping up seat cushions on saggy couches and holding doors open on windy days.

    1. Schools can conduct “save the Earth” drives for students to go door to door collecting this e waste, then sending the otherwise useless devices to maritime organizations for their coral reef seeding programs, no joke.

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