Steve Jobs’ widow finally speaks out about late husband’s legacy

“Mrs. Steve Jobs is reminded of the apple of her eye everywhere she goes,” Michael Walsh reports for The New York Daily News. “Laurene Powell Jobs, like most Americans, sees Apple products all around her.”

“Every time someone watches a video on an iPad or texts a loved one with an iPhone, she thinks of her late husband,” Walsh reports. “‘Steve has a public legacy and a private legacy,’ she said. ‘In the public we see the products that he created, that he cared so deeply about that changed all of our lives — the way that we function and communicate.'”

Walsh reports, “‘Having the body of work surrounding us is actually a really beautiful reminder,’ she said, ‘and I find it touching and inspiring for me to make sure that I continue to do what I’m most passionate about, and I hope my kids feel the same way.'”

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    1. I understand and appreciate the sentiment behind your quote, but without certain modifiers, the phrase seems simplistic even naive. I.e., many villains in history have done much of what they wanted to do, left marks on what they thought was important and lasting; however, would you think theirs is a life well lived? Something to aspire for.

      That’s the reason, Steve Jobs had personally insisted on adding “[t]hey push the
      human race forward,” in the “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” narrative. If you (any of you) get a chance, carefully read the whole thing. Without that particular sentence, the entire thing can come across as self-indulging rhetoric that lacks an anchoring yet transcending noble point.

  1. That’s the difference between Apple and Samsung – passion. Slavishly copying and making a tainted buck does not qualify. Merging technology with the humanities. Now that’s passion.

      1. It is all a matter of degree, intent, and legality, isn’t it? With respect to Apple, I would assert that the company is far more pure than M$, Google, or Samsung. That said, Apple is only as good as the people who run the company and the many employees who labor to design, test, distribute, and market its products.

        Troll2, your disdain is representative of the current political thinking – all or nothing. If something is not all of A, then it must be B, lumped together with an undesirable group of other B entities. It is a fallacious and misleading argument that has been, unfortunately, used over and over in the past decade or so with great success. One of the terrible side effects of this illogic is extremism – those clinging to one extreme push others from a more moderate position to the other extreme.

        Oh, and I believe that you meant “fanboys,” not “trolls on this site.”

      1. Superior easyovation virtue of Samsung’s larger screens of course, an obviousovation the mighty Steve Jobs couldn’t have even anticipated. “Bigger and more plasticky” is the anyidiotcouldthinkofthisovation Samsung way. (Otherwise, eh heh, they got nothin’.)

    1. Well, you are smoking crack laced with PCP. Innovation? The iterative evolution of smartphone and tablet tech of Samsung is innovation? You’re seriously fucking stupid, iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad, each of which defined their genres were innovation. Tweaking those ideas over time is not.

    1. I wonder what mark you plan to leave on the world? Anything beyond critical words of men far greater than you?

      You are not qualified to shine Jobs’ shoes.

    2. X When referring to you punk infant child comes to mind. Whether you like Steve Jobs or not to defame him and by extension his wife for doing something good (both of them), you show what a disgusting low life, ignorant of the truth person you really are.

  2. Remember this, folks. If it weren’t for Apple and Steve Jobs, we would be doing this to take photos with our phones:
    Press Options key
    Press Media option
    Press Camera option
    Press Direction option
    Press Forward-facing, oh that’s not right, Press Back, Press Rear-Facing
    Press confirm
    Take photo
    Press Save photo
    Press Save to Card
    Thank you for everything, Steve.

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