Funny or Die’s ‘iSteve’ 78-minute movie now available for viewing online

“‘iSteve‘ was originally slated for debut on Monday, but comedy website Funny or Die pushed back the release due to the Boston Marathon bombing,” AppleInsider reports. “The film was rescheduled to air tomorrow, but it appears that those interested can can watch it now.”

“Starring Justin Long (Dodgeball, Jeepers Creepers) in the title role, ‘iSteve‘ is the longest Funny or Die project to date, and with a run time of nearly 80 minutes, comes very close to being a full-fledged feature,” AppleInsider reports. “Alongside Long is Jorge Garcia (Lost) as Steve Wozniak, James Urbaniak playing Bill Gates and Michaela Watkins filling the role of Melinda Gates. Ryan Perez directs.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: iSteve is free. Watch it here.

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      1. Even better, particularly if you want to watch or save it for later.

        1. Copy (Sucker) link, i.e., “”

        2. ‘Open URL’ in QuickTime

        3. Paste it in ‘Movie Location’.

        4. After it has finished downloading,

        5. ‘Export…’ the ‘.mp4’ file to your hard drive.

        Only took a minute or so to have my own copy.

  1. Hate to piss in your cornflakes but iSteve stinks to high heaven.

    This is 78 minutes you don’t want to waste. Life is too precious.

    A still living Steve would call it a piece of shit.

      1. People have been giving you crap lately, and I wanted to put in a good word for you while they’re busy ripping someone else to shreds. Nobody seems to stop and consider that, in their misbegotten zeal, they may be attacking the next Socrates. I trust that you will not ingest the proffered hemlock.

          1. So, you’re a teacher. That explains a lot.

            I spent 21 years in front of about 35 different teachers at all levels. I had 2 excellent, inspirational teachers, 2 fairly good teachers and the rest were just there for the pay cheque.

            I have a feeling you are one of the rare, exceptional ones if you’re trying to teach people on this blog as well.

            1. I believe that humanity has such great potential and it is through education alone that we may realize that potential. I am glad to hear that you had some good experiences with education and hope that you have passed that love on to your children. Thanks for the note.

        1. I hate to burst your collective bubble of mutual support and admiration, Socrates Club, but your crusade against “potty talk” is not going to have any effect on this forum. Relatively few people engage in that type of language on this forum, anyway. And the small percentage that do are far more likely to react in a contrarian manner to your admonitions than to see the error of their ways.

          I want to make it clear that I admire and value good teachers. I was the beneficiary of a fine education by (mostly) excellent and motivated teachers. But you are tilting at windmills on this forum.

          However, on the remote chance that your posts end up having a salutary effect, please consider tackling the rampant political extremism on this site. That is far more irritating to me than a few bawdy expressions.

          1. Of course I agree that education is good, but in the same sentence I have pause because more is required – those clowns on Wall Street (all with good education, our ‘brightest’) and the way our politicians dealt with (no one is in jail) the financial crisis I think is shameful. Virtue is required, and must be taught.

      1. It was only a waste of time if you never understood LSD or its impact on the development of technology, to say nothing of its role in social evolution after 1960. I imagine it would be like watching “Waiting for Godot” without any understanding of the social malaise of the 1930s that gave rise to the postmodern search for significance.

        1. Or if you did but still thought it was a waste of time. Opinions, everyone has one. And each thinks his is perfect. And some try to impress the crowd. While most of us don’t. Because generally speaking, the crowd doesn’t like to be impressed.

          1. Oh, but I am impressed with the breadth of your knowledge and your keen understanding of the workings of the stock market, and especially how you have profited from that while others dithered and fell short. I also am impressed that, given your success, and with so much time on your hands in your lucrative retirement, that you take the time to educate the unwashed masses about these achievements. I hope you will excuse me if I confine my own, admittedly limited educational forays to comparatively trivial philosophical points that have no obvious benefits to investors anxiously trawling this web site for inside information.

            You and I may have different objectives.

        2. Sweetie, I lived the 60s. I know the era. I know LSD. I also know movies. I can tell the good from the bad. iSteve is a bad movie.

          Think about it. Why is the movie free on line? Why isn’t it at the theaters making hundreds of thousands of dollars? I’ll tell you why. The people who buy independent movies for distribution walked out half way through the movie and said thanks but no thanks.

          1. OK, I’ll yield to experience and back off. Maybe it was bad.

            I identified with some of the characters, though. Does that make me bad, too? I felt sorry for Bill Gates, and for Bluto in Animal House. 🙁

            1. If you saw “Melinda” in the movie, then it is hard to feel sorry for Bill. Plus, he ends up with tens of $B. Poor guy.

