Apple creating development shop in Orlando, Florida for custom chip design and testing

“Apple’s hardware development operations are expanding to the Orlando, Fla., area, where the company apparently plans to design, build and test custom chips for future devices,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“While most of Apple’s internal hardware development is housed out of the company’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., a number of interesting Orlando-based job openings were noticed this week by AppleInsider,” Hughes reports. “Specifically, seven positions advertised by Apple are related to developing and testing processor hardware, while another Orlando-based job seeks candidates who can develop drivers for graphics processors.”

Hughes reports, “It’s unlikely that any jobs are related to Apple’s acquisition of AuthenTec, a maker of fingerprint scanning technology headquartered in Melbourne, Florida… But together with the addition of AuthenTec and the new Orlando-based positions, Apple’s presence in Florida is growing. Just last week, AppleInsider also discovered that Apple was hiring personnel for its ‘Melbourne Design Center,’ a position likely connected to AuthenTec.”

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  1. @ MDN: It is laudable for you to start a fund raiser for the victims of the tragedy in Boston but it would be more sincere if your name was the first on the list of donors. I can’t find your name listed with the donors at all.

  2. Will this really be of any use to Apple at all to stop company value from collapsing? Will it be like when Apple invested all that money into CNC milling equipment to build higher-quality unibody products and yet the company seems to be getting almost nothing back in return for that investment. Will these custom chips end up doing nothing for the company? Or is Apple going to become a custom chip designer for other companies as well?

    Maybe it would be better if Apple invested in robotic factories where they could just build product with a lot less human labor involved and be able to remove the associated human labor costs. It just seems as though whatever Apple puts money into, it doesn’t appear to help the company gain any short- or long-term value. It’s just really puzzling that Apple is unable to change the direction of it’s falling P/E. Surely, something must be able to change that since other companies have been able to do so. IBM’s P/E fell in 2008, but they’ve been able to almost double it since then.

  3. I’m sceptic all to the Red Cross these days. I’m rather support other help organizations. A few years ago there was a scandal here where it was discovered that the Red Cross chief in Sweden was payed over 700000 SEK a year… And he is working for a help organization… That support the poor and needy. And he takes out a bombastic salary. It’s about 100000 dollar with today’s exchange rate. It’s the salary of 3-4 normal people. Ok he is the chief but he works for the Red Cross for gods sake. It turns my stomach out side in when I see something like that. Since that day I have looked very skeptical towards the Red Cross. I support other more efficient organizations instead.

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