Why ‘new’ Apple products won’t appear anytime soon

“What are the chances of Apple wowing the market with an iconic new product in 2013? About as slim as a Nano,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes.

“Apple likes to create highly desirable products with an emphasis on slim and smaller – remember Steve Jobs holding up the slimmed down Mac Air a couple of years ago! But unless Apple is planning on breaking with its famous, minimalist design aesthetic, there will be no ‘new’ products in 2013,” Shaughnessy writes. “The technologies that would give Jony Ive scope for iconic watch and TV products is not quite there, and/or is mired in legal conflict.”

Shaughnessy writes, “There are a few issues underlying a new Apple product like an iWatch or TV.”

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    1. shareholders are free to ditch APPL and move their money elsewhere at any time. APPL IS NOT Apple. No one in the Apple Inc organization has any influence on the manipulative bastards at Wallstreet.

      Apple should stick to what it does best and keep working on great products. A Mac Pro intro would be nice.

        1. That is absolutely the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. Did you forget that Apple made its fortune during the worst recession since the Great Depression? That they sold the most expensive products on the market because they were the best and therefore represented the greatest value to consumers whose cash flows were diminished? This is the perfect time to release an awesome Mac Pro especially since no one wants to buy a new PC right now due to Win 8. Oh, perhaps you were being facetious…

    2. Agree with darknite. APPL shareholders, at this point, are really just there to make a buck. They do nothing other than sit there and expect Apple to make them rich. Sorry, but no sympathy. The share price should reflect the excellent job (or otherwise) that the company is doing. If that does not happen it is not Apple’s fault. It is Wall Street’s fault, or the share holders’ fault. Or the nature of a broken market system.
      Apple should not concern its self with playing to the market. It should do what Apple does. Make the most amazing products (and hopefully services) that change the world. The rest be damned.

      1. You’re probably right about Apple just needs to be able to sell lots of high-quality products. However, I still believe they should be able to do something with their cash hoard to increase their revenue stream if hardware sales are weakening. Their cash could be used to start a separate, higher profit business such as streaming services or a search engine.

        If the company has the money, does it really make any sense to just let the value of the company continue to drop? Is Apple really trying to discourage investors? It’s possible the market is broken as you say, but I just wonder if Apple’s wealth is being managed properly. It scares me to think the stock market is truly damaged to such a degree.

        I bought most of my shares at well under a $100, so I can tolerate this down period Apple is going through and if there is a dividend increase that will just have to do. I hope that this collapse of Apple’s share price is merely a market problem and not an Apple problem that is being concealed from shareholders.

        1. Do tell!
          Apple already is a higher profit business.
          There is no need to start a “separate” company.
          The value of the company Apple continues to go up.
          At this moment, the value of the stock is only remotely connected to the value of the company.

          You made a pile of FUD.

          1. Apple’s falling profit margins are being claimed as not remaining high enough which is one of the reasons Apple is being downgraded. Loss of profit margins is being repeated over and over. From the mid 40% range to around the 35% range.

            Isn’t share price considered part of a company’s value? That’s why people invest in a company, to see the share price rise and not fall.

      2. What? You buy shares of a company, any company (yes even Apple), to make money. It’s the only reason you invest in a company. Even fanboys know that! Your statement is the most ludicrous I’ve seen here in a long time.

  1. Why is Apple down almost 5% today? Did that article a few day back talking about support levels signal brokers to take the stock down? Very bizarre since multiple reports show that Apple are taking most of the money from the PC and device market.

    1. I think AAPL gets hit harder when global economic concerns suggest that consumers will pull back on their spending for luxury items. That is, of course, an effect Apple has bucked every time the economic woes have predicted it.

      Alternatively, this could be Apple’s answer to all those pleas for a stock split back at $700!

    2. I’m struck! ANY friggin news are bad for Apple! Somehow WS luv kicking AAPL around, meanwhile Apple is dead silent. So then the rumors are true? iPad mini sales are down 30%?! Unless someone at Apple contradicts these reports they will spread and thrive!

      1. Apple reports its earning and sales on the 23rd, the silence will be broken then, when its the right time. NOT in a knee jerk reaction. Even if they report record sales and record profits, Wallstreet and its sycophants will find a way to drive the price down even more. Quit kvetching at Apple, when the real problem is in NYC

        1. One of Apple’s suppliers (Cirrus Design) reported much lower than expected numbers, so that is being interpreted to mean Apple’s sales are down – so there is another reason to sell the stock. Welcome to a 52 week low!

          1. At some point AAPL share holders have to face reality. They just can’t keep blaming Wall Street. The whole world isn’t against Apple. The article makes very good points, sadly. Earnings arrives next Tuesday. If you think today is ugly, wait until then. The stock is down $300 per share. How could anyone not take their profit last summer? You just can’t be that greedy. Buy and hold forever is not a plan. It’s just hoping. I learned my lesson in the.com boom. I hope that those who’ve lost so much will learn from this mistake. It’s difficult to admit you’re wrong.