              As far as Bluto goes, he did what he wanted, had a blast doing it, didn’t care what other people thought, and ended up escaping the consequences of his deeds and becoming Senator Blutarsky. I can’t feel sorry for him. Flounder is a better choice for your pity, or even Niedermeyer. His world view was obliterated.

    1. I have only watched the first 18 minutes or so, but I have to agree with althegeo – it isn’t very good. If the options are “Funny or Die,” then it isn’t funny.

      There were a few decent parts – I liked the scene early in the video S.J. when seeks enlightenment. And there may be a few more good scenes in the video, but I doubt that I will ever see them.

      The Woz-bashing gets old fast. I hear enough of that on MDN (and by MDN). I stopped the video just after the 30th birthday party scene where they were dissing Woz and shouting him down in favor of Jobs. I doubt that I will finish the last hour.

  2. I have watched half way through. Was notified through twitter. This is a classic in the making. There’s no way you can make this good enough, so they went the other way, and made a parody.

    Awesome awesome. I wish John Hodgman had played Bill Gates.

    Anyway it’s favorited and I hope it goes out on DVD someday.

  3. I watched it today and though it was worth twice the price. I kept hoping that I would at least crack a smile or maybe laugh but alas, my desire was not to be fulfilled. I recommend this movie to anyone who has too much time on their hands and has the ability to laugh at a show even when there are no laugh tracks to cue them.

    1. I rather think of it as a documentary in the absurdist style of the times, as might have been articulated by the SF Mime Troupe, or described in Paul Krassner’s The Realist, or drawn in graphic detail by the genius Robert Crumb.

    2. There you go, 3l3c7ro – you stood up for your convictions about language use by writing something that demonstrated your methods can be effective: I appreciated your review.

      Much more effective way to (subtly – which you should appreciate) criticize people who use crude language than sermonizing. I find the sermons boring – keep proving your point by example rather than lecture, and everyone will be the better for it.

  4. Honestly, I thought it was a fun piece.
    And wisely offered as free viewing on the net.
    Lets keep it there.

    Good, fun humour is best derived from true life not distorted inaccuracies – warped story lines – misinterpreted layers of reality; as this film dangerously crosses and can lead to falsifying for the generations to come.

    I hope to see something far more accurate and documentary truer one day.

    1. Accuracy is not what is needed. Truth, in its magnificent disguises, through poetry and myth, is what shines through the fog of babble, blasts through the shutters of prejudice, and points the finger of destiny at those who dared.

  5. I’m not sure what the point of ‘iSteve’ is supposed to be.

    – It isn’t particularly funny.
    – It has very little correspondence to real events.
    – It doesn’t qualify as absurdist, dadaist, futurist, surrealist or much of anything else-ist.

    And since when does an older Steve Jobs look like F. Murray Abraham?

    Lame-ity lame lame. Kind of infuriatingly lame. As in no redeeming value kind of infuriatingly lame. No satire. No sarcasm. No humor.


    Definitely not funny.

    1. This is the closest thing that the kiddies will ever have for a chance at understanding what the Steve Jobs thing was all about. To reach young minds, the message must be packaged in a contemporary wrapper, yet follow the timeless storyline of the ascendency of a mythical hero. You lived it, Derek. For those that follow, let the neo-Homeric saga carry forth not as cold biography but as a distillation of what were, then, crazy ideas and noble aspirations.

      1. I feel like Rip Van Winkle!
        What is everybody talking about? Philosophy, teachers, LSD, stock market, cults, godot, humour, unwashed, sweetie, masses, biography, kids, inspirational, rash, neo-this that & the other, avatars…
        I see friends say hello, how do you do, I love you..
        and I say to myself what a wonderful world
        I say to myself, what a wonderful world!
        Oh yeah!!!!!!

      2. I used to teach theatre to kids. One of the best things we ever concocted was a series of skits based on the theme ‘A Typical Day’. Each of them was based on the typical minimal, rumorized comprehension people have of various topics. We had a crushed, distorted and humorous version of ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ as well as the history of the French revolution. The kids loved it and we never needed scripts. But it was meant to be crushed, distorted and humorous and was obviously so.

        That is certainly the effect of iSteve. Except, it’s not effectively presented as humor. I’m scared that kids are going to think Bill Gates ever stepped into Steve Job’s garage, that Gates ever did anything with computer hardware, that he met his wife at Steve Jobs’ garage, and miss out on how Gates really met Melinda, on and on…

        I should be laughing because I know how ridiculous iSteve’s story really is. But instead I’m wishing they had let me write the script for them. If they wanted ridiculous, I could have done a much better job of it and had people laughing, or so I believe.

        Anyway, at least they gave it a go. I can’t fault them for trying. Enough ranting on that subject. Thanks for sharing Hannah!

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