Netflix to dump Microsoft’s Silverlight for HTML5 video streaming

“Due to eroding support for browser plug-ins, Netflix is making plans to move its streaming service from Silverlight over to the emerging HTML5 video format,” Steven Musil reports for CNET.

“The movie-streaming service has used the Microsoft plug-in to deliver streaming content to Windows and Mac OS X computers since 2008,” Musil reports. “But after Microsoft announced last month that it would end support of the browser versions of the plug-in by 2021, it became clear Netflix needs to start focusing on a replacement.”

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Anthony Park and Mark Watson blog for Netflix, “Over the last year, we’ve been collaborating with other industry leaders on three W3C initiatives which are positioned to solve this problem of playing premium video content directly in the browser without the need for browser plugins such as Silverlight.”

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  1. Well since silverlight isnt available for tv players like ATV 1 and 2 and 3 and Google tv boxes and linux boxes like the XIOS DS and others what do they use to access netflix?

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