      2. responsibilities good or bad come with a high level position

        apple wanted to be where microsoft once was so deal with it

        lawsuits – hatred – bad press – its now all apples

  2. Sit silent Apple management say nothing and release all of your new products at once–good strategy, Steve Jobs would be very disappointed and likely fire you all–and rightly so !!

    1. Realllly? Who died and made you the expert know it all on exactly what Steve Jobs would have done? Not ONCE during his return and reign at Apple did he kow tow to Wallstreet manipulators. He never gave them the time of day, much less answer their every concern.

      He kept Apple focused and working towards its own goals, wallstreet be damned. Tim Cook and Co. would do well to follow the same strategy.

  3. Please. Apple came out with new game changing products like the iPhone and iPad. They could do that again. Apple could come out with a new, breakthrough Mac Pro in 2013 too, all without letting Shaughnessy know about it.

  4. Seriously ya’ll, what the hell is AAPL down 5% for??? This smells fishy….maybe there is a group of investors who wants to find the absolute bottom stock value before they start to manipulate it back up?

    Remember the last quarter with the record breaking profit with ONE less week than the year before?

    Apple will smash everybody with a new record in a week or so, these pundits need to minimize the value before that..so sick!

    1. Hey WozzieFan, Hope I’m not be too much of an ass, but REALLY? Are you only noticing now that its down another 5% that something fishy is going on?

      Something ‘fishy’ has been going on since October of 2012, and even the botched iMac launch shouldn’t have caused this much of a downswing.

      1. Yes darknite you are right, I don’t know why I had the “final wakeup call” this late, I guess the 400$ line has been somekinda “mental barrier” as in there-is-no-way-it-can-dip-below 400$. Just unbelievable …

  5. Apple should really convert the existing Apple TV into a competitor against XBox and Playstation. They have the hardware and ecosystem for it already. THAT’S where the potential market is without being gimmicky.

    1. I beleive that you are right, but my big question is, why does Apple always have to release something earthshattering and VERY extraordinary all the time?

      Where is the outrage and stock retaliation against every other company out there who either does nothing at worst, or copies Apple at best?

  6. I’ll probably be hated for saying this…and maybe even a bit ignorant. BUT, you people who own stock need to quit your complaining! The stock market is not any signed form that says your going to make more than you put in. I hope apple doesn’t listen to its complaining shareholders all the time. “MAKE A NEW PRODUCT APPLE!” They shouldn’t have to bow down to your demands, they will make it when they are good and ready. I understand you want apple to make a product revolution every 4 years, but its not going to happen.

  7. So $400 has nearly come. When I predicted it months ago and got out at $450 I got so much crap here that I quit posting. So you who iCaled me, what say you now? Well, iCal me again, $350 is the next stop. Hopefully Google or MS will soon take over Apple. My swirch to GOOG has been nice.

    1. Remember it well. Sadly, I believe your prediction of $350 will come true. Many here are still blaming Wall Street rather than realizing that AAPL had shot up higher then it should have. As great as the company is, it was overbought. Those who failed to get out at or near its high have to vent their anger somewhere. So the easiest thing to do of course is to blame Wall Street. The same old conspiracy theories are still posted here every day. Nothing has changed here, it’s still status quo. Reality check coming Tuesday. Stay tuned.

    2. What does stock price have to do with switching to Google’s open, yet closed ecosystem? NOTHING. if you are using stock data to pick your technology solutions, well you are a fool.

      Enjoy your inferior Google products. I have to support them and they SUCK. Google’s privacy policies SUCK. Google Search SUCKS. Google Docs SUCKS. Ugly UI’s, poor support, inflexible, lame ass solutions.

      The only thing Microsoft is going to be taking over in coming years is smaller office space as their business rots on the vine and disappears. I wouldn’t put a shimmer of hope in that pipe-dream.

      Google is propped up artificially, they don’t make money on much that they do and those revenue sources are under attack. Soon Samsung will ditch them for their own OS. Most phone makers & carriers are trying to rub them out of Android all together in favor of their own content delivery networks.

      You bet on that horse, you are gonna lose..

  8. New Mac Pro! Show us Apple still has cajones! If we have to wait for Intel, at least tell us it is coming and that will not be some watered down version of a Pro machine. It has to compete with Windows workstations. Apple has to realize that the Mac Pro is their Corvette, their Dodge Viper, Shelby Mustang. Something to get excited about, even if it is not your volume leader. Apple has never lost money on the Mac Pro. So give us an announcement at least. WWDC sounds good. Apple could use some excitement about now, and so could it’s stock price!

  9. No new products = no new revenues (only replacement sales)
    no new revenues = no revenue growth
    no revenue growth = no new investors bidding up stock price
    no stock value growth = no market leverage
    no market leverage = competitors eat your lunch.

    granted it takes years, even decades, for the above scenario to play out. But it does. Even as people here cheer on Microsoft’s every mis-step, they are blind to the fact that Tim Cook is leading Apple down the path to irrelevance too. Apple MUST release new products. The list of stale products is unacceptably long, and the track record of Apple’s recent releases does not give me great confidence in the leadership of this company. Apple needs a decisive leader, and it doesn’t have one anymore.

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