Apple BoD member Bill Campbell says technology coming to ‘intimate objects’

No, not those kind of intimate objects.

“Apple’s latest and greatest creation will be something ranging from a wristwatch to touch-ready lingerie, if you read the tea leaves laid out by Bill Campbell, a member of the company’s board,” Ashlee Vance reports for Businessweek. “Apple — and Silicon Valley as a whole — has embarked on a path of technological intimacy in which the everyday objects we hold dear appear set for major upgrades, he said.”

“Campbell held court on Friday at the Mountain View headquarters of Intuit, where he serves as chairman. Also a board member at Apple and close friend of the late Steve Jobs, Campbell has built a reputation as a chief executive whisperer and corporate adviser,” Vance reports. “As a result, hundreds of employees turned up to listen to him chat with Intuit CEO Brad Smith. This internal event marked a rare such appearance for Campbell, who prefers to operate behind the scenes.”

Vance reports, “Noting that he was not at liberty to give away specific details on future Apple gizmos, Campbell did tell the audience to expect to see ‘a lot of things going on with the application of technology to really intimate things.’ He pointed to Google Glass as one such intimate object. ‘It’s a phenomenal breakthrough,’ he said. ‘When you start to think about glasses or watches, they become as intimate as the cell phone was.'”

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  1. Hey Bill, why don’t you just fix Quicken for the mac? How do you sit in a board meeting at Apple with a straight face, know your company is serve up junk for them???

    1. Because he gets paid. Big bucks. And it’s power. As well as prestige. Board members. Board members everywhere. They all know what’s happening ahead of time. Think about that for a minute. Yeah, that’s right. That’s the real reason to sit on the board.

  2. Disposable iCondom with build-in vibrator that run on a special version of iOS. It run solely on kinetic energy. However, I am uncertain on how the return policy works and how Genius will handle user’s inquiries. 🙂

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