Netflix to dump Microsoft’s Silverlight for HTML5 video streaming

“Due to eroding support for browser plug-ins, Netflix is making plans to move its streaming service from Silverlight over to the emerging HTML5 video format,” Steven Musil reports for CNET.

“The movie-streaming service has used the Microsoft plug-in to deliver streaming content to Windows and Mac OS X computers since 2008,” Musil reports. “But after Microsoft announced last month that it would end support of the browser versions of the plug-in by 2021, it became clear Netflix needs to start focusing on a replacement.”

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Anthony Park and Mark Watson blog for Netflix, “Over the last year, we’ve been collaborating with other industry leaders on three W3C initiatives which are positioned to solve this problem of playing premium video content directly in the browser without the need for browser plugins such as Silverlight.”

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    1. Relatively soon the entire Microsoft blight will be removed from the face of the earth. At least that which afflicts and makes the lives of most consumer users miserable. IT veteran groups will get together and remember those days longingly they hoodwinked CEO’s everywhere and stole them blind, all while maintaining job security.

  1. More blood on the click wheel…… er…… iPhone touch screen.!!

    From the song…. “and another one down, another one down, and another one bites the dust!”

    Just saying.

    1. Absolutely correct. When the iPod came out for PC, they all had to install iTunes and Quicktime, which was the beginning of the end for Microsoft’s digital media fantasies.

    1. It is a little confusing isn’t it? They already begun testing in Chrome on a Chromebook (ironic, isn’t it, that Google would be the first to extend “closed” technologies into the “open” web?). But I think Apple will add the HTML extensions as needed since they already acquiesced to that in music and HDMI. (yes, that last sentence may show me to be on the wrong side of the branch I’m sawing off…)

    2. As a said in a previous post, Netflix needs to just make a native Mac Application already.

      Netflix already makes makes native Apps for every other OS that matters, including iOS and Windows. I’m sure they have the resources to make a Mac App. I’m a huge fan of HTML5, I think a native app would be better in this case – a Netflix native would have better battery life, faster performance, and they can do whatever DRM they want.

  2. finally!!

    Apple screwed Flash (2010-04), then Netflix as it went MS Silverlight (2008) on Adobe’s ass.

    Adobe cried foul & over spilled milk for years.
    even it quit on Mobile Flash.

    i complained to Hulu for years about Flash as the streaming is so sporadic, sluggish, crash-prone, cpu-hogging…they & users complained to me that my arguments were silly (, but like Steve Jobs in 2010-04 (, look who was right: HTML5 did evolve into DRM – naysayers or status-quoed assholes always get in the way of technological or any other advances!! was it not MORE patriotic to go against the flow, as the Crazy Ones, with vision & imagination, heart & soul, forge ahead, think ahead, give us the future earlier?!

    HTML5 is capable of DRM or protecting content through:
    1. MSE: Media Source Extensions
    2. EME: Encrypted Media Extensions
    3. WebCrypto: Web Cryptography API

    Netflix will 1st implement HTML5 in Chrome browser on Win & OSX simultaneously.

    HTML5 was always a better solution, as it frees you from f’g with plugs!

  3. Well since silverlight isnt available for tv players like ATV 1 and 2 and 3 and Google tv boxes and linux boxes like the XIOS DS and others what do they use to access netflix?

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