Convicted patent infringer Samsung paying students for ‘fake Web reviews’ — did it attack Apple, too?

“Some stories just write themselves — and when it comes to the Apple versus Samsung debate a recent FTC investigation in Taiwan suggests that those ever active pro-Android thread commentators may have an extra reason to extol their Galaxy above iPhone — there’s a chance they’re getting paid to post,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Samsung is alleged to have hired students to slam phones made by HTC,” Evans writes. “Fair trade officials in Taiwan have launched an investigation into the company. As you’d expect following the years in which Samsung has denied emulating Apple’s products in its devices even while losing numerous cases claiming it did just that, Samsung is attempting to distance itself from its own actions, describing these as an ‘unfortunate incident’ that go against its own ‘fundamental principles,’ according to the BBC.”

Evans wonders, “If it’s prepared to mount such a campaign against HTC, then why would it not have also launched such activity against other competitors? Has it been engaged in such activity in its campaign against Apple?”

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  1. Hey MDN, since when was Samsung subjected to a criminal trial? I didn’t realize someone could get “convicted” in a civil court matter.

    I know, you’re just pushing the hyperbole to be outrageous. Got it.

      1. About as much as Apple Inc. pay you. Apple has its share of pundits, bloggers etc… on the take as well. CBS funds CNet via Apple Inc.

        Nothing to see here.

    1. Well, they are being investigated by Taiwan for paying off students to post fake reviews against rival HTC. South Korean police have raided Samsung corporate offices for stealing technology from rival Samsung and they recently got “convicted” in a California civil court for slavish copying and multiple patent infringement.

      In the business world, that is pretty criminal to anyone.

  2. Samsung been paying different people doing a lot of things behind the curtain, to attack apple , and write fake review in favor for Samsung products, and also paying app developer to write stupid useless andriod app , so that help to bump up the app number, I know many local software house in my city been paid by Samsung to done many things above.

  3. Has it been engaged in such activity in its campaign against Apple?”

    YES. Right here at MDN. I have trampled many of them here into the ground. You can even see a number of them, ALL anonymous coward posters, posting bullshit here TODAY! Scan through all the ‘Apple Bear’ scary articles, and there they are, anonymously, cowardly, blasting at Apple in one way or another.


    A bogus Apple hater invention since 1984. Samsung couldn’t help but copy this anti-Apple tradition as well.

    Apple Death Knell Counter @MacObserver

    Bite me ScamScum! 😛

